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ADHS Smart Meter Study Called Fraudulent

smart meter port angelesSedona AZ (December 10, 2014) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

December 9, 2014

I was very suspicious of the “smart” meter microwave radiation measurements that were in the “smart” meter study recently completed by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS).

So for $135 new, I bought the exact same type of measuring device that was used in the study and compared it with other, more costly and accurate measuring devices.

As you’ll see in my video, the Tenmars TM-195 used in the ADHS study is grossly inaccurate. Like the study itself, it’s so bad it’s scandalous.

As I wrote in my report on the ADHS study, “In a cynical sense, the Tenmars was the perfect choice for the ADHS study – a pitifully inadequate meter for a pitifully inadequate study.”

Watch my YouTube video exposé here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRkfucJzrEk or search YouTube for Video Exposé – The ADHS “Smart” Meter Study Is Grossly Inaccurate.

If you haven’t already, I strongly urge you to read my full report, “A Pattern of Incompetence and Fraud.The cheap, inaccurate Tenmars TM-195 is only one of the many major failings of the ADHS study. Sadly, the study is a fraud on the people of Arizona.

My report, “A Pattern of Incompetence and Fraud” is posted several places online, including:



and here:


Video Exposé – The ADHS “Smart” Meter Study Is Grossly Inaccurate
Information and Perspective

by Warren Woodward
Sedona, Arizona


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For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. Shared this article with friends.

  2. E. Maddock says:

    Very disappointing news. Front page article, “Arizona Republic” 12/13/14: “State settles ‘smart’ meter debate ~ APS clients can opt out for a fee.”

    It appears to be settled: $50 installation opt out fee for Smart Meters then $5 monthly charge to pay the person who reads the “Dumb Meters” that even ACC Commissioners Brenda Burns and Gary Pierce expressed concerns of potential health risks to their grandchildren. Go figure.

    Off subject but wondering why it seems it’s only members of the Sedona City Council who at least within the inner-circle are referenced as “Councilors.” The AZ. Rep. article includes a quote from “Sedona City Councilman Jon Thompson.” Even the Local “Red Rock News” refrains from using the snooty “Councilor” affectation opting out instead for down to earth “Councilman/Councilwoman.” Initially after Sedona incorporated we did, in fact, have City Council Members versus “Councilors.” When did that change? Anyone know??

    Oh well, back to subject. Maybe $5 a month is a small price to protect health and prevent property from burning to the ground. Thanks to the endless hours dedicated researchers have spent to learn the “real deal” and about all those of us with concerns are left with is the future potential of saying “we told you so” when conclusively “they” will be forced to admit we were correct all along.

  3. N. Baer says:

    There is no $50 fee for those who refused (opted out) Smart Meters in the first place, but it’s still extortion to pay $5/month to be safe.

  4. More insanity. This is straight up extortion, pay us not to kill you.

  5. N. Baer says:

    Worst of all – the ADHS used an improper impermissable guideline in measuring whether the Smart Meter emissions were safe. They applied the “time averaging” formula for “occupational/controlled” environments and that is not appropriate for the “general population/uncontrolled” environment. Please see SedonaSmartMeterAwareness.com has its Evaluation of the ADHS Health Report on our home page. We are not done with this. Stay tuned.

  6. @Nancy Baer

    Please accept my gratitude for all of your hard work in the fight against Smart Meters.

  7. Yes, thanks to all who went over and above the call of duty to prove the scam we are presently forced to live with. Also let us extend some gratitude to Sedona Eye for being on top of getting the true facts out to us in a timely manner.

  8. Muhaimin Chowdhury says:

    How much wrong the Tenmars 195 measures? I love in Bangladesh, I don’t have money to buy a a good meter, I have a cell tower 95 feets away from my house bedroom), the cell tower consist of 3 antennas, the tower is install above 6 floor where I live on the 1st floor, there is also two 4 storied houses on the middle of my house, my house is made of bricks. The two of the antennas were facing opposite of my house and 1 is facing towards my house, now if I measure what will be the or how much difference will my meter will display. Or can you tell my how much do I expose myself? The cell operator uses 2100Mhz, and in Bangladesh there is no cell tower regulation law so our operator uses a high radiation of cell towers.

  9. Warren says:

    @ Muhaimin Chowdhury — I hate to say it but, based on your description — cell antennas 95 feet away — you are in danger. You really do not need a meter to know that. That said, the Tenmars is not accurate and I would not trust it.

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