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City and Chamber Lack of Transparency Breeds Contempt

Sedona Marathon event held February 2, 2013

Sedona Marathon event held February 2, 2013

Sedona AZ (January 28, 2014) – Angered that the City of Sedona and Sedona Chamber of Commerce failed to consult or notify the community, the following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor from a Sedona resident and city voter protesting the Sedona Marathon route change:

January 28, 2014

Dear Mayor Rob Adams and City Councilors,  

I just found out the chamber has moved the Sedona Marathon into the Kachina Subdivision, zoned residential.

Kachina Subdivision has ONE access in and out.

Kachina Subdivision is zoned residential. With very narrow roads, blind spots, two cars are unable to pass in many locations.

Kachina Subdivision has No transitional zoning nor is it commercially zoned.

The City of Sedona, according to Tim Ernster (city Manager) has approved the blocking of the entire subdivision, putting the entire subdivision at risk along with taking our civil rights.

This plan has been worked on for months without the knowledge of the residents in Kachina. In fact they have hidden it. The City has never sent out any notices, apparently the Chamber sent out one on January 7th but not everyone was included.

Our neighbors further down on Dry Creek put their foot down and told the Marathon no more. This is the reason for diverting the runners into Kachina.

The Chamber HID this, never disclosing this to those that were living in Kachina.

The City of Sedona approved this knowing this is a residential neighborhood with ONE ACCESS.

No notices where ever sent nor were we notified. I found out by reading the Red Rock News.

Public events are never to be held in a residential Neighborhoods. It should have NEVER been approved.

They expect 500-1,000 runners to invade our properties. I have seen the marathon on Dry Creek they were there ALL day long. The bulk of runners are now diverted into Kachina. It is beyond intrusive.

Are you holding everyone HOSTAGE in their homes preventing us from leaving?

If we are able to leave how you can have the runners in the roadway? What about their safety?

How will emergency vehicles get though?

This is insane! If I wanted to live in a commercial or transitional zone area I would have purchase a home there. This is why we feel you disrespect and do not represent the citizens of Sedona. This is NOT even close to warm in treating you citizens nice. This is why there is a movement to UNINCORPORATE the City of Sedona. We the citizens voted you in to make sure we were represented.

Hiding, controlling, manipulating in order to get through special agendas for special interest groups. Why do we even have zoning? Why would you the city not notified or try to work with the property owners, residents of Kachina? The reason why is we would have said NO. It feels like Nazi Germany……. SLAMMED, I was told it is to late.

Now I can say, this is by far the most disrespectful harmful thing you could do. It tells us all no one matters; you do not want anyone but those that agree with your agenda. This kind of treatment breeds HATRED.

Look around it gets uglier here every day. Stand up, Speak up, Do the right thing STOP the insanity. This is why you were voted in. STOP the abuse. 

Donna Joy Varney
resident, registered Voter Sedona, AZ

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For the best in Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!

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