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Felecia Rotellini – Candidate for Attorney General – Arizona – Democrat (Primary)

SEDONA AZ–“The big issue for me is keeping Arizona families safe; in their homes, on the streets and in their dealings with government,” Felecia Rotellini said. “I want to prosecute the crimes that hurt Arizona the most, consumer and financial fraud, and elder fraud where the scammers persecute the elderly. I want to focus on a statewide level on financial fraud, and create an elder affairs unit in the consumer protection section. We can create a place where the Arizona citizen can call in with concerns or complaints and the Attorney General’s office can direct them to the right folks, whether it is a concern that is criminal or an adult protective issue, the citizens can call the office, and get assistance.” said Primary candidate for Attorney General Felecia Rotellini.

Democratic candidate Rotellini  believes that border security is important because Arizona is the corridor for the human and drug trafficking between Mexico and the United States. Rotellini said further, “We are ground zero for illegal immigration and drug smuggling. I want to work with all layers of law enforcement to fight the drug cartels and human smugglers.”

Democrat candidate Rotellini believes Arizona needs to make sure that we are stronger and more efficient than the criminals coming across who are profiting from the chaos. She intends to continue Terry Goddard’s work in stopping the cash flow to human and drug smugglers and worked on the case against Western Union, which was successful in proving that the smugglers were using Western Union to move funds and together they succeeded in using the award to create a $60 million fund that is used to fight drug smuggling.

Candidate Rotellini added, “And you need a real prosecutor that can do that. I am the only one that has been a prosecutor who has put criminals behind bars in Arizona, the only one who can get the job done.”

Felecia Rotellini intends to coordinate with agencies and focus on the worst criminals. “When I ran the Department of Financial Institutions, I created a mortgage fraud investigation in 2006. We looked at the lending fraud, equity skimming, artificial inflation, and worked with all the regulators of industries that were involved. We started sharing information, helping law enforcement in showing how it was fraud for profit and in 2008 with Operation Cash Back, we were successful.”

Arizona Attorney General candidate Rotellini added, “‘It was the first wave of prosecution of mortgage fraud in the country, and at the time no one was investigating it. We in Arizona were the first. I had started working with HUD and the FBI, and we did it because no one was looking at that issue.  After 9/ 11 the FBI disbanded their financial fraud task force so there was a real need for that. I think that is why I received the endorsement of the Arizona Association of Realtors because we were successful in getting prosecutions against dishonest and fraudulent lending.”

For more information go to www.feleciaforarizona.com  and frotellini@zglawgroup.com

Article written by Joni Dahlstrom, sedonaeye.com Staff Writer  JoniD@eSedona.net  Sedona Times Publishing Election Central  c 2010


  1. Mari Rose Thomas says:

    It’s nice to see a candidate with the experience to take on Andy Thomas. We need an attorney general who will fight criminals, not political foes.

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