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Arizona Corporation Commission Smart Meter Meeting

smart meter port angelesSedona AZ (December 3, 2014) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Dear Sedona Smart Meter Awareness supporters:

Arizona Corporation Commission is holding an Open Meeting next Friday, December 12, 2014, from 10:00 a.m. onward about Smart Meters; Opt Out option and fees – http://images.edocket.azcc.gov/docketpdf/0000158380.pdf  – health issues (or lack thereof according to Arizona Department of Health Services) and privacy issues will be on the agenda. Commissioners will vote regarding whether to allow opt out and how much to charge for such option.

This is the time to voice your concerns, share your health stories, etc. at this meeting. Anyone can attend and you can call them ahead of time by contacting Shaylin A. Bernal, telephone number (602) 542-3931, E-mail sabernal@azcc.gov should you need assistance or special accommodation.

If you are effected by EMF and WiFi and can’t attend the meeting in person, you can request to call in to voice your comments. Anyone can attend or call in to give their testimonials regardless whether you are APS customers or not.

Out of state physicians and experts are encouraged to call in to show your support.

Arizonans need all the help we can get from all of you. You can also write and ask to have your comments submitted to the Docket E-00000C-11-0328 and E-01345A-13-0069.

If there is not enough time to send in by mail, email your comments to the Commissioners and ask them to submit it to the Docket for you. Here are the email addresses for the Commissioners:


Please share this post widely.


Nancy Baer and Monnie Ramsell, Co-founders
For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!

For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. Nan Crist says:

    visit azcc.gov

  2. Tree Menane says:

    Keep in mind that the two recently elected to the Corporation Commission’s campaigns were largely funded by APS.

  3. shared this with friends!

  4. N. Baer says:

    Please be sure to read the opt out policy suggested by Steven Olea, Utilities Director of the ACC. http://images.edocket.azcc.gov/docketpdf/0000158380.pdf

    The address for the ACC is 1200 W. Washington
    Phoenix, AZ 85007-2996

  5. we’re fools wanting cancer & other horrible diseases because we don’t keep these away from our homes

  6. Put the word out to all Utility Payers, University Students, Civic Organizations, Veterans, Families, Business Owners, Everyone who pays a utility bill –this is about YOU:

    Are WE disgusted with our government calling us STUPID … did not We the People read our safe and effective analog meters for decades and no one at APS blinked at eye or failed to make a profit? Read on…

    This is oppressive and it’s a bipartisan money grab – tell the government NO. The utilities are monopolies – we have NO option – therefore, We the People MUST control these monopolies.

    READ below from the APS petition to the ACC (ACC denies or approves new fees) for its requested $75 PLUS $30 a month NEW meter fees before We the People even turn on a light bulb!

    If you’re tired of being called STUPID, take the time to say it by using this link:


    (click on the link and SHOUT IT DOWN – SAY NO FEES!)

    PLEASE NOTE – YOU CAN BE FROM ANYWHERE – you do not have to be from Arizona or an APS ratepayer to comment – how sweet is that!! Tell the government and APS to take their oppressive fees and stick ’em back! (How many $30 a month or $360 a year raises did YOU earn this year? APS will charge you a ONE TIME SET UP FEE OF $75 for the privilege of paying $30 a month…!)

    (click on the link and SHOUT IT DOWN)

    Here’s the You the People are STUPID written by APS section —

    December 1,2014 Page 3 Staff Analysis (incorrect punctuation/grammar/spelling/word choice by APS staff):

    Staff has evaluated APS’s proposed Schedule 17 and the estimated costs the Company has provided for this program.

    Staff also examined the operation and charges of similar AMI Opt-Out programs in other jurisdictions.

    Staff recognizes that there are costs associated with maintaining an (Yes? This makes no sense…) will not be able to utilize the advanced capabilities AMI meters provide. Staffs evaluation of APS’s proposal included specific inquiries into the most appropriate method for reading the analog meters for customers in &Is program. The use of an analog meter necessitates on-site meter reading, and Staff evaluated different options for the timing of reads. older meter technology for a select group of customers, and that those customers and the Company – APS has expressed opposition to self-reading to Staff.

    The Company cites concerns about safety, inaccurate and/or untimely meter reads,
    deliberate false reads, and administrative difficulties as reasons to avoid a self-read

    (Did you pay attention? We the People were just called STUPID and THIEVES and DEVIOUS and CROOKS…read the last paragraph again if you missed it.)

    (click on the link and SHOUT IT DOWN)

  7. Elena Mirvis says:

    in Brooklyn NY – free opt out!

  8. Documents are on their way to ACC docket control where they will arrive by tomorrow, December 10, at 8 am.

    One document is SSMA’s evaluation of the Arizona Health Department Services’ “health” report. The other is a brief recap regarding how the insurance raters are warning insurance companies to not cover any loss; health, fire, safety, ID hacking, etc. and notes on some current and settled lawsuits.




    TO: Docket No. E-01345A-13-0069

    FROM: Nancy Baer and Monnie Ramsell, Co-founders
    Sedona Smart Meter Awareness

    SUBJECT: Risk Management/Liability Risks of Wireless Technology and
    EMF Real Estate Survey Results

    Please submit this original and 13 copies to the docket number referenced above.


    A. Excerpts from Lloyd’s Emerging Risks Team Report “Electro-Magnetic Fields from Mobile Phones:
    Recent Developments” and “Before Lloyds issued this warning, a woman who suffered health
    effects and from her job with a U.S. cell phone manufacturer received an award in 2007. Her
    attorney emphasized that her case paved the way for anyone else who suffers health effects from
    their exposure to RF at work to seek relief.

    In October, 2012, the Italian Supreme Court awarded a businessman who developed a brain tumor from his call phone use.


    In March, 2013 a man in Israel won an award after contracting Cancer from use of his cell
    phone. “Israeli cell phone company to compensate customer who contracted cancer.”


    Recently, a nurse practitioner from New York Presbyterian Hospital received a $4 million suit against the hospital.


    13 lawsuits are currently moving through the U.S. Ninth District Court.

    B. Excerpt from Swiss Re SONAR “Emerging Risk Insights.”

    C. Two A.M. Best’s Briefings; “Emerging Technologies Pose Significant Risks with Possible Long-tail Losses” and “FCC Inquiry on RF Radiation Standards Brings Safety Issue into Play.”


    The National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy’s survey “Neighborhood Cell Towers & Antennas – Do They Impact a Property’s Desirability?” was circulated through email and social networking sites, in both the U.S. and abroad resulting in 1,000 responses.


    For more information, visit http://sedonasmartmeterawareness.com today.

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