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Sedona Fire District Hires New Fire Chief

Sedona AZ – The Sedona Fire District Board announces the selection of Jon Trautwein as its new Fire Chief. The announcement follows an extensive search conducted by Regional Government Services (RGA) of sixty-two applicants. This search and evaluation process was intricate and collaborative, encompassing interviews by phone, video conferencing and in-person, a rigorous Assessment Center, and presentations by the culled top three applicants. At the conclusion of this process, Mr. Trautwein was identified as the Fire Board’s unanimous selection.

Sedona Fire District Fire Chief (interim) Jayson Coil
Photo credit SFD

“The primary mission of the Sedona Fire District is to prepare for and engage in appropriate emergency actions to reduce the impact of an event. I am confident that the process we employed under the guidance of RGS ensured the board had three highly qualified candidates from which to make their final selection. I am equally confident that the person the Fire Board selected has the right combination of competencies and expertise to effectively lead SFD in its mission with compassion and clarity of purpose,” stated Jayson Coil, SFD Interim Fire Chief.

At the June 18, 2019 SFD Fire Board Meeting, a motion was made and carried to recommend Mr. Trautwein for the position of Fire Chief of the Sedona Fire District with his contract negotiation beginning June 19, 2019. The Fire Chief’s first official day and transfer of command will be September 3, 2019 when he will assume command of a staff of 96 sworn firefighters and Administrative personnel.

Transfer of Command information will be forthcoming.

Jon Trautwein began his career as an auxiliary firefighter for the City of Pasadena Fire Department in 1992 and worked his way up through the ranks as a Firefighter/Paramedic, Captain, Battalion Chief, and currently Deputy Fire Chief. He has a Fire Technology Occupational Certificate, a Bachelor’s Degree, and has completed the rigorous Executive Fire Officer course through the National Fire Academy.

Visit www.SedonaFire.org for more Sedona Fire District information.

Mr. Trautwein is an active community leader serving on an advisory Board for Pasadena High School, several committees on mental health and community relations, and actively participating in local and regional fire organizations.

SFD Board chairman Dave Soto lauded the appointment saying, “We are excited to welcome Chief Trautwein to our leadership team. As a retired firefighter and as the Board Chairman, I am very pleased with this addition and look forward to many years working together for success and growth in the District.”

“I am thankful to the Fire Board for their support and decision,” responded Trautwein. “I am extremely fortunate and grateful to have the opportunity to serve as the next Fire Chief of the Sedona Fire District. The District has top notch firefighters and staff who serve the community in an exemplary manner providing a high level of service. Becoming part of the team is truly exciting.”

The Sedona Fire District can be reached by calling 928-204-8949.

The Sedona community welcomes Jon Trautwein and offers appreciation to Jayson Coil for his exemplary service.


  1. MShobert says:

    Best of luck brother! Wear your helmet! …and know that no matter what you do, and how well you do it, you will be second-guessed, by all the ego-maniacs in that hubris-inflicted community.

  2. @MShobert says:


  3. @charming says:

    Struck a nerve, ehh?

  4. Remember when says:

    Just 30 years ago we had an all volunteer fire department. Sedona had a larger population then too. Now SFD had a $18,000,000 budget or is it 19,000,000 ?
    Are we any safer?

    Like the City of Sedona, having our own fire district was a big mistake.

  5. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    Re: Remember When.

    How closed minded can you be oh right, you didn’t use your real name so your posting doesn’t mean as much. But I’ll bite and give you the smacking that you deserve.

    No, Sedona didn’t have a larger population back then at all. Please stop with throwing out lies and making them out to be facts.

    I remember it like it was yesterday; No one wanted to volunteer anymore. The GM of Bashas got tired of 4 of his employees up and leaving him high and dry when there was a fire.

    The residents here was getting too old and couldn’t handle the air tanks (whatever they’re called) on their backs.

    OSHA required firefighters to have way more training then the younger kids could have I think it was over 1000 hours of specialized training. How could any young person take extensive training, have a full-time job AND see their family.

    I could go on and on but my point is that you are so full of BS

  6. Steve Segner says:

    Remember when says:
    Just 30 years ago we had an all volunteer fire department. Sedona had a larger population then too.
    ” larger population then too.” sorry not so

    Sedona in its earliest years saw very slow growth, but those numbers have climbed quite a bit since 1970. The population exceeded 5,000 in 1980 and had nearly doubled by the 2000 census. In 2010, the population dropped slightly but remained over 10,000. Recent estimates show that the population is up 3.6% from the last poll, indicating that growth may continue. However, a lack of undeveloped land may prohibit the city from seeing any substantial growth in the future.

    Remember when says:,
    Like the City of Sedona, having our own fire district was a big mistake !

    The city of Sedona does not have it’s own fire Dept, we are part of a fire district that cover over 250 sq miles. Sedona is under 20 sq miles. In the last 30 years hundreds of millions of dollars of new building in the Sedona fire dist area., Growth went up not down, and response time now are minutes not hours…… are we better off you bet , doest is cost more you bet…. hope the facts help. Please before you post “,check your facts “using a made up name does not allow you to make stuff up .

  7. @ steve segner says:

    Whoever is writing as Steve Segner is funny. At least you are semi literate, an accusation which can never be made of the real steve segner.

    Let’s start with 250 square miles. NOPE. Most of that area is US Forest service, and as with the last fire in Oak Creek Canyon, SFD will sit in their trucks and watch until someone decides who has jurisdiction and who is paying the overtime.

    Using a fake steve segner name is a fake name, gawd I wish SedonaEye would verify those who post. But then, all the fake steve segners would disappear.

    You are being lied to by a Cabal of tax parasites. The readers of the SedonaEye already know that, tell a neighbor.


    Sedona Fire District: NOT PART OF THE CITY OF SEDONA
    Sedona School District :NOT PART OF THE CITY OF SEDONA

    Why do we have a city again? Oh right, TO FEED THE TAX PARASITES !!!!!

  8. Alison Croll says:

    @Steve Segner, Remember When never wrote about Sedona having it’s own “Fire Department.” Read it again, Segner “Like the City of Sedona, having our own fire DISTRICT was a big mistake.”

  9. V Cedilla says:

    segner said;
    Sedona in its earliest years saw very slow growth, but those numbers have climbed quite a bit since 1970. The population exceeded 5,000 in 1980 and had nearly doubled by the 2000 census. In 2010, the population dropped slightly but remained over 10,000. Recent estimates show that the population is up 3.6% from the last poll, indicating that growth may continue. However, a lack of undeveloped land may prohibit the city from seeing any substantial growth in the future.

    I’m asking:
    What are you providing us with above to argue what point or points?

    YOU said 1980 there were about 5K.
    YOU said 2000 there were about 10K.

    2020 (minus 1) shows no growth because we’re still around 10K.

    Static growth for 20 years doesn’t beg for increased tourism or marketing. Static population doesn’t need overpaid city hall employees. Static population means keep the arches teal and the jeeps on the road and eco-tourism golden dollars. It means dump fast foods and keep dark skies and astronomy clubs. Send city hall carpetbaggers to California to be a problem.

    You Segner made the case for NO growth. No tourism and lower tax revenue planning. What a man!

  10. Watch your Words says:

    I was planning on moving to Sedona but won’t now. Thank you for all the posts.

  11. MShobert says:

    All you commenters who are too scared to use your real name, while you bash people with your garbage lies, please review the first comment, above. It is all you!

  12. @MShobert says:

    And why do you care who makes comments on Sedona Eye? In fact, why do you even read it since you apparently have no use for anything pertaining to this area?

  13. @watch your words says:

    Yea ok!!??

  14. Mike H says:

    @M Shobert,

    You can’t count on a retired fire department employee such as yourself for truth about the fire department.

    No, it is not all about us, it is about a free spending fire department that gives free ambulance rides and counts them as calls, a fire department in a town with no buildings presently above 2 stories from street level with ladder trucks. Of course, our illustrious all growth all the time city council insists on destroying Sedona’s character with multi story buildings. Perhaps they are just trying to justify the ladder trucks? After all, the previous chief was on a Sedona City budget committee.

  15. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    To “Watch your words”:

    Thank you for changing your mind.

    BTW if you think that I believe that you are a newbie who knew not to use their own name just stumbled on this site, you must be DJV or DV.

  16. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    To MShorbert:

    Matt, thanks once again for doing something to protect Sedona from the lunatics. Things haven’t changed and I’m glad you haven’t as well. Thank you again for your years of service leading our fire district.

  17. Why? says:

    Why do you call people that post here lunatics? Why have you made it us vs them? The Fire District has a important role. Is this garbo talk trying to undermined them? It is wrong for any past or current employee of district or city to keep posting nasty, mean spirit comments.

    I like to welcome the new Sedona Fire District chief and thank interim Chief Jayson Coil. Jason Coil has done an excellent job imo.

    I hope that others follow his lead. He kept things PROFESSIONAL.

  18. @CraigD says:

    Funny. Things never change…. truly sad.

  19. Steve Segner says:

    Mike H says: no buildings presently above 2 stories from street level with ladder trucks. ?
    Really have you ever gone up town?, almost all the building are 3 to 5 stories they are built on the side of a hill , Look at the Best Western. And you put your self out there as a fire fighting expert.
    Ladder trucks are used to fight fire from above , to put water on the top of a fire not just to save people in buildings.
    Do you know the fire dept charges for search and rescue and has a person on staff to collect from insurance and individuals in the amount of hundred of thousand of dollars.
    Great service cost and we are willing to pay…. Look at the last elections the T party candidates lost big, people want safe no cheap.

  20. Sedona City Residents says:

    Maybe certain people who send disrespectful comments to our new fire chief might change their tune if ever they need emergency assistance @John Daniels W Sedona; @MShobert. Kindly keep that in mind if you or someone you are capable of caring about suddenly collapses, or falls from a ladder, or your house is struck by lightening – and YES – it CAN and HAS HAPPENED – twice – in the area where we live! Or worse yet, if Sedona is surrounded by fire due to high winds drying out overgrown forest due to substantial recent precipitation. Don’t say it couldn’t happen to you.

    Quite honestly you both sound like people holding huge grudges for whatever reason.

    Welcome, Chief Jon Trautwein, and thanks to Chief (interim) Jayson Coil for serving the Sedona Oak Creek Fire District during the process of selecting a new Fire Chief. Those of us who have had the need to make emergency calls realize your value. That West Sedona Daniels person seems to enjoy making negative comments on Sedona Eye no matter what the subject. Apparently a bitter, bitter experience or some unknown reason or grudge lives within that tortured soul. That, of course, is our opinions but we have first-hand knowledge of your efficient and caring service.

  21. @Graig D says:

    (Deleted by Editor)
    You should just say thank you.and stop being such an arrogant you know what.

  22. Mike H says:

    @Steve Segner

    Says stevie “they are built on the side of a hill “, he has not figured out that water flows downhill yet.

    Such a wonderful thing that he and his Cabal run Sedona. No wonder residents are leaving in droves.

  23. We are not safe yet !!!! says:

    SFD does not have a water drop jet or water drop helicopters !!!! Or a drop of common sense.

    If there is ever a big fire you will see hundreds of burned out vehicles clogging the roads where there was too much traffic to escape.

  24. New SFD Policy says:

    Notice from new SFD Chief,

    “In place of the previous policy where occasionally SFD crews would take SFD trucks to a restaurant for breakfast or lunch while on duty not more than once per shift, in an effort to increase safety and show Sedona taxpayers the quality of our SFD, it will now be required that every meal on duty will be eaten at a local restaurant. ” Cost of meals will be paid by SFD to support the community.

    You never know when you might choke or have a heart attach when you see the tax on your bill at a local restaurant. Seeing a full fire crew at the next tables should make you feel safe.

    Nothing but the best for Sedona.

  25. TALKERS says:

    “I saw ten-thousand talkers whose tongues were all broken.”

    Several constant commenters on Sedona eye speaking on any and all subjects with self perceived superior knowledge over all others.

    You might study this and see how insignificant your rantings are. Channel that energy into something productive. Show up and do the hard work.

    Bob Dylan

  26. @broken tongues says:

    Thanks for the reminder!!!!! What a performance…


    Hard to believe this was written in the early 60’s.

  27. @new SFD policy says:

    Yes great idea ….you should ask craigD about that.

  28. Government Do the hard work says:


    Talk about broken. (deleted by editor)

    The way cool thing, you will get what you deserve. Karma Rules.

  29. Sedona Larry says:

    Well Chief first off glad to have you and hope you’ll be our best Chief yet, but you’re in for a rude welcome if you part ways with the Councilors and City Staff’s We Own You directional guide book.Did you see the comments from locals on SFD FB on Slide Rock this weekend? Read each one if you missed it and see what the under 9,000 of Sedona residents believe. Slide Rock Park should be shut down, our creek should be shut down for e coli (Ask Oak Creek Watershed organization directly and use the search bar above for Oak Creek Watershed to see what’s real news). PLEASE start to ticket every illegally parked car on 89A and in the canyon parking lots and roadsides. If you do your job the rest of us who live here can do what we do best, Save Our Sedona. We’re happy to keep people who destroy our nature far away from it.

  30. @Larry says:

    All the comments were positive, about SFD and Sliderock. Here is the dirty secret… all the ecoli in the creek, is from the homes/cabins near the creek, from the old-timers. The early home-steaders, who think they own the silly little burg. Close the gate, now that you’re here. Typical. SFD Rocks. Larry, go back to CA.

  31. Oak Creek says:

    Loved to Death four years ago. Picture it twice as bad now.


  32. Wes, Uptown says:

    Attn Sedona Police Chief. RUN! bet moron @Larry works for city or chamber ?! SFD and police dept need To explain on FaceBook there wasn’t one POSitiVE comment about photos of hordes of crappy tourists damage to creek or traffic they cause to destroy our oasis. They can’t give up fat pay checks by telling the truth. Keep photos and comments coming on FB . Shed light on residents ignorance. Sedonaeye gives space to say what needs saying. Do this then STAY! please and stand the heat in Sedona kitchen.

  33. steve Segner says:

    Wes, Uptown says destroy our oasi ? really it is all yours , The state park system is for everyone.NIMBY.

  34. MShobert says:

    The SedonaEye, where ‘locals,’ the cowardice-introverts, come to voice their unfounded concerns, under the cloak of secrecy.

    Welcome to Sedona. Get a life, or show some courage.

    No name – zero cred.

  35. @MShobert says:

    And how many people have posted under the MShobert name? Isn’t he retired in California? Or perhaps dead?

    Talk about fakes. The tax feeders Cabal posts frequently using fake names on the SedonaEye.

    Interesting watching all the unrelated personal attacks if you use your real name and are against the tax feeder Cabal.

  36. Mshobert says:

    #seewhatimean You are a sad case…

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