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Art and Life Together Are Magic


Duke Ellington from the Merrill A. Roberts Jr. Sedona exhibition

Sedona AZ (January 20, 2012) – The photographic art of Merrill A. Roberts, Jr. and Dibor Roberts will be exhibited February 1 through April 1, 2012 at the Art Mart Gallery, 2081 SR 89A in Sedona. The artists will greet the public at their “Art and Life Together Are Magic” exhibit on Sunday, February 5,  2012, from 11 AM-6 PM.

Merrill A. Roberts, Jr. is a world-class photographer who has captured the famous while working and on-stage. Photographs of Coretta Scott King, the Jackson 5, Duke Ellington, Angela Davis, Harry Belafonte, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson and Oprah Winfrey are part of this exhibition.

Merrill Roberts work has appeared in the NY Times, the New York Daily News, Penthouse, Downbeat, Billboard, Ebony, Jet and Essence magazines. His photography, both film and digital, has been described as equal parts biography, commentary and documentary. He has trained his eyes, as he says, “to see what I saw when I did not see it, and to see what was not there but was there when I first looked at the subject.” 

As a member of the New York Working Press, Merrill captured on film some of the most turbulent times of the 20th  Century. His work is a visual record of the trials, triumphs and evolution of Blacks in America and honors pioneers of the Civil Rights movement. 

Merrill and his wife, Dibor Roberts, reside in Cottonwood, Arizona. You are invited to share their world of landscapes, portraits, travel, personal documentaries, black and white photography, and more. Included in the exhibit are Merrill’s photos of the life-changing event, the nightmare in 2007 when Dibor Roberts was arrested on her way home from work as a nursing assistant in the Village of Oak Creek. In July 2011 the Yavapai County Prosecutor “set aside” Dibor Roberts’ conviction which means in the eyes of the law it never happened.

The “Art and Life Together Are Magic” exhibition is open daily.

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  1. Karen J. says:

    I just sent my Dibor Roberts Tee shirt to the thrift shop now that I know her prosecution was tossed out. Never pull over when a police officer turns on lights if in a dark or empty stretch of road or community. Teach your daughters AND SONS how to practice this safety measure. Tell them to NEVER pull over without first calling the 911 dispatcher and reporting that a police officer is attempting to stop your car for a violation. Dibor Roberts was victimized and deserved a public apology AND the set aside. Because Dibor Roberts stood up and would not REMAIN a victim WE are safer and our police and elected sheriffs are on notice that racists and bullies will be met with public condemnation and outrage that extends to the ballot box and the court system.

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