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2010 Census: Your 5-10 Minutes Determines Future for Cities, Towns & Counties

It’s quick, easy and confidential.  The US Census form will be arriving in your mailbox if it hasn’t already arrived.
The 2010 Census is the shortest in history.  There are just 10 questions per household.  What does the Census mean for all counties?  Federal aid, representation in Congress, reimbursement for disasters and crises — all of these things are cued to the Census count.  An accurate count means that the counties receive a fair share of federal resources.   
Every resident who is counted equals an allocation of federal dollars for each of the next TEN years.  Depending on where you live, that can be $1,000 to three or four times that amount.  These are dollars that are used to support our region’s needs — whether that’s public safety, public health, critical infrastructure, education, housing assistance, aid to people with disabilities or support services.
Representation in Washington is another huge issue that ties directly to the Census.  While many states such as California, Michigan, Illinois and New York have lost population,* Arizona has continued to grow.  States that lose population are likely to lose seats in the US House of Representatives.  After the Census data starts rolling in, experts believe Arizona will certainly gain a seat in the House. 
What else does the Census affect?  It affects district boundaries for the Board of Supervisors, state legislature, school districts and much more.
Be counted.  Fill out your census form.  To learn more, go to www.2010census.gov.


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