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More Sedona Whole Foods with the Sedona Eye

Brent Maupin and VOC friend, Meg Downs

VOC resident Meg Downs and friend talk Whole Foods shopping experiences

Sedona AZ (November 22, 2014)Earlier this year, New Frontiers Natural Marketplace, sold all but one of its grocery chain stores to the Texas-based Whole Foods Market grocery chain. Two weeks ago, the new Sedona Whole Foods Market held a Grand Re-Opening from Wednesday, November 5 through Sunday, November 9. Same location, different name, now one of 399 chain stores.

On Grand Opening Wednesday, the first fifty attendees received a $5 gift card and a commemorative, reusable shopping bag filled with healthy snacks and treats. Two of our readers stopped by on Saturday and each received a gift card toward the purchase of a box of Sedona Tea Blends and another tasty local treat, Mild Cashew Tamales. Made and packaged in Rimrock, the cashew tamales were a collaboration between Whole Foods and Rimrock resident Soon Chin to refine and market a line of organic Asian inspired foods. Chin joins Tucson-based Isabella’s Ice Cream and Phoenix’s Laughing Giraffe Organics on Whole Foods shelves.

whole foods soon

Soon Chin

Saturday shoppers met rescued animals during a Whole Foods sponsored Sedona Humane Society Adoption BBQ fundraiser. Many of SedonaEye.com Four Paws Up Star Pet Columnist Harley McGuire’s pals desperately want and need loving homes and are impatiently awaiting you at the SHS shelter in west Sedona. Harley McGuire asks that you open hearts and homes by adopting a lifelong pal. Not from Sedona? You will find reputable animal shelters and or rescue societies throughout the country.

By the way, the Sedona Humane Society fundraiser featured the crowd-pleasing band, Eleventh Hour. Tapping toes to the music, visitor Nicole David of Prescott Valley, Arizona, laughingly asked, “Where else in Sedona can I get a dollar burger with live entertainment?”

Now let’s talk inside! Whole Foods fresh fish counter features responsibly farmed fish and wild caught fish from the sea, and never sells out of season seafood. All of its wild caught seafood is certified or rated for ecological sustainability. Whole Foods sells harpooned and hooked fish, but never fish caught by nets which are known to kill or entangle other sea life such as dolphins. If the seafood doesn’t measure up, Whole Foods promises not to sell it.

whole foods 5After a Cottonwood shopper shared an unconfirmed rumor that a local fish farm may be in the planning stages for Page Springs, Whole Foods Sonja Brown explained that Whole Foods purchases salmon from Icelandic ocean farms, in keeping with its wild and responsibly ocean farmed guidelines. Whole Foods guidelines require its farmed fish be farmed not in inland ponds, but in the ocean itself, where the flow of ocean currents requires fish to swim normally and may not be fed artificial coloring, only natural foods similar to open sea sources. At the seafood counter, ask four-year employee Cindy Hallett for a handout called Seafood Watch, credited to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Foundation, which explains Best Choices, Good Alternatives and fish to avoid.

Did you know that Europe can sell animals killed by lead shot to consumers? Whole Foods will not accept those meat imports for sale. Krow Dykes, a former New Frontiers employee, explained Whole Foods impact on meat imports, a market often without the stringent standards and rating systems of America or Whole Foods. He also discussed how Whole Foods beef is also responsibly managed and how Whole Foods grades its fresh beef using a 5-Step Animal Welfare system. At the Hearst Ranch on the California coast, Whole Foods cattle live outdoors, eat grass, and are not treated with growth hormones or antibiotics like most commercial cattle operations and feed lots. Good to know, Mr. Dykes.

whole foods 2Stop by the fresh fish and meat counters to learn more from Krow Dykes, Chris Mitchell, and Ken Proctor of the Whole Foods staff, all quite knowledgeable about Whole Foods responsibly grown and food sustainability programs. For more information on how the Whole Foods manages the quality of its food, visit www.wholefoodsmarket.com/values-matter”.

When asked, local shoppers rated their Whole Foods experience as “wonderful” and “about time.” Local architect Paul Overman was spotted having lunch at the Whole Foods Cafe and stated, “I’m beyond thrilled we have a Whole Foods!” Margann Lim, visiting from the Phoenix area, enjoyed the wine tasting, but Richard Mendoza of Los Angeles earns the Whole Foods devotee award – he was on his fifth visit to the salad bar in five days, saying he couldn’t find any place in Sedona healthier or better!

One surprise for this reporter was finding a wine and beer department, something not seen in the former New Frontiers store, although New Frontiers did sell wine and beer in other locations. A Wilcox, Arizona, vineyard was well-represented on the Whole Foods shelves after meeting its eco-friendly harvesting and bio sulfate free ingredient demands.

whole foods 13Let me add that finding a clothing section featuring organic and bamboo options was yet another surprise, one that many shoppers seemed to enjoy.

The much smaller health and well-being products department, with many popular Sedona holistic favorites and organic go-to’s no longer available, was immediately questioned. The reason given for the diminished size? Whole Foods requires products that make an organic claim (e.g. “Organic Shampoo”) be certified to the USDA Organic Standard at the 95% level. Products making a “Made with organic ______” claim must be certified to the USDA Organic Standards at the 70% level, and products making a “Contains Organic Ingredients” claim must be certified to the NSF 305 Organic Personal Care Product Standard. Many of the former New Frontiers shelved products failed Whole Foods litmus test, certification by an accredited third party that products meet “organic” claims. Whole Foods Marketing director, Sabrina Pierson, assures that new products will be added periodically, so watch the shelves and direct specific product questions to store management.

whole foods 16Often many of us simply do not like change and, at times, I find myself to be in that category. Since our first article in this three part series, we have received many comments from SedonaEye.com readers about the Whole Foods Market in Sedona, mostly positive but a few negative. We’ve asked Whole Foods to address a few of the comments in our final article.

Thus far, my experience shopping and interviewing Whole Foods employees earns two thumbs up! When asked, the former New Frontiers workers pointed to Whole Foods paid health and wellness employee incentive programs, excellent food service training, and increased pay and job opportunities.

While its larger corporate structure may seem less “personal,” Whole Foods offers industry clout promoting organics and sustainability on supermarket shelves, a consumer market that producers and growers rely on today. Be sure to read the next in the SedonaEye.com series as we delve more into Sedona’s new Whole Foods Market.

For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!

For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!


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  4. Amazon buys Whole Foods, creating the world’s largest marketplace of untested health products contaminated with heavy metals and pesticides says:

    Amazon buys Whole Foods, creating the world’s largest marketplace of untested health products contaminated with heavy metals and pesticides


  5. NA, Cottonwood says:

    OLDDDD people go WF Sedona > WF deli &bar place to meet 1000 yos like in pix^ they feel fruit for fix > Sedona vibe drag throwing shade

  6. Laughing My Ars Off says:

    Where the elite meet in Sedona. This latest transaction proves justice prevails. Who is next? C of C?

  7. Kelly Ryan, Houston TX says:

    Wall Street say it’s about Amazon getting into pharma biz, this begins the process for them, smart management. No one cares about organics, not going to make money as food becomes GMO/hybrid, but pharmaceuticals is the Mother Lode.

    Enjoyed several articles this visit.

  8. Buy your food from the CIA says:

    Buy your food from the CIA: Amazon buys Whole Foods

    by Jon Rappoport

    June 19, 2017

    When Amazon boss and billionaire Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post in 2013, he also had an ongoing $600 million contract to provide cloud computing services to the CIA. That meant the Washington Post, which already had a long history of cooperation with the CIA, renewed their wedding vows with the Agency and doubled down on the alliance.

    By any reasonable standard of journalism, the Post should preface every article about the CIA, or article sourced from the CIA, with a conflict of interest admission: TAKE THIS PIECE WITH A FEW GIANT GRAINS OF SALT, BECAUSE OUR NEWSPAPER IS OWNED BY A MAN WHO HAS A HUGE CONTRACT TO PROVIDE SERVICES TO THE CIA.

    Now Bezos and his company, Amazon, have bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. Whole Foods is the premier retailer of “natural” foods in America.

    The degree of profiling of Whole Foods customers will increase by a major factor. Amazon/CIA will be able to deploy far more sophisticated algorithms in that regard.

    It’s no secret that many Whole Foods customers show disdain for government policies on agribusiness, health, medicine, and the environment. Well, that demographic is of great interest to the Deep State, for obvious reasons. And the Deep State will now be able to analyze these customers in finer detail.

    At the same time, the Amazon retail powerhouse will exercise considerable control over the food supply, since it will be selling huge numbers of food products to the public. Amazon will have new relationships with all the farmers Whole Foods has been using as suppliers.


    Then there is this. The CIA has its own private company, called In-Q-Tel, which was founded in 1999 to pour investment money into tech outfits that could develop new ways to facilitate “data collection,” and service other CIA needs. In-Q-Tel, Jeff Bezos, and Amazon are connected. For example, here is a 2012 article from technologyreview.com:

    “Inside a blocky building in a Vancouver suburb, across the street from a dowdy McDonald’s, is a place chilled colder than anywhere in the known universe. Inside that is a computer processor that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and the CIA’s investment arm, In-Q-Tel, believe can tap the quirks of quantum mechanics to unleash more computing power than any conventional computer chip. Bezos and In-Q-Tel are in a group of investors who are betting $30 million on this prospect…”

    Nextgov.com described the deal this way: “Canadian company D-Wave Systems raised $30 million to develop quantum computing systems. Bezos Expeditions, the personal investment company of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and CIA venture capital arm In-Q-Tel participated in the latest funding round, the firm announced. The company’s quantum computing technology seeks to speed up data-crunching. If successful, the technology could aid automated intelligence gathering and analysis.”

    Yes, automated intelligence gathering and analysis are exactly what outfits like Amazon and the CIA need for profiling the public. Other companies who have purchased products from D-Wave Systems? Goldman Sachs and Lockheed Martin. Let’s see: Amazon, CIA, Goldman, Lockheed—a formidable collection of Deep State players.

    “Buy your food from the purest natural retailer in the world, the CIA. Oops, I mean Amazon. Oops, I mean Whole Foods.”


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