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Eddie Maddock: Thanksgiving Alphabet Song for Political Parties


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock shares a 2021 alphabet soup song for political parties this Thanksgiving holiday.

Sedona AZ – It’s pretty amazing how boiling pots continue to seethe, especially when agitated by stirring. There are numerous examples and not all of them are necessarily on our kitchen stoves.

For example, a good deal has been written about Sedona’s political arena and ongoing controversies. But most recently positions taken by our two major political parties, the Democrats and Republicans, continue to rate center stage. The direction of this country, affected to a large extent by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, continues to simmer with divisiveness and unrest. The term “meeting of the minds” evidently has lost meaning, because it has become “them” against “us” or vice versa. What has become of the “United” portion in “States of America?”

Hateful demonstrations continue to rampage, even to the extent of demolishing historical statues and memorabilia, all of which represent distinctive aspects of this once great country. As if tearing them down will eliminate or even change history! Sheer nonsense or what?

Not unlike national monuments, in some remote way, versions of songs relating to the alphabet have come and gone throughout the years. The lyrics to one particular reference, “‘A’ You’re Adorable” popularized by Perry Como and the Fontane Sisters in 1949 come to mind…with some slight variations in the lyrics.

Many artists made recordings of that song including but not limited to Gordon MacRae, Jo Stafford, Paul Weston and his Orchestra, and later Dean Martin. Its lyrics make reference to “Adorable, Beautiful, Cutie full of charm, Darling, Exciting and Feather in my arms, looking Good and being Heavenly, attributes worthy of Idolizing, maybe like Jack and Jill and being Kissable, eyes with Lovelight…all summing up to being “very sweet” and a happy ending!

Considering global ongoing turmoil and unsettling times within our own United States of America, maybe thoughts might be directed towards revising the “alphabet song” to local situations? Perhaps these could serve as plausible suggestions for Democrats and Republicans to address one another:

A. You’re atrocious and
B. You’re barbaric and
C. You’re a convoy of concern
D. You’re dyslexic and
E. You’re eccentric and
F. You are failures lacking charm.

G. Get a grip on life,
H. Hold a happy thought
I. It’s a very nice idea
J. Just a few deep breaths
K. Keeps the pressure down (and maybe)
L. Light a candle in your heart.

M, N, O, P – Take time to pause and think.

Q, R, S, T – If that doesn’t help, try a good stiff drink!thanksgiving-turkey-shoot-chickens

U. Think you know it all
V – Vastly egotistical

W, X, Y, & Z –

It’s fun to play with phrases,
To hope for upbeat changes,
And the world a better place to be!

Here’s a final point to ponder unrelated to suggestions for the revised Alphabet Song. There are several versions of this rhyme attributed to an Anonymous, but the familiar one for me from childhood is:

“The lightning flashed, the thunder roared, the world was all a shaken, The little pig curled up his tail and ran to save his bacon.”

At least for one day bury the hatchet with the turkey and enjoy a HAPPY & HEALTHY THANKSGIVING.


  1. Sheryl Baker says:

    nice work and happy holidays Sedona and Eddie Maddock

  2. Eddie S. Maddock says:

    Thank you, Dear Editor/Publisher, for taking yet another risk of smudging the reputation of Sedona Eye by making my submission public. However, having provided an opportunity for you to research and find the cartoon … well, there are no words other than LMAO.

  3. Branch Street says:

    When I hear the news it makes me boil over with anger and disgust and you said it right. Count that as my A and D contribution. Our President is incompetent and the Vice President is a social moron and intellectual fake. Choose any letter you like for anything I said. Happy Thanksgiving America if you have the guts to honor it. Pilgrims and Turkeys cartoon funny.

  4. Sedona Wings says:

    Happy holidays! Let the excitement begin. If a smash mob targets Tlaquepaque will you believe you elected the worst of Sedona politicians? Don’t show me news with six people beating a Tom Tom at a Christopher Columbus marble in a Catholic cemetery talking about how Columbus massacred the natives. That’s as important as learning the Vikings weren’t blond and blue eyed but pillaged the lands and cultures they conquered and melded. You know, the same as then is now? You are doing the same flooding immigrants into our state full of native populations, and demanding that they become the new nation or be wiped out. Grow up people. You’re poorly educated and the media covering you are even less educated. Dumber and Dumber every day.

  5. Norm, Sedona says:

    And the policy to mandate vaccines for legitimate US citizens while Biden opened the borders to the unknown? Diseased and criminals? How much worse can it get?

    Dumb question! After three more years of what’s happening here only the poor saps remaining will know the answer to that question. And let us hope it doesn’t include those who are allowing this disaster in progress to become reality. Just another opinion mind you.

    My version of the Alphabet Song wouldn’t be allowed to appear even though “allegedly” we have freedom of speech.

  6. Bahamas Bragston says:

    Americans don’t know that Bahamas was the first New World discovery by Christopher Columbus Voyage. His Discoveries were claimed Spain because he sailed for Spain. The Bahamas have statues to Columbus and take pride in becoming the Worlds Third Wealthiest Nation. Bahamas has a December festival called John Canoe that celebrates all the islands history and ethnicities and embraces fully its evolving history and loving forward and not backwards. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Christmas America. Spend your money with us because we like being neighbors.

  7. Doug says:

    Black AZ GOP Candidate Exposed – Twenty-six-year-old Alex Stovall talked about how disgusting the GOP is and how it will simply vote for him because he’s black.

  8. Sasha Nikola Lazar says:

    The Budapest Memorandum is a 1994 agreement between the U.S., Russia, the United Kingdom and Ukraine to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and “to refrain from the threat or use of force.” The agreement effectively convinced the Ukrainian government to relinquish the world’s third largest nuclear arsenal at the time.

    On another continent, Ukrainian Americans, confident in Ukraine’s commitment to fend off an invasion, still anxiously await the next move.

    Over 1 million Ukrainian Americans live in the U.S., according to the 2019 U.S. Census, and Ukrainians comprise 15% of the 30,000 total refugees who resettled in the U.S. during former President Donald Trump’s administration, according to The Washington Post.

    If Biden allows Ukraine to fall to Russians, it will be a break for every Balkan, Russian and Ukrainian American family at the voting booth. We will not vote Democrats, traitors to us and our beliefs, our sacrifices for the rights of freedom and Democracy. We will vote Republican party every place in America that we reach because President Donald Trump backed Putin down. Our reach is greater than Biden’s pro Soviet left wing party.

  9. Alan J. says:

    Bus all those refugees to Sedona where the liberals would love to house them in the proposed affordables at the former Cultural Park! Just think, then they could all vote illegally? but what the hell for those local candidates to further take care of them.

    However getting those “local candidates” might require upping the monthly wages for them. Let’s say from $500 to $5000/mo? & even more for mayor and vice mayor? It’s only $$$$ for an incorporated area less than 10,000? No problem!

  10. Tillie Knauss, Parker says:

    comments worth reading, shared with contacts, visited for lunch while in Anthem with family for few days, unprepared for your cold cold weather, pretty hills

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