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Wake Up Sedona Silent Majority

Dear SedonaEye.com Editor,

My message to the Sedona silent majority is don’t take anybody’s word for it: do your due diligence, start attending the SFD board meetings.

If you can’t go, view the SFD Governing Board meetings on video at http://www.sedonafire.org or read the Minutes.

Check out the facts on http://www.sfdrecall.com and then you will realize WHY you need to sign the petitions to recall Dave Blauert, Charles Christensen and Phyllis Erick.

Your lack of action at the last election got us in this mess and now it’s up to YOU to rectify it. We are all counting on you to do what is right for our entire community and for YOURSELF!

Precious time is running out and you need to act before it’s too late!

Tom Longo
Sedona, AZ

Mark your calendars to vote in the City of Sedona Special election November 8, 2011


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