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Patterns of Incompetence and Fraud

smart meter port angelesSedona AZ (November 23, 2014)The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor from Arizona ratepayer Warren Woodward:

I have written a report on the Arizona Dept. of Health Service’s recently released “smart” meter study. Below is my report’s Foreword and the cover letter that accompanied my report to the Arizona Corporation Commission.

My full report is available for reading at the ACC docket here: http://images.edocket.azcc.gov/docketpdf/0000158210.pdf .


The title of this report, A Pattern of Incompetence and Fraud, was not chosen for affect.

This evaluation of the “smart” meter health study that the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) requested of the Office of Environmental Health at the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), will show in detail the multitude of major mistakes, misleading misrepresentations and obvious omissions that comprise the ADHS study. (The ADHS study, Public Health Evaluation of Radio Frequency Exposure from Electronic Meters, may be read in its entirety at the ACC docket, here: http://images.edocket.azcc.gov/docketpdf/0000157691.pdf.)

aps logoA lover of brevity, I apologize for the length of this report, but the instances of data cherry picking and misrepresentations of scientific studies are too numerous. The spinning and equivocation is endless, the repetition of misinformation seemingly constant. And there are too many examples of ADHS omitting relevant and key material from the scientific works they review.

Then, of course, there are the simple, basic things that ADHS got completely wrong. As you read, remember that ADHS spent over a year on their study. They had time to get it right but they did not.

As I go through the ADHS study in the order it was written, section by section and sometimes line by line, you will see that an unmistakable pattern emerges, one of incompetence and fraud. The mistakes happen so often that they reflect incompetence, and instances where ADHS misleads occur so often that they amount to willful deception.

The ACC is tasked with the responsibility to protect AZ ratepayers by weighing the costs and benefits of all state utility requests.

The ACC is tasked with the responsibility to protect AZ ratepayers by weighing the costs and benefits of all state utility requests.

In addition to other information, I use the actual articles and studies that ADHS referenced to demonstrate and prove my points. I show what ADHS reported and then what was really said.

The ADHS study is a fraud on the public. Read along with me and you’ll see that I am not exaggerating.

Letter to ACC

Warren Woodward

55 Ross Circle

Sedona, Arizona 86336

November 20, 2014

Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC)

Docket Control Center

1200 West Washington Street

Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Re: Docket # E-01345A-13-0069


Here is my report on the Arizona Department of Health Services’ “smart” meter study. Read it and weep.

Since the ADHS did not find wireless “smart” meters safe, when will wireless “smart” meters be removed from Arizona? With every day that goes by, you are now violating the law.

Additionally, there is no longer any point to APS’s request for extortion money from ratepayers not wishing to be harmed by “smart” meters.

Game over.

Warren Woodward
For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!

For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. Shevy Heaney says:

    Liked this article and shared it with friends.

  2. Warren says:

    My report has been posted at a German website and it’s better to read it there since it is in color. The ACC scans and then posts, so no color. I always knew the ACC was colorless.


  3. Elaine Brown says:

    Thank you for continuing to see this issue through on behalf of local residents and your fellow man around the globe.
    I admire your vigilance. I am proud to have you as a neighbor. Thank you.
    Village of Oak Creek

  4. Noelle Cisco says:

    I agree with Elaine Brown.

  5. Joel says:


    San Antonio Texas thumbs down on smart meters.

  6. Nancy Baer says:

    Hamburg stops WiFi in Schools. Plans to equip students at 3 district schools and 3 high schools with tablets and notebooks are on hold.

    “The wireless network WLAN was too dangerous for the health of students.” Regarding use of tablets: “Learning with Tablet: It will not give in Hamburg so soon. Too big are the concerns about the health of students.”

    Some doctors criticized recently, the introduction of tablets,smartphones, and wireless media as teaching in schools as “an uncritical acceptance of progress hype”.

    In an open letter complain about 20 doctors from “Doctors Working Group Digital Media in Stuttgart”, that the comments made in science and medicine concerns the use of digital media in schools were not being met.

    “The correlation of the increase of overwork,headaches, ADHD and mental illness with the growing use of digital media is worrying,” said Ulmer psychiatrist and brain researcher Prof. Manfred Spitzer. According to the state of science whose harmfulness was clear that stress could also lead to impaired concentration, in addition to sperm damage to DNA strand breaks and thus cancer.”

  7. Lynne Ziss says:

    Disgusting that big business can make us suck it up because you don’t give a damn mr and ms public users

  8. Bud Ellis says:

    I greatly appreciate this article, but there is one danger I did not see addressed that should be of grave concern to all parents. It has long been shown that the younger the person the more harmful the pollution. Pollution is most effective (i.e. does the most harm) to cells and systems that are in formation because the changes it makes are reproduced and incorporated into the individual as he/she grows. Many adults may think that the smart meters are safe because they do not appear to be affecting them, but what they do not realize is that the changes they cause on the cellular level in their children will be reproduced as the child grows and become serious health issues when they are adults. More importantly, if they do not appear in their children, they will most certainly appear in their grandchildren and be passed on to future generations. Pollution, like all substances, for better or worse, has its greatest effect when present in the sperm and egg at the moment of conception. The only question is are the changes described by Mr. Woodward desirable or undesirable to be incorporated into the DNA of your family because, if not now, within two or three generations they will be.

  9. Presentation by Dr. Martin Pall, researcher and professor emeritus at U of Wash, presented in Norway recently. Topic: The Mechanism by Which EMF’s Cause BioEffects and Disease.
    A must watch for anyone wondering how smart meters (pulsed microwave radiofrequency radiation) can impact health – this type of radiation is associated with heart problems (including sudden death from arrythmia, damage to the blood brain barrier, causing depression and other psychiatric and neurological disorders, sleeping problems (severe), cancers, and much more. Dr. Pall, while not mentioning smart meters, mentions wifi and devices that emit electromagnetic fields, and tells how these harm us, something that his research has recently determined.

  10. N. Baer says:

    @Bud Ellis – According to neuroscientist, Olle Johannson of the Karonlina Institute in Stockholm, Sweden as noted in the film, “Take Back Your Power,” two years ago asserted that our species has already reached the point where the damage to DNA resulting from pulsed electromagnetic fields WILL LEAD TO irreversible sterility in five generations. Keep in mind, he said that two years before another gazillion more wireless devices were sold. Homo sapiens have no guarantee or surviving.

  11. AZ Department of Health Services Reports on Public Health Evaluation of Smart Meters as provided by the City of Sedona:

    On October 31, 2014, the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) released a report titled “Public Health Evaluation of Radio Frequency Exposure from Electronic Meters,” otherwise referred to as smart meters.

    Due to concerns raised by some Arizona citizens about potential health effects from exposure to radio frequency (RF) emitted from smart meters, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) requested a review of smart meters used in Arizona. This review included a survey of meters to determine whether they emit RF within the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines, and an evaluation on the potential health risks of RF radiation from the smart meters.

    A key finding found on page 26 of the report states:

    “Exposure to electric meters (AMI and AMR) is not likely to harm the health of the public. This conclusion was reached because (1) none of the detected power densities exceeded the FCC standard of 6 W/m2. This standard was determined based on thermal effects, and was set to prevent whole-body heat stress and excessive localized tissue heating; (2) available government assessments and scientific literature indicated that there is no consistent or convincing evidences to support a cause-and-effect relationship related to the exposures to the RF frequency (900 – 930 MHz) used by the smart meters ; (3) none of the detected power density exceeded the lowest available guideline of 0.1 W/m2 (determined by Russia.) This value was determined to ensure that no exposure would cause any possible biological consequences among the exposed population.”

    To view the complete report, visit the ADHS website at http://azdhs.gov/phs/oeh/toxicology/documents/ph-evaluation-radio-frequency-exposure-electronic-meters.pdf.

  12. Warren says:

    It is simply amazing that the City felt obligated to put out a press release uncritically repeating the ADHS’s propaganda.

  13. Jake says:

    My opinion shared, guess it means Capitulation?

  14. Jan says:

    First off it’s the Arizona dept of Health… So way wouldn’t the city of Sedona put out this press release since there has been so much NOISE around here surrounding this topic.

    Second, if you look hard enough you will find a so called study out there to concur with if your for or against smart meters..

    Thirdly if you really wanted. People to opt out in mass maybe you should of went with the fact that many many APS jobs would be lost by the people who read the meters.. Which is the ONLY reason I opted out..

  15. Warren says:

    @ Jan

    1) The City should stick to press releases about their own business. There has been a lot of “NOISE” about many topics but the City has not issued press releases about them.

    2) True, but none of those various studies on either side of the issue were promoted via a press release by the City.

    Actually, there’s one exception to that. When the City was first made aware of the “smart” meter issue by concerned Sedonans, the “Assistant to the City Manager” (as opposed to the “Assistant City Manager”) sent out a similar propaganda study to a number of people. At least it was not sent as a City press release. So the City has a history of promoting misinfo on this issue. In case anyone is interested, the study was the discredited CCST one, thoroughly debunked in my report linked above.

    3) Job loss due to “smart” meters has been mentioned in the past by others and I. Indeed, several times in letters to the ACC I have called them out for being hypocrites, talking job creation while actually causing layoffs.

    Read my report. There are many more reasons to refuse a “smart” meter than job loss.

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