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Tommy Predicts The Future Once Again

Tommy Acosta

Tommy Acosta

Sedona AZ (April 26, 2009)Well, Mark Sterling has resigned leaving a vacuum on the city council that needs to be filled. The factions will try to put their person in and as always, the ruling element will win. 

Yeah…Yeah…Yeah…There will be interviews, a selection process and all that jive but unless councilor John Bradshaw joins Mayor Adams and Councilor Hamilton in picking someone not of the council majority’s choice, the result could be one heck of a hung council, a rather interesting concept. But it is not going to happen. 

Looking at history, a former council member was picked the last time an abrupt resignation occurred and looking at the future I predict the same will happen this time around. I could actually name him but I’ll save that for a future article. Don’t need to let the cat out of the bag too soon. Meouch! 

I really enjoyed the blogs on Carl Jackson’s Sedona.biz site on the Sterling resignation article. More than 15 friends came out to defend Mr. Sterling, some knocking Keep Sedona Beautiful just for good measure. Good political move on the majority’s part. 

I predict Mr. Sterling’s backers will come to Tuesday’s council meeting to honor him on his service to the city and to show solidarity for the majority he was part of. It is important for them to do so and rub it in the face of the now tamed Keep Sedona Beautiful contingent. 

Also, look for former-councilman Jerry Frey to become more visible, formal and vocal during the next upcoming council meetings as preparations are made for his inevitable return to the council. Ooops! Did I give anything away here? 

Also, the appointment for the new seat will be calibrated to end in 2012 rather than 2010 when the new elections take place. Why pussyfoot when they can have it all? With the majority choice firmly entrenched it will be that much easier for the majority incumbents to win back their seats. 

Though I tend to think it will be Councilwoman Scagnelli running against Mayor Adams for his seat, I think the deal will be majority support for Bradshaw as mayor as trade for his support of the majority’s choice for Sterling’s replacement. 

Truth be told, I see no hope for any other candidate. KSB has been effectively de-clawed, humbled and spayed. Other probable candidates have marginalized themselves through stridency, lack of respect of powers that be and not fully understanding where their place is. 

Complicating the issue is the schism that now exists between the mayor and some of his powerful-former supporters, a schism his opposition will most definitely exploit. 

The only plausible challenge to the majority is Barbara Litrell. But would she run now that she is gainfully employed?  Good question and I don’t see an answer in my crystal ball. 

Strategically, the minority needs KSB to drop its non-profit status and mobilize to elect a new slate. However, KSB becoming a Political Action Committee is fantasy. So that avenue is a dead end. R.I.P, KSB. 

Further, without the support of new media in Sedona, the chance of success for any new comer to the Sedona political arena is nil. 

Some say if you can see the future you can change it. Unless KSB awakens to its true potential…the majority domination of Sedona is written in red stone.

Oh…and I almost forgot this prediction.

At the end of the day, there will be more blogs on my “Cats” article in this Web site (SedonaTimes.com) than were blogs on the Sterling article on Sedona.biz.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The reason the Sedona Verde Valley Times gained the attention of the community is because it is strident, lacks of respect to the powers that be and does not know their place. This is why they are hated so much by the those in control. What future alternate candidates need to do is gain the support and trust of the alternate media in Sedona because the established media will support the status quo. Also, new candidates who scream the sky is falling without offering an umbrella will go nowhere. And it is too bad KSB has been tamed. There was so much promise once with them.

  2. CJ says:

    Takea Time to see what sticks when thrown.

  3. Dear Tommy,

    Your words and wisdom regarding politics have been very useful to me and as always, I very much appreciated your support in telling the early stories of Folksville USA.

    Too bad “Anonymous” doesn’t have the courage to put his or her name by their words to give it substance.

    How well are these “Powers to be” locally and nationally doing to serve those that pay their salary?

    Gary Chamberlain
    FVUSA News
    Cornville AZ
    Vietnam Combat Veteran

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