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Poco Diablo McGuire on Selfies and a new Auntie

SedonaEye.com Star Pet Columnist Poco Diablo McGuire

Sedona AZ (February 6, 2018) – Well ya’ll never guess what happened. A good friend of Mom’s paid us a visit. Now bein’ still sort of the new kid on the block hadn’t heerd of this LaRae person. Used to live here, so goes the story, but like many of Mom’s and Harley McGuire’s friends, seemed some of ’em have moved on out. But the times when they come for a visit are special fer Mom and, yep, me too.

So, along comes this pretty lady pickin’ up my Mommy in a bee-you-teeful red sports car and off they went – to eat brakefast. Seems they had a yen fer an egg, crispy bacon, and, of all things, Belchum Waffels? A holy cow would have been better than Belchum Waffels, specially on a Sonday!

Anyways, after they stuffed themselves elsewhere, they comed home ta visit. Course my greetin’ offer was the usual heel-bite but got only one nip in afore Mom leashed me up! Yup – works every time but no way was ah prepped for what was to come. The purdy LaRae lady sat in a chair and Mom picked me up and put me on her lap! Can ya imagine? Me? So boldly put on a stranger’s lap without so much as even asking my premission?  Well, then Mom ‘splained this was one of Harley McGuire’s Auntie Friends with used ta be two kitty cats, Chip’n Dale, and they were great fans of my late bro, Harley McGuire.

Oh for heavens sake, mom an auntie LaRae! What’s a 4 Paws Up kinda guy to do? Yep, you got it….Say Cheeze…not!

Well, sadly ‘nuf Chip’s partner, Dale, same as Harley McGuire, took a trip over that Rainbow Bridge, so now Auntie LaRae has Just Chip to keep her company in her new home in Caleefornya. And Just Chip has kindly offered an occasional comment on my new not-so-hot efforts to make reports on this Eye of Sedona. But, there’s been a problem. Auntie LaRae tells us she no longer gets her prescription notices or some such thing as reminders of the vast information offered on this Eye Peace. Ain’t that a shame? Mom’s heerd that from others two, so what’s up, Edtior/Publisher? Did prescriptions spire? Same as Harley McGuire & Dale?

So what came next? Well, of all things – some weird event called “Selfies.” Sittin’ there half on and half off Auntie’s lap, she held out some little thingy and between it, Auntie, and me some of the results of what came out of that magical little gajet will be shown  with this update of my very intresting life, but of course, only if the Eye Editor can figure ’em out.

Natchrully ah wan’t bout to corporate. Why should I spoil my rep and do that? No way was Ah gonna perk up mah ears. And the growly image wasn’t as it seems. Auntie just captured a reely special moment , same as the one wif mah tung sticken out.

Hope you will injoy seein’ them. Now that it’s over seems only fittin’ to let y’all know I jes LUVED the attension – specially when Mom fetched a cuppla treats to try and make me behave. After all, ya know ah’s been on a diet and t’was bout time to be treated with a bit of respect. Auntie LaRae will be back again and they talked bout next time gettin’ them eggs, bacon, and Belchum Waffels to bring home ta eat. Ya no what that might mean? Plates ta lick? Oh, ah can only dream and hope for such good fortune.

Adios Amigos & Amigas
Poco Diablo McGuire

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  1. Tony Tonsich says:

    “Belchum Waffles.” Too cute.

    Must. Have. Belchum. Waffles. It’s going there with Onyums, and Baboons for balloons.

  2. Boo & Napoleon says:

    Sweet story! Glad your having fun pal. Love u!!!

  3. Just Chip says:

    Poco, mom doesn’t take Selfies with me?????? She used to take pictures of Dale and me long time ago, how do you rate?

    I am glad you met my mom, she keeps me fed and watered and the litter box clean, so no complaints Glad you did not bite through her boot, I think she was prepared for you. She just wants to be your friend!!!!!

    Next time have my mom bring some of those “Belchum Waffles” back to Caleefornya, I want to at least smell them. You can lick the plates, and your mom can put them back in the cupboard when you are done! Job sharing!

    Thank you for taking care of my mom, I am glad she is back. Those little boys that came around to check on me do not have the right kind of lap to nap on (:

    Hugs and Hisses – Just Chip

  4. Poco D. says:

    Wowzers – never spected ya’ll ta take note of me humble words. Tanks ever s’much. And guess what? Yestaday was evn better! Mom took me to da bank (treat time) then Pet Smart (more treat time) – but bestest yet, she wanted ta sign a petition to save our wild animal friends so guess where we went (meaning me too). Well – of all places to da beeyouteeful place named after me (but afore mah time) – We went to POCO DIABLO!!!!! Yes, indeedy, to dat loverly spot close by where we sat in da lobby and that nice lady, Jill, petted me the whole time while Mom signed the dealy to let folks vote to stop mean people from fun-killing and trappin’ our wild pussycats and other forest friends. Now, is that cool or what? When the wolves have their show at Poco Diablo in April that petition will be on hand for others to sign, too. Hope ya all step up and do your jobs!

    Poco Diablo McGuire

  5. Bambi & Thumper says:

    We are ever so happy to hear of the effort to stop trapping and other nonsense murders of our forest friends. However, it would be equally pleasing if a similar process would be put in motion to prevent further intrusion by laser lighting into our surroundings for the selfish pleasure of a few opportunists. It is very scary for us – not only the events themselves but the testing of the lights prior to the main events.

    Please – no more.

    Thank you,
    Bambi & Thumper

  6. Buster says:

    Hey Poco D – good to know you’re still around, Pal. And mostly lets hear it for our wild-life friends. It’s been so very, very dry this year and many of them have little to no drinking water. Then to think the fellers and gals critters have even been aggravated by unwanted and scary lights shining on their homes in the forest. Many of us furry pets already know how scary it is when that awful 4th of July time comes around and we get sort of the same fright except with loud booms and stuff. Let’s hope you concerned folks there will also take steps to let those in charge no you’re mad as hell and ain’t gonna take it no more.

    Cheers, Buddy, from Buster

  7. Clyde-the-gato says:

    Southern accent for a Chihuahua? No, Uncle Jeff says you have to have the correct accent. This breed of dog is from Mexico and has to have a Mexican accent, no? Si? Maybe? This is of course from Clyde-the-puss, feline friend from Los Angeles. Uncle Jeff and Aunt Karin loved the piece, as always, by tthe way.

  8. Poco's Mommy says:

    Well, “Clyde-the-gato” on behalf of Poco Diablo the only explanation for his southern accent is because he received his writing skills from his former brother, Harley McGuire. Now please – do not ask where Harley acquired his writing style. After all, he was around five or six years old when he came to live with me. And little Poco just turned five last November. Hope that helps ease your concern:-).

  9. Auntie Martha says:

    Poco I enjoyed reading your adventures with having company and meeting a new auntie. You do have a wonderful way with words.

  10. Mojo & Nikki says:

    Well Poco, sounds like you had a good time with your new Aunt…we just can’t figure out why anyone would leave Sedona for California. We love hearing about all the new events in your life. You will notice this isn’t from Linus as he has gone over the bridge to the rainbow. We miss him and although he can’t be replaced, there is still room on the bed (along with Mom, Pop & us) for a new small 4 pawer.
    Love your articles….keep ’em coming.
    Love, Nikki & Mojo

  11. Poco to Mojo & Nikki says:

    Oh no so sad about the loss of your dear Linus. But it’s a lucky thing for the new small 4 pawer that will soon occupy that missing spot on the bed. There ain’t no more room on our bed cuz my 8 lbs hog the whole thing and Mom has one foot on the edge of it. Of course, if only we had Harley McGuire back – he could have the whole bed or anything else his heart desired. After all – it’s cuz of him I’m here!

    Adios Pals,
    Poco D.

  12. Frisky's Mom & Pop says:

    We remember reading about Harley McGuire. And that’s when we decided to get our own rescue dog thus becoming Frisky’s Mom & Pop. As we recall, Harley McGuire was adopted from a rescue place in Texas? If our memory is correct then maybe that’s where the southern accent came from and was passed onto little Poco Diablo McGuire?? (we love that name)

  13. @Frisky's Mom & Pop says:

    You are correct. After a lengthy process, Harley McGuire was adopted from the Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue, location: Sugarland, Texas. That was in April of 2007 and he was estimated to be approximately five years old at the time.

    Still miss him like crazy.

    Harley & Poco’s Mommy

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