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Comment Period for Proposed Science Standards Extended

AZ School Superintendent Diane Douglas

Sedona AZ (May 28, 2018)The Arizona Department of Education has extended the comment period for the proposed Science Standards until 12 Noon on Thursday, May 31, 2018.

The original deadline was 12 Midnight on Monday, May 28, 2018. Over the Memorial Day weekend, the standards web page experienced intermittent technical difficulties that prevented comment.

“Due to the antiquated IT system the Department is forced to operate under, our comments survey experienced technical difficulties that did not allow Arizonans to leave their comment. We do not have the resources to have twenty-four seven monitoring of that web page, especially on a holiday weekend. I apologize for any inconvenience this caused,” said Superintendent Diane Douglas. “I am committed to ensuring Arizonans have an opportunity to weigh in on proposed standards. For this reason, we are extending the comment period for the proposed Science Standards until Noon on Thursday.”

Those wishing to review he proposed Science Standards can do so at:

Comments can be made at:

If you experience difficulties connecting to the comments survey, you can send your comments by email at:

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  1. SKE - Wake up Sedona! says:

    Two states tell the story in the Pulse Opinion Research poll:

    Wisconsin voters, who went for Trump in 2016, favor reducing legal immigration by a margin of 57 percent to 31 percent.

    More surprisingly, voters in California – a deep blue state with the highest percentage of immigrants – support immigration cuts by an almost identical percentage, 57-32.

    Equally stunning: Only 38 percent of California voters favor continuing chain migration; 51 percent said Congress should allow “immigrants to bring in only their spouse and minor children.”

  2. Marian Johnson, Chino Hills says:

    hey @ske biggest headlines in California – more people leaving than moving in & states getting benefit of educated & employed tax payers? Arizona & Nevada & Florida & Texas

  3. LynnD, Sedona says:

    Tucker Carlson tweeted 100 things that the Left has called racist. Arizona might want to include the following in its new science curriculum. LMAO

    #18 Science
    Students in South Africa declared that science is racist because it cannot explain “black magic” … below this is a statement by one of those students (keep in mind these are university level students and they’re advocating against Western sciences). When a few other students laughed, the group silenced them:

    “I have a question for all the science people. There is a place in KZN called Umhlab’uyalingana, and they believe that through the magic, the black magic–you call it black magic, they call it witchcraft–you are able to send lightening to strike someone,” one student explained. “Can you explain that scientifically? Because it’s something that happens.”

    I say enough ridiculous ignorance.
    My takeaway on this? Tucker Carlson’s 100 proven Left tweets proves how difficult it is to have a conversation! I personally pity the students who agreed to be silenced instead of engaging in a robust discussion. And why people like Anthony Weiner, Maxine Watters, Bill de Blasio, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Rangel, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton and too many others in Sedona rise to the top of the pond.

  4. Avy Greenblatt says:

    Money money money !!!

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