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City Department Changes Name and Economic Development Effort

This article submitted by the City of Sedona

This article submitted by the City of Sedona

Sedona AZ (September 17, 2013) Effective October 1, 2013, the Sedona Community Development Department will change its name to the Sedona Community and Economic Development Department. This change is one of the first steps in the City’s and Department’s efforts to become more active in citywide economic development efforts. The change is intended to send a message to residents, property owners, businesses, developers and other City staff that the Department is committed to and a leader in the City’s economic development efforts.

Kevin Snyder, Department Director, states, “The Department name change is an important recognition of the key role that our Department must and should play in the City’s current and future economic development. However, we recognize that a name change by itself does not create actual success. Our success in contributing to the City’s economic development will be judged by our attitudes, our problem-solving skills, our creativity, and our willingness to be flexible and work with their clients. The individual and collective efforts of each member of the Department will be the ultimate determinants of our successes in the community’s economic development.”

According to City of Sedona Manager Tim Ernster, “The City Council has expressed a strong interest in emphasizing economic development activities to increase business retention and encourage new businesses to relocate to Sedona. Although we are a tourism-based economy, efforts can be made to diversify our business base that will complement and strengthen our tourism industry.”

For more information on the departmental name change or how the department can assist existing and new businesses, contact Kevin Snyder, AICP, Director, 928-203-5075 or at ksnyder@SedonaAZ.gov.

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  1. Jim uptown says:

    Does your new plan include continuing to promote businesses outside of Sedona? The ones who do not collect city sales taxes?

  2. Dana Varney says:

    Liked this article on Facebook.

  3. You should be holding on to any business that wants to be a part of your little group. In case you have not noticed, Jerome, Cornville, Cottonwood and Clarkdale are developing an amazing wine/tourist industry and soon people will be visiting Sedona as a side trip. Whiner.

  4. The only message sent to me by city hall is a complete disregard to residents and businesses located within city limits. The money being spent to serve outside Sedona proper is not in any of our best interest. How can it be when no tax revenue is being generated? It’s only a matter of time before I will be forced to close my business doors if for no other reason than I’m flooded out due to lack of proper drainage in West Sedona.

  5. Helen C says:

    Whoa there City! Slow your roll! Has Council discussed this issue let alone voted on the major change?

    Shouldn’t Economic Development be left in the hands of the City Manager’s office and City Council instead of planning and zoning folks?

    Does this new department name and direction change mean that the P&Z Commission will now be voting on “citywide economic development efforts”?

    When the Director of Community Development – AKA Planning and Zoning – says this “important recognition of the key role that our Department must and should play in the City’s current and future economic development” I guess the translation is that he was able to use that as the basis of pledging $5,000.00 to the Chamber for holiday lights prior to Council vote? and lets no forget the council ramped it up to $25K.

    The City web site says: “The Community Development Department is comprised of six major divisions and provides staff support to City Council, Historic Preservation Commission, Housing Commission, Planning & Zoning Commission, Sustainability Commission, and the Board of Adjustment.”

    Guess since the all knowing council got rid of the Housing Commission and Sustainability Commission and development proposals are way down in Sedona – the Director of Community Development needed to fill a few gaps in his department and came up with economic development as his go to.

    Sure didn’t see any reference to economic development expertise when he was hired. I’m sure he is a great guy and sure hope he isn’t getting in over his head on this one.

    I, for one person, voted to elect the 7 council members to run our city. What did I miss?

    I must have missed something as I thought the “key role” of Community Development (Planning & Zoning) and it’s Commission was strictly to receive, review, and recommend to Council all issues regarding all building issues rather than economic developmental ones.

  6. Mrs Thomas says:

    Dear Helen

    I’m so glad YOU voted to elect the 7 council members to run our city. I know that I voted to elect the council members to: Hire then direct management and oversee spending. That’s the difference between the “weak” and “Strong” governments. OUR COUNCIL’S JOB ISN’T TO RUN THE CITY that’s the staffs job.

    We pay a nothing of a stipend to council members to “oversee” our government NOT run the government. This seems to be something our Mayor continues to forget. He should just go back to kissing babies and cutting ribbons and leave the management work to people who were hired for that job.

    What people fail to realize is that former councils had the foresight to hire a forward thinking City Manager who in hired the best staff that he could get his hands on. They just need to be allowed to do their jobs.

    As for the new community development director’s qualifications, why don’t you do what I did; when this notice went out, I got on the phone to ask that same question of one of our city councilors. I was very surprised and happy to learn that this gentleman is MORE than qualified to handle both community development AND economic as well.

    One of the biggest losses in this city is that we’ve never had a real economic director. So, with the help of someone qualified in that area perhaps we can get some of our empty stores filled and see even more life in our city then what the C of C to bring us.

    Keep in mind that it seems that with the help of Mr. Snyder, we’re getting two jobs filled for the price of one. Remember, this is Sedona where everyone wants the best in services without wanting to pay for it.

  7. AGENDA 21 says:

    Smells like AGENDA 21 in progress

  8. helen says:

    so – please let us know what AGENDA 21 is???

  9. James Poole says:

    Humm Funny that the City of Sedona would go this direction. They have a REAL attitude towards the businesses in Sedona and it is not nice!

    Who would want to do business in Sedona? Foolish. Start your businesses in VOC you get more benefits. Especially all the FREE advertising the City pays for. They spend more on advertising NON City then city. A great deal.

  10. Helen says:

    To Mrs. Thomas: I do ask you to please remember that there are 7 elected council members who hire the City Manager. It really is Council who sets the priorities that the City Manager and staff are required to work from. It is Council that votes on the city budget (after they add or subtract items and costs from it). It is Council who approve Ordnances and Resolutions, forms or disbands Commissions and the list goes on regarding their “legislative” abilities that the City Manager nor any member of Staff have! And so the buck actually does stop with the Council!

    Actually, Council does have complete oversight over the city…vs a staff driven takeover of Non elected staff people with no vested interest other than a paycheck and a career (let me not forget to mention my respect for their professionalism and dedication to their jobs – and where the majority of them live outside the city limits).

    Council can either Micro or Macro manage – depending upon any given issue. So yes, Staff does run the city —— at Councils discretion!

    Your concept that Staff are the (highly paid) “professions” vs the very underpaid “Elected” amuses me greatly. That’s been a power play since city manager Mike Letcher was here….i.e.: the elected know nothing (even though a majority of the voters elected them) so lets just give them 5 minutes of their glory….as the real people in charge get the job done.

    In my opinion, what you, Mrs Thomas, fail to realize is that each and every City Manager has always been allowed to do his job….until he could no longer do it to benefit our City.

    One of the biggest losses in this city is two fold: 1) too darn many Councils who have little to no respect for the hard working business’s and 2) a moral commitment to the fulfilling the basic needs of our citizens vs their own personal ego driven wants.

    Perhaps Mr. Snyder, in his new co-role as Economic Director (at half price) will be able to re-educate our Council as to the benefits of treating State agency’s, business owners, project developers, etc. with some level of respect when it comes to Economic Development?

    Still wondering if the P&Z Commish’s will get to vote on any new economic development issues? Perhaps you know the answer Mrs Thomas?

    Opps! Almost forgot about your last sentence where you said everyone here wants the best services without paying for them??? Well, dear Mrs. Thomas – are you kidding me? We all pay sales taxes, we all pay state and county taxes, school and fire district taxes and etc…. and lest we forget?….we, who are on sewer, are paying more for that cuz the city keeps moving funds away from upgrading the plant and now I’ve said enough.

  11. Basically Agenda 21 means you are going to lose all your rights and be told how and when to think, act and live. Using buzzwords like sustainable and development.



  12. Helen says:

    Amen! sounds just like this Council…we’ve lost rights and are told we don’t think correctly and need to be “Educated” as though we have no brains.

  13. Claudine says:

    Add smart meters to the agenda 21 and voting yes on Education Override.

  14. Steve says:

    yes on the override is agenda 21? whose a conspiracy nut?

  15. Dorothy says:

    Conspiracy nut? Vote yes on override.

  16. Helen says:

    Dorothy, Steve and Claudine Moore. How do you find it warranted and correct to completely change the direction of this blog with your wants of the school district vote? good try but no banana.

    Since you have chosen to do so – Would you all provide us with a substantial reason to vote yes? So far its just smoke and mirrors and motherhood and apple pie.. and no bennies to any tax payer as there is no business or scores raised accountability coming from the school district.

    Please – how about either sticking on track or giving hard facts!

    Please give us some factual information vs verbage.

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