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Sedona City Limits 101 with Eddie Maddock

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

Sedona AZ (July 15, 2015)For those of you who aren’t aware of Sedona City Limits, here are the approximate locations:

Coming North on SR 179, there’s a City Limits sign shortly before the Little Horse Trail Head. It jogs west, then turns north to Back O’Beyond Road, turning west again to Oak Creek. From there the City Limits follows Oak Creek northeast to a point where it turns west to include Vortex Elev. 4686, the Sedona-Oak Creek Airport, Carroll Canyon Arch, and crosses Red Rock Loop Road slightly south of, but to include, Sedona Red Rock High School and Sedona Cultural Park. Entering Sedona from Cottonwood, the City Limits sign is located shortly before reaching the high school.

Going East, from the designated sign before Little Horse Trail, City Limits ends pretty much where the USFS land begins, bearing north and bordering the Munds Mountain Wilderness Area to slightly beyond Schnebly Hill Road where City Limits bears to the east, then again turns north to a point slightly beyond Midgley Bridge. From Midgley Bridge going west, City Limits remain within the section designated from Little Horse Trail to Coffee Pot Rock, jogging at that point slightly south, continuing west again, then south, then west, then north, ending a short distance after the Dry Creek Boynton Canyon road split. This jogging section is around the Secret Mountain Wilderness Area.

Sedona AZ

Sedona AZ

In a nutshell, City Limits lies within the area from Back O’Beyond, Midgley Bridge, Boynton Canyon, and Sedona High School. Continuing South on Red Rock Loop Road, City Limits cuts eastward to connect with Oak Creek Canyon and follows the route to meet up with Back O’ Beyond, then south around Cathedral Rock, continuing east to the point of City Limits entry on SR 179.

The source of this information is provided on a map of Sedona, a product of J & H Publishing LTD, copyright 2011 edition.

Sedona City Limits is not to be confused with the Sedona Fire District or the Sedona-Oak Creek Unified School District which include the Village of Oak Creek, incorporated Sedona, and outlying areas extending to Sedona Pines, Red Rock Crossing, Lower Loop Road, Elmersville, and 86336 zip codes in Oak Creek Canyon beyond Midgley Bridge, as was confirmed by Jody with the Sedona Fire Department.

Sedona City Limits does NOT include all 86336 mailing addresses.

Similarly, the Village of Oak Creek, although identified as “Sedona, AZ” by mailing addresses, does NOT have 86336 zip codes, but clearly does not lie within Sedona City Limits.

Please keep in mind that the original intent for incorporated Sedona was to include the same areas as our School and Fire Districts, which would have in fact included the VOC, Red Rock Crossing, and areas north of Dry Creek and Boynton Canyon Roads. Voters in those areas did not want to be included in incorporated Sedona when the vote was taken, therefore the reason for their omission.

Why do members of the Sedona City Council insist on extending their jurisdiction with unnecessary involvement beyond Sedona City Limits? State law indicates their charge is within the designated boundaries.

Why do the Chamber of Commerce, a regional member-driven special interest group, Sedona City Council, and Sedona City Staff have such a difficult time ascertaining the physical location of Chamber members and residents within this very precise designated area?

Get a map. Check it out. “It’s too difficult” is not a valid excuse and should be unacceptable.

Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!

Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. @James in VOC u r one of overpaid city employees or a business STEALING city funding. If u love it soooo much why don’t u move into the city? U give it away when u say “See ya, don’t let the door hit ya in the a*s”

    Chamber of Commerce has violated their non-profit status. They r a 501 c-6 NOT a charity – They r a business league. They don’t HAVE rights to city money.

    Make some $$$$$ money get rewarded
    Step by step information

    Everything u need is on the web. STOP the chamber and businesses from STEALING taxpayers money.

    @James inVOC “See ya, don’t let the door hit ya in the a*s”
    We don’t need the bad energy” YOU R the Bad ENERGY at city hall! take ur own advise.

  2. And so if you reside in the Village of Oak Creek why is it you are so concerned about those in Sedona City Limits that pay city taxes and their reward is nasty feedback from the likes of you? It shouldn’t bother you one bit if businesses in incorporated Sedona are failing under high sewer bills, cost of permits, city sales tax on high commercial rentals, etc. but unless, of course, as in a previous posted comment you are one of those probably “on the take” of benefits for which you do not pay taxes! Sweetheart deal for you so you shouldn’t be so quick to pass judgment on those who are being discriminated against by not paying in addition to high city taxes membership fees to the “regional” Chamber of Commerce for recognition in the phony-baloney city visitors center. So much for Sedona’s new Human Rights Ordinance. More selective rhetoric.


    Attention everyone living outside Sedona City Limits with 86336 zip codes. (Upper and Lower Red Rock Loop, Elmerville Road, and areas extending beyond City Limits to Enchantment Resort and also Oak Creek Canyon.)

    There is a ballot measure to vote yes or no for utility franchise fees and APS has acknowledged those franchise fees will only apply to Sedona residents within city limits. It is suggested all of you with 86336 zip codes check your bills for Sedona franchise fees as well as Sedona city taxes. This is important because you should not be paying those charges. It might be well to also check deliveries made by UPS, Fed Ex, etc. to make certain you aren’t being charged Sedona City taxes.

    The Sedona Chamber of Commerce (by name only because it serves regionally) has apparently been schmoozing the Sedona City Council that all 86336 zip codes are City of Sedona, thereby justifying including all of their own members who are receiving city tax benefits with referrals from the Sedona City financed Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center. This is wrong.

    Check your bills for illegal taxation and report it to the State of Arizona.

  4. Shame on Them says:

    Following the definition of Incorporation you will find an agenda item at the city council meeting 10/18/13. So, was the intent to legalize their authority to extend beyond the designated City Limits, which according to State Law is illegal? The proposed actions clearly were an invitation for non-Sedona resident participation in Sedona City government. Here is the State Law:

    9-101 Incorporation; definition
    Universal Citation: AZ Rev Stat § 9-101 (1996 through 1st Reg Sess 50th Legis)
    9-101. Incorporation; definition

    A. When two-thirds of the qualified electors residing in a community containing a population of fifteen hundred or more inhabitants or in a community within ten miles of the boundary of a national park or monument that contains a population of five hundred or more persons petition the board of supervisors, SETTING FORTH THE METES AND BOUNDS OF THE COMMUNITY, AND THE NAME UNDER WHICH THE PETITIONERS DESIRE TO BE INCORPORATED,and praying for the incorporation of the community into a city or town, and the board is satisfied that two-thirds of the qualified electors residing in the community have signed the petition, it shall, by an order entered of record, declare the community incorporated as a city or town.

    2. ROLL CALL

    a. AB 1689 Discussion/possible action concerning possible changes to the City Code, Council Rules of Procedure and Policies in order to further clarify and define the powers and authority of City Council members and/or the Mayor. Areas of discussion may include, but not be limited to, the authority of individual Council members and/or the Mayor to:

    I. Initiate City-related projects with outside groups.

    ii. Involve City staff in initiating projects.

    iii. Form works groups, teams, committees or other entities to work on any
    type of City-related project.

    iv. Draft and disseminate proposals, resolutions or action plans related to
    City business. (9:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. 2.5 hours)

    b. AB 1691 Discussion/possible direction on the activities, actions and behavior of Council members and/or the Mayor. Areas of discussion may include, but not be limited to:

    I. Rules governing recusal and/or withdrawal from participation in
    discussions of agenda items.

    ii. Open Meeting Law discussion and possible concerns about compliance.

    iii. Council outside community involvement in and conduct related to political
    issues pending future Council consideration.

    iv. Council behavior and conduct during Council meetings. (11:30 a.m.-2:00
    p.m. 2.5 hours)

    c. Discussion/possible action on Future Meeting/Agenda Items. (5 minutes)

    Upon a public majority vote of the members constituting a quorum, the Council may hold an Executive Session that is not open to the public for the following purposes:

    a. To consult with legal counsel for advice on matters listed on this agenda per A.R.S. § 38-431.03(A)(3).

    b. Return to open session. Discussion/possible action on executive session items.

    c. Adjournment

  5. @shame on them says:

    This so called city has repeatedly sold out it’s citizens and small businesses since becoming incorporated. They have broken so many state statutes that you could literally spend days counting them all. The incorporation of the City of Sedona was originally based on lies. This city should be dissolved. The tax burden placed on each and every citizen is ridiculous. We will put a number on it. There needs to be serious jail time for the perpetrators of this fraud. From the city management to the city councilors. The problem is this ill conceived city never cared about the health, welfare, and safety of it’s citizens. They are only concerned with how much money hey can steal from the tax payers. May they all burn in hell!

  6. Wsr says:

    @shame on you

    More Tea Party Rhetoric…..same ole same ole
    In fact I’m sure @shame on you also goes by the name “I see thru you” and 2 or 3 more fake names….

    More crybaby BS by the Tea Party

  7. steve@elportalsedona.com says:

    Yes, now we all know why Ricky is banned fro posting on Sedona Biz, he is just pushing in “T” party BS, and attacks anyone that disagrees with his 1000 word rants.
    Sad , incapable of writing anything positive, or for that matter doing anything that is not stopping something.
    Unpaid poster for the “T” party…..

  8. Jessica says:

    Clearly only those with our hands in the cookie jar are the one calling names on this web site. The millions of dollars we steal from the city makes it worth our time to constantly be a troll and post under different names. I like being a cyberbully with my buddies WSR, SS. We are all in it together. We get millions. We have no pride, this is just how we do it in Sedona. Everyone outside the city limits benefits while those inside the incorporate area pay. We welcome auslanders to play as long as they support the cause.

    Back to the article, great reminder of Sedona City Limits 101.

  9. Nothing Lasts Forever says:

    Enjoy your moment of fame and control, Segner’s Gang, because it won’t last forever. Nothing does. Can’t wait to find out if 86336 zip codes outside Sedona city limits are being charged city taxes and franchise fees. Wouldn’t it be astounding if they are and the money needs to be returned? Maybe then the city will prevail upon the generosity of the Chamber of Commerce for financial assistance because they already probably have more stashed away than this city government. Just wonder how much love the Chamber will show the city if and when that day comes. Ha! Karma will bite back. Always happens.

  10. Thought Proctologist aka Deanna T says:

    (Email address deleted by editor)

    ss, I’m baaaaaaack! Who wrote your comment? You sure didn’t. You must have forgotten that J. Rick disclosed your strategy email to Al Comello wherein you proposed tagging your opposition with the “T” Party label even though you don’t even know what the Tea Party is. Keep in mind that you’ve unwittingly hired me to interpret political matters for you as your Thought Proctologist.

  11. Thought Proctologist says:


    My comment above was a reply to Steve Segner.

  12. From Out of State says:

    In searching for potential places to retire we came across Sedona and not because of any chamber of commerce. It was friends that led us to Google Sedona and we found this site.

    It’s weird the interest an incorporated area has in expanding the jurisdiction when clearly it isn’t financially beneficial for the tax collecting entity. If people do stay outside the city limits without contributing to the bed and city taxes, even if they did venture into Sedona wouldn’t they just be day trippers?

    If the Az State laws are being broken why don’t they penalize the culprits? The law stated above is pretty clear what the jurisdiction is as does this article. Curious but definitely based on what we’re reading not a place we would like to call home or even visit for that matter. And no, we are not writers of any other comments so don’t waste time with that accusation.

  13. Wsr says:

    @i see thru you

    Nobody’s cares Head Case….

    FYI SE
    These are all the same person posting under different names…..As you can all see she really is a Head Case

  14. Wsr says:

    Actually upon further inspection

    O man this chick is looney

    I see they you
    Deanne Trio
    Nothing lasts forever

    All the same crazy head posting under different names…..these are your people JRN and AZ aka tea party…..
    A guy with an overblown sense of self and a crazy crazy head case….

  15. The Thought Proctologist says:


    Since you’re a tired old screw and failed hack environmentalist, give it up as a heckler. You’re not only INCAPABLE of writing an originally-researched article, you can’t even function as an effective heckler. With you, it’s just the same old bitch-mode, over and over and over. Learn something new to say, OK? By calling everyone who’s intellectually superior to you a Tea Partier, you’re actually trying to divert readers from recognizing you as a DORR progressive/Marxist. Could you be one of Stalin’s “useful idiots” as he described members of the American and British communist parties who only imagined they were effective? Wsr, in your miserable suffering “do-nothing” financially devoid retirement, you are totally consumed with envy for the successful people who’ve found success in their golden years as writers like Eddie M. and J. Rick and Republican activists like Mike S. and Dwight K. not to mention Sedona’s biggest business names.

  16. Susan P says:

    A perfect explanation of Wsr is a Sockpuppet.

    A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception. The term, a reference to the manipulation of a simple hand puppet made from a sock, originally referred to a false identity assumed by a member of an Internet community who spoke to, or about, themselves while pretending to be another person.[1] The term now includes other misleading uses of online identities, such as those created to praise, defend or support a person or organization,[2] to manipulate public opinion,[3] or to circumvent a suspension or ban from a website. A significant difference between the use of a pseudonym[4] and the creation of a sockpuppet is that the sockpuppet poses as an independent third-party unaffiliated with the puppeteer.

  17. Irv & Sue 2 says:

    What’s really amazing is that most of the outside city limit stuff from the incorporated Sedona is beneficial – like grants, money to non-profits, benefits to members of the regional chamber of commerce, etc. If by chance some 86336 zips are being gouged for city taxes and/or franchise fees, well – isn’t that a fair trade off? Illegal maybe, but fair?

    On the other hand when the city dictates just who it is will haul off our garbage, it will be only legitimate city limit residents receiving those monthly bills over which we will have NO control. This is nuts.

    Does anyone remember when the kids at NAU called Sedona the “Holding Tank to Heaven?” O how that’s changed, now it’s the “Holding Tank to Hell” or more widely known as “Sedona Arizona’s Rip-Off Tourist Trap.” Pity.

  18. Alarmed says:

    As most readers know, the City is subsidizing the regional Chamber of Commerce to the tune of $2.01 Million this year even though the Chamber is a for-profit private membership organization [501(c)(6)] that represents its members. The so-called Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center does not provide referrals for non-member City businesses or permit their brochures.

    Residents and small businesses are without a political voice at City Hall. The Chamber/Lodging Council, other special interests and cronies hold sway. Non-profits on the dole outside the City limits only worsen the travesty.

  19. sharlett says:

    The purpose of this article is spot on! May I please remind you the entire intent of the article is to clearly spell out the boarders of our City of Sedona city limits which translates into the specific duties and responsibilities of our elected council.

    Our Council is Only responsible for all activities within city limits. That being said – I find it curious that the Council continues to fund such large amounts of money to the Sedona Chamber of Commerce without requiring any accountability as to what % of their ads and etc. are spent on business’s outside our city limits and where are the financial benefits divided between both inside city and outside city.

    Or…………..opps…………does that take too much time and energy and as Missy Jennifer always says – she just can’t get it done.


    Anyone running a business (and I assure You readers) knows the Chamber IS a business!!!

  20. J. Rick Normand says:


    Welcome back. We haven’t seen you in quite a while. Thought you and all readers at The Eye might find this interesting…

    Re: Violation of IRS Revenue Rules for IRC 501(c) (6) election taken by the Sedona Chamber of Commerce:

    In determining whether an organization is engaging in activities of a kind ordinarily carried on for profit, it is the NATURE of the business activities that brings them within the category of business activities prohibited by IRC 501 (c) (6). Rev. Rul. 81-174, 1981-1 C.B. 335; Rev. Rul. 81-175, 1981-1 C.B. 337.

    Regardless of whether the Chamber is making a “profit” via the city contract OR NOT, the “NATURE of the business activity” of the Chamber IS, in fact, one “ordinarily carried on for profit.” The rulings above make NO DISTINCTION as to whether a “for-profit” or “non-profit” organization is believed to be more or less capable of turning a profit. What is at issue is whether the activity is ordinarily done for profit, not whether the organization’s activity results in a profit on its books and in its tax return.

    The Chamber’s contract with the City to perform destination marketing services clearly constitutes the Chamber engaging in activity normally carried on for profit by numerous advertising and marketing firms anywhere else in the country. One of the Chamber’s primary sub-contractors is Miles Destinations who is usually a primary DMO with other resort towns who themselves would likely hire Owens-Harkey (the City’s advertising agency) to handle advertising for their (Miles) municipal client. Why are they a subcontractor to the Chamber unless to merely allow the Chamber to put a mark-up on their (Miles, that is) DMO services? Don’t you think that City Staff and Council would have asked themselves this question? Sedona is paying a double mark-up on its DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) contract at taxpayer expense. Sedona is the only major resort town in the country who operates in this way. It’s also the only major resort town that hires its own Chamber of Commerce to provide DMO services. THINK ABOUT IT!


  21. Norma says:

    I wake up every morning and am stunned by the beauty of the red rocks and the forest that surrounds us. Yet the feelings of Sedona losing its beauty and warmth are emerging. When I watch the City Council meetings I hear that the residents don’t contribute. I hear the small businesses don’t add enough. The City doesn’t have enough money. While the citizens say they don’t want the city to control trash, they proceed with this, in order to raise revenue. Yet I see millions of dollars getting thrown around to those outside the city limits. There is no checks or balances on the money coming from the municipality.

    When I moved to Sedona I selected to move into the incorporated area even though it cost me more to do so. I expected a better quality of life, peaceful, inviting and welcoming. I expected the municipality to maintain control, integrity with the focus of City’s health, welfare, and safety. The incorporate area’s residents, businesses, and stakeholders. I heavily invested in incorporated city limits. As I look back it makes me sad that our city has lost its focus while they have enabled special interest groups to instruct and control our city government with no checks or balances.

    Our city has become enablers. While the residents that do contribute get thrown to the side by the biggest mouths – special interests. Those special interests routinely abuse this website; accusing everyone of being someone they’re not. Regardless of what anyone says Sedona is not the peaceful, exclusive location for living or visiting. It has become a cash cow for special interests. One group alone, whose members are primary outside the city limits get in excess of $35,000 a week! That is just the membership of the chamber. There is much more money than that being handed out to the special interests. Totaling around $58,000 a WEEK!

    Numbers dollars speak for themselves. There are no checks and balances.

  22. Jerry, Sedona City Limits says:

    Thank you J Rick Normand for citing specific state laws to be considered during this ongoing siege of questionable activities with incorporated Sedona and the regional Chamber of Commerce. You bring up subcontracting with the ad agency in Phoenix, Owens-Harkey. Does anyone else recall one of the partners in that firm contributed $1,000 to the 2014 campaign fund for Sandra Moriarty? Which, incidentally, Ms. Moriarty in a recent article in the Red Rock News when reviewing her priorities as the unchallenged candidate for Mayor, she gives accolades to the Chamber of Commerce for pledging almost a half-million dollars to benefit the research on traffic congestion. How generous of them. And just what is the source of that funding, City Council and Staff? Way overdue for an authentic, legitimate financial audit of transactions between this City of Sedona and the regional Chamber of Commerce.

  23. @Jerry, Sedona City Limits says:

    If it’s the same article you mention (RRNews Friday 8/19/16, “Moriarty: There’s still more work to do”) she brags about having passed an ordinance to allow alcohol on city property with proper permitting. Way to go, city council. By doing that you are encouraging special interest groups to compete with local businesses – bars and restaurants who actually contribute to city revenue. This also holds true by paying Red Earth Theatre group to use the city owned facility, formerly Teen Center, now The Hub, which allows groups that would otherwise likely seek out commercial venues that again, by city ordinance, would be required to contribute to the tax base not to mention that city property should be leased by outsiders, not the other way around. This is plain and utter stupidity when the other shoe that drops is one noisily yammering for methods to acquire new sources of income for gee – silly things – such as mitigating traffic and improving drainage! Mismanagement in depth, is what needs to be improved, Madam Mayor. Wise up.

  24. VOTE says:

    If you haven’t already done so, VOTE – TOMORROW – Tuesday, August 30th.

    If you find the current policy to your liking, that is to have incorporated city of Sedona distribute precious city tax dollars throughout the Verde Valley, then vote to retain the three incumbents: John Martinez, Jessica Williamson, and the appointed Tom Lamkin. They will also love to dictate who picks up your garbage and how much you will be paying for that exclusive service.

    However, if you prefer CHANGE, then vote for new faces: John Currivan, Joe Vernier, and Gerhard Mayer who have pledged to avoid monopoly, retain competition, and protect our freedom of choice.

    Also important. If you wish to continue being gouged on your monthly utility bills, then vote for the continuation of the FRANCHISE FEE. However, your service will not be discontinued if you vote NO for this added charge to your bills.

  25. Facts and Fiction says:

    Confused? It’s possible a detailed explanation offered under the SedonaEye.com article City Limits 101 may be helpful: sedonaeye.com/sedona-city-limits-101-with-eddie-maddock/ […]http://sedonaeye.com/eddie-maddock-facts-and-fiction/

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