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Election Central 2016: City of Sedona City Council

City of Sedona Council Chamber

City of Sedona Council Chamber

Sedona AZ (July 19, 2016) – This evening the League of Women Voters Greater Verde Valley, co-sponsored by the Sedona Chamber of Commerce, will be sponsoring a nonpartisan primary Election Forum with the 2016 Sedona City Council candidates at the Sedona Public Library, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., 3250 White Bear Road, Sedona, Arizona. Five of the seven seats on the Sedona City Council are up for election this year with the Mayor’s two-year seat, three four-year Council seats, and one two-year Council seat. The primary election is Tuesday, August 30, 2016.

Running unopposed for reelection as Sedona’s Mayor is Sandy Moriarty. Retired Sedona Police Chief Joe Vernier and former Planning & Zoning Commissioner John Currivan are challenging the city’s incumbent Councilwoman Jessica Williamson and newly-appointed Vice Mayor John Martinez for the three open four-year seats. Current Planning & Zoning Commissioner Gerhard Mayer and recently appointed interim Councilman Tom Lamkin are vying for the special election two-year seat from an unfulfilled four-year term.

Going into this weeks Election Forum at the Sedona Public Library, each candidate was given the same structured questions below to complete, in an attempt to provide some general background information for this readership before the event:

  • Name:
  • Campaign Slogan:
  • Occupation:
  • Education:
  • Elective and Advisory Experience:
  • Civic Affiliations:
  • Years in Arizona/Sedona?
  • Why are you running for Sedona City Council?
  • What do you think separates you from the other candidates?
  • What’s the most important contribution you’ll make to the City of Sedona during your prospective term?
  • What are the most pertinent issues facing the City of Sedona?

The Challengers:

Gerhard Mayer

Sedona AZ Gerhard Mayer

Gerhard Mayer

Two-year Council seat

Campaign Slogan: Ready to Serve the Community

Occupation: General Residential and Commercial Contractor and Designer

Education: High school, Academy of Arts Industrial Design and Sculpture, Austria

Elective and Advisory Experience:


Press Office of the Peoples Party in Vienna, Austria
Member of Mayor Rob Adams Economic Steering Committee
Parks & Recs Commissioner City of Sedona
Member of the Sedona Community Update Committee
Member of the Outreach Sub Committee at Sedona Community Update Committee
Member of the DELLS GROUP

CURRENT: Planning & Zoning Commissioner

Civic Affiliations: Arizonan Austrian Society

Years in Arizona/Sedona? 33 Years

Why are you running for Sedona City Council?  The Citizen need someone on the council who will listen, represents the interest of the residential and business community to benefit Sedona, responsible spending and a balanced budget = no to City Property Taxes, wants City government to stay out of services which are better and more efficiently run by private businesses. My professional past in the hospitality business (Owner and Chef of an INN in Ireland), as PR Manager, Advertising Dept. Manager and TV reporter and business consultant for foreign Solar Companies proves that I am able to master any challenge and bring the skills to look at issues, problems with an open mind. I have lived in Sweden, Ireland, Germany, Jamaica and of course in Austria but no where as long as in Sedona.

It is my home, met my wife, raised my children here and made my living here, I want to make sure that future generations have the same opportunities and quality of life to live in the most beautiful place on earth. If elected I will base my decision on these principles.

What do you think separates you from the other candidates? I am willing to listen. I am against spending $ 70,000 for a Trash Hauling consultant service which the majority of citizen don’t want. Not to forget that I am the most qualified and experienced Candidate and endorsed by former Vice Mayor Mark DiNunzio.

What’s the most important contribution you’ll make to the City of Sedona during your prospective term? Decisions based on Community Sense, bring creativity and problem solving skills to the council, able to think out of the box.

What are the most pertinent issues facing the City of Sedona? TRASH, Traffic and steady increase of the City Budget.

John Currivan

John Currivan

John Currivan

Four-year Council seat

Campaign Slogan: Dedicated, Candid, Principled

Occupation: Retired. Former tax lawyer with a global law firm, with focus on small business planning. Former US Navy Commander – served as a jet pilot, a JAG lawyer, and a judge. Former adjunct professor of law, Case Western Reserve University.

Education: Law degree, Cornell University (summa cum laude). Masters degrees in electrical engineering and aeronautical systems.

Elective and Advisory Experience: Served three years on Sedona’s Planning and Zoning Commission. Served on Sedona’s Programs Working Team, which helped present the Community Plan to the public, and on the City’s Design Review Work Group. Treasurer and Finance Chairman of a large condominium association, 16 years.

Civic Affiliations: I am a member of two nonprofit organizations: Sedona Westerners (hiking) and Red Rock Rovers (Jeeping).

Years in Arizona/Sedona? Married in Sedona 20 years ago. Property owners in the City since 2003, bought current house in 2009, full-time residents since 2012.

Why are you running for Sedona City Council?
I am running to bring common sense to City Council. That includes certain core principles, such as listening to the people, limiting the growth of government, protecting freedom of choice, and controlling spending. My years on the Planning and Zoning Commission taught me that P&Z generally makes recommendations rather than decisions. To make a difference, I need to be on City Council.

What do you think separates you from the other candidates? What separates me from all the other candidates is my background in engineering and law, which has provided me with important analytical skills. As to the incumbent candidates two differences come to mind. One is my belief that the City Council needs to listen to the will of the people – see “Trash hauling” below for an example. The second is a sense of urgency. I have seen a trend on the Council to postpone important decisions, sometimes by over analysis. My background helps me to quickly analyze complex problems, to come up with sensible solutions, and to build consensus.

What’s the most important contribution you’ll make to the City of Sedona during your prospective term? I hope to be a leading force in solving our traffic problems. I am optimistic, yet realistic. Making progress on this issue will require leadership and diplomacy to bring the right people to the table, including key players from the County, the Village, and the Forest Service.

What are the most pertinent issues facing the City of Sedona? Three issues:

•Traffic: This is an issue that threatens our quality of life. Sedona needs less talk and more action toward finding solutions. We must consider approaches outside our city limits. We must not let the new traffic study simply join prior studies on a shelf at City Hall.

•Trash hauling: This shouldn’t even be an issue, but Council has brought it to center stage by trying to impose a one-size-fits-all approach. Council needs to listen to the will of Sedona residents. Rather than expanding the size of our city government and creating a monopoly, this decision should be left to individual owners.

•Spending: We need to save more and spend less. This includes limiting the growth of our City government. I will apply my financial and business experience to ensure that our tax dollars are spent wisely.

Joe Vernier

Joe Vernier

Joe Vernier

Four-year Council seat

Campaign Slogan: None

Occupation: Retired

Education: Bachelor of Science, business management, Regis University

Elective and Advisory Experience: No past elective experience.

Advisory Experience: Past Governor’s appointee to the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board. Arizona Senate appointments to the Senate Sentencing Commission and the Senate Cold Crimes Task Force. Past chairman of Yavapai County Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking (PANT). Past chairman of the Northern Arizona Regional Training Academy Users Group, past president of the Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police and Boys and Girls Club of Northern Arizona. Big Brothers/Big Sisters Advisory Board; Trauma Intervention Program Advisory Board; Methamphetamine Task Force (MATForce); Greater Sedona Area Substance Abuse Coalition.

Civic Affiliations: Rotary International, FBI National Academy Associates.

Years in Arizona/Sedona? Seventeen/Seventeen

Why are you running for Sedona City Council?
I have lived, worked and played in Sedona after moving from Colorado to serve as Sedona’s police chief from 1999 – 2010. I love the natural beauty of our area and all of the treasure Sedona has to offer. I am grateful for all of the wonderful experiences and especially the friendships that I have made during my time here in Sedona. After I retired from my service with the City of Sedona, I chose to remain here because I fell in love with the City and the people living, working and visiting here. With all of the blessings that Sedona has brought to my life, I wanted the opportunity to give something back. Serving on City Council gives me the opportunity to do that.

What do you think separates you from the other candidates?
Forty-one years of successful service in municipal and state government. I have a management background, law enforcement background, knowledge of the budgeting process and experience working with groups and individuals not only in Sedona, but all over the Verde Valley and the State of AZ. I believe in and care about Sedona and all that it has to offer to its residents and visitors. I am confident that I can work with my Council constituents to make a positive difference in the quality of life for those living in and visiting Sedona.

What’s the most important contribution you’ll make to the City of Sedona during your prospective term? Doing my best to do the right thing for Sedona’s citizens at the right time for the right reasons.

What are the most pertinent issues facing the City of Sedona? Traffic congestion. Developing and keeping a robust economy while balancing quality of life challenges for local residents. Preserving and enhancing our existing infrastructure that contributes to public safety. Working for fiscal responsibility and sustainable budgets for the future through sound fiscal management and meeting the challenges of unfunded mandates coupled with uncertain revenue sources.

The Incumbents:

Tom Lamkin

Tom Lamkin

Tom Lamkin

Two-year Council seat

Campaign Slogan: “Lamkin Listens” is the primary campaign slogan with a secondary slogan of “Prosperity Through Preservation”

Occupation: Retired (previous occupation was in computer technology sales and management)

Education: Bachelor of Arts (English Major)

Elective and Advisory Experience: I have not been elected to any official public office nor acted as an advisor in regard to any formal political campaign. I have previously run for the position of City of Sedona City Councilor in the 2014 election and have been appointed to the City of Sedona City Council by the City of Sedona City Council to act as the interim City Councilor filling the position vacated by previous City Councilor, Angela LeFevre.

Civic Affiliations: I am currently a volunteer City of Sedona Park Ranger and have been over the last two years. I am also president of the local Sedona – Bell Rock Kiwanis Club.

Years in Arizona/Sedona? I have visited Sedona for the past twenty-three (23) years, lived in Scottsdale for about a decade and moved to Sedona and bought a home here over three and a half years ago.

Why are you running for Sedona City Council? I am running to fulfill what I believe is my civic duty to support the City of Sedona while making the best decisions possible to serve the citizens of Sedona.

What do you think separates you from the other candidates? In this election I only have one opponent, but I do not see him as an opponent. I see him as another citizen willing to give of his time for his community. I will leave it up to the citizens of Sedona to determine our differences and which of us the voters prefer to serve them. However, while I do not approve of disparaging other candidates, I will tell you about myself. I believe the strength I can bring to Council lies in my ability to approach a problem, determine the root cause(s) of the problem, develop potential solutions to the problem, understand the impact of the solutions and possible downstream effects and then present and/or discuss this information with the public. Then after input from the public and considerable additional discussion, I will vote giving such input a heavy weighting, making a final decision that I believe will best serve the people of Sedona.

I also have the ability to assist in making process improvements that should result in more efficient and effective workflow that results in greater productivity while reducing cost of operations within the City of Sedona administrative offices. I think the key lies in listening to any and all residents in order to really hear their concerns and possible solutions. I am a good listener and am willing to listen! Thus my slogan, “Lamkin Listens”.

What’s the most important contribution you’ll make to the City of Sedona during your prospective term? The first thing I will do is to make sure to do no harm. As a recently appointed City Councilor, my position has afforded me a privileged insight not seen by most citizens. It is my perception that the City of Sedona is in a fairly good place. At the moment it appears fiscally sound and has an approved Community Plan and a competent City Staff of capable and committed public servants. You may not agree with everything that is being done, but there is a plan and it is being followed. I hope to encourage more citizens to become involved in our City and my contribution will be to do whatever is possible to make sure that what is focused upon are the things most important to its citizens and that those things are in the right priority sequence and proceed at a reasonable pace and in a responsible manner.

I think that I can also bring some balance to the City Council that it could use to enhance the overall decision process. I think a City Council composed of different people does the best job of representing the overall mix of residents. For example, I do not feel that seven Councilors that are all analytical and unemotional are a good idea, just as I do not feel that seven highly emotionally reactive Councilors are best. Rather I believe a mix of some Councilors that are passionate making decisions by gut feel and some that are more analytical using a different decision process and having some Councilors that best understand the history and culture of Sedona could make for a more expansive and representative group that leverage the strengths of each other to arrive at decisions best suited for all of Sedona.

What are the most pertinent issues facing the City of Sedona? I can give you two perspectives, my own and that of the City of Sedona. And many overlap with some slight differences. The real issue may be in the time it takes to address which ones and the potential costs involved. Historically my understanding is that traffic and tourism are at the top and intertwined. I have spoken with people who want Sedona to go back to the way things were and get rid of the tourists which they believe cause all of the traffic. I have spoken with others that want to see economic growth and increased tourism to drive more business and capital improvements. There are also those who want to see a better balance of both to varying degrees and control it in a way that may freeze things as they are now or in a variety of ways in the future. I hope to bring all together to discuss ideas that lead to a solution based upon collaboration and cooperation rather than comments that tend to lead to division and polarization. Working against each other only results in votes that swing completely one way or the other over time. Such action only causes unnecessary delays with attendant confusing policy reversals that breed animosity leading to more of the same. While avoiding that may be our most pertinent issue, rest assured that I will work with Council to address traffic and tourism issues already in process.

Jessica Williamson

Jessica Williamson

Jessica Williamson

Four-year Council seat

Campaign Slogan: Proudly representing all of Sedona

Occupation: Retired

Education: B.A.

Elective and Advisory Experience: Sedona City Council, Sedona Housing Commission

Civic Affiliations:

Years in Arizona/Sedona? 13 years in Sedona

Why are you running for Sedona City Council? I am running for re-election because I care about Sedona, I want to represent the interests of all the people in the community, and I want to make a positive difference in determining our future.

What do you think separates you from the other candidates?
I am effective, decisive, and practical. I work hard to learn as much as I can about the issues before making a decision.

What’s the most important contribution you’ll make to the City of Sedona during your prospective term? I bring a different perspective and am willing and able to make difficult decisions.

What are the most pertinent issues facing the City of Sedona? Traffic, sustainable tourism, funding for capital projects, supporting arts and culture.

John Martinez

John Martinez

John Martinez

Four-year Council seat

Campaign Slogan: Continue Sedona’s Greatness

Occupation: Retired, 40 years in Accounting & Manufacturing environment ConAgra Foods, current Vice-Mayor of Sedona

Education: CSU, Long Beach

Elective and Advisory Experience: 2010 Budget Oversight Committee, City of Sedona Councilman, recently appointed City of Sedona Vice Mayor

Civic Affiliations: Fundraising Chair for the Vietnam Wall, Treasurer Verde Valley Coalition Against Human Trafficking, have given 600 units to Red Cross.

Years in Arizona/Sedona? Moved here 11 years ago.

Why are you running for Sedona City Council? I was going to run for only one term, but after the hiring of the new City Manager I have been inspired by the vision of fiscal responsibility and accountability that’s been introduced. I share in the new thoughts and ideas that are result oriented and I want to help the city manager to be successful. Government doesn’t need to be bigger than needed.

What do you think separates you from the other candidates? Experience, Political Courage to say No, to try and identify/analyze situations based on Wants vs. Needs and making the difficult decision so other things aren’t sacrificed.

What’s the most important contribution you’ll make to the City of Sedona during your prospective term? Political Courage to analyze and determine what’s best for the city. Fiscal Responsibility, Leadership, Independence, Transparency, Creativity.

What are the most pertinent issues facing the City of Sedona? Continued Financial Responsibility; Public Safety, Health & Welfare of Citizen’s; Addressing Traffic.

Sandy Moriarty

Sandy Moriarty

Sandy Moriarty

Two-year Mayoral seat

Campaign Slogan: Dedicated to Sedona for 44 years

Occupation: Accountant, current Mayor of Sedona

Education: BA, Economics, University of Washington

Elective and Advisory Experience: Housing Commission, 6 yrs, WEDLU Task Force 2 yrs, City of Sedona Contract Review Committee, 2014, Mayor of Sedona since November 2014

Civic Affiliations: Many, including but not limited to, founder and former Treasurer of Sedona Recycles, founder of Sedona Winefest and current President of Sedona Fair Inc, it’s producer, Executive Committee of the Verde Valley Forum, former Treasurer of Southwest Public Recycling Coalition and of the Arizona Housing Alliance, former Regional Commissioner of AYSO Region 232, member of first appointed City Council

Years in Arizona/Sedona? 44 years

Why are you running for Sedona City Council? I love Sedona and want to continue to make a difference in our community by working on the priorities we have identified with my fellow councilors and our excellent City staff.

What do you think separates you from the other candidates? I am running unopposed.

What’s the most important contribution you’ll make to the City of Sedona during your prospective term? I hope we will be able to act on recommendations of the comprehensive multi-modal traffic, transportation and parking study to mitigate traffic issues in Sedona.

What are the most pertinent issues facing the City of Sedona? Traffic, sustainable tourism, economic development and diversification while protecting the environment, financial sustainability.

Voting Information

You must be registered to vote in Arizona to be able to vote in municipal, State, and Federal elections; you will need to update your registration if you have moved or changed your name. If you register using the Federal form, you will only be eligible to vote in Federal elections.

For information on registering to vote, or to request an early ballot, contact the Yavapai County or Coconino County Elections Office, depending on the county in which you reside.

In Yavapai County – 928-639-5807 (Cottonwood Office)

In Coconino County – 928-679-7860 or 1-800-793-6181

Find the facts about voting in your state at Vote411.org. Before an election, find your polling place.

Arizona ranks 45th among states in voter turnout — we can do better! The website http://www.servicearizona.com is the easiest way to register to vote. If you are unsure as to your registration eligibility or the status of your registration, visit the website of the Arizona Secretary of State at http://www.azsos.gov.

It is up to you to keep your name, address, and party affiliation current on the voter registration rolls.

Alternatively, you may visit your county website at http://www.co.yavapai.az.us/electionsvr.aspx or at http://www.coconino.az.gov/elections, where you may register online.

This Election Central 2016: City of Sedona City Council article by SedonaEye.com millennial columnist Harry Danilevics.

Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!

Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. I See Through You says:

    Mayor Moriarty and Councilor Jessica Williamson,

    I notice that you both list “sustainable tourism” amongst the most pertinent issues you each believe are facing the City of Sedona. The Merriam-Webster definition of sustainable (issues) is:

    Simple Definition of sustainable;

    : able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed

    : involving methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources

    I cannot find a single person in Sedona who can explain to me what “sustainable tourism” is and I can’t find any respected dictionary that offers a definition of “sustainable” that can be used in combination with the word “tourism.” So would you both please explain to the public what the highly pertinent issue of “sustainable tourism” is? It seems to me to be just so much political electioneering jargon that the two of your conjured up together much like you “want to represent ALL the people.” Would you consider a DMO non-competitive bid/sweetheart contract awarded to the Chamber of Commerce without any imposed performance review standards to be an example of sustainable tourism? Ah, Ha, yes, that must be it.

    And, btw, Councilor Williamson, from what collegiate institution did you purportedly earn your Bachelor of Arts degree? I’ve never before seen a professional resume that offers up an achieved degree without mentioning the educational institution that granted it.

  2. West Sedona Dave says:

    Thats funny….I know what sustainable means, and I know what tourism means…

    You cant figure that out?…..Here is a tip…..Remember the bank crash of 2008?…..My guess there using the term sustainable as in big market dips or crashes so the whole Sedona market including tourism, isn’t completely destroyed?

    Is it that hard?…Or is the point just to completely and constantly nit pick and complain?

    Oooops….Im on the wrong forum I guess….There is no sivility in this hole!

    You guys need a good disease or catastrophic event to happen in your lives!!!…..

  3. Susan says:

    Thank you for this article!

  4. ANonymous says:

    Awesome article! Very informative and well written.
    Thank you!

  5. Anne B. says:

    Hi Harry! Great article.

    I am wondering why the city council old and new feel like Sedona is its own county.

    Why do we have to pay for the entire verde valley? Since none of these candidates are professionally trained in this field. It seems like they are all just going to continue down that same path. Sedona has become a ATV day tripper town and has lost is small town feel. What are they going to do about that?

    How can they continue to spend taxpayers money on giveaways when we run a negative budget? What is the game plan to reverse this?

    Our population is shrinking. How are they going to make Sedona more livable?

    There appears to be more money being put into bring in more tourists yet the locals can’t move through our city on weekends and holidays. What is the solutions for this?

    It would be nice for the candidates to address the residents and citizens concerns. As far as I see it they only addressed the Chambers concerns about continue to fund the regional tourism without a focus on our incorporated city issues.

    PS when it comes to sustainable tourism there is way to many elements outside the control of our small town. Without travel there is no tourism, one side economics don’t work. The lowest paid jobs are in tourism except for the Chamber they are overpaid. Any worker in tourism can’t live in Sedona.

  6. Mary C says:

    The highest paid jobs in Sedona are paid with your tax dollars. City , Chamber Fire Department employees all appreciate your generosity and lack of concern about how your tax dollars are spent.

    Sedona City employees work 4 days a week.
    Firemen work 2 days on , 4 days off. The fire Chief lives in Phoenix.
    Chamber employees have volunteers do the work for them.

  7. @Anne B says:

    Oh hi Cake Lady it’s been awhile since you’ve posted you Same Old Same Old. Any new prospects for a place to sell your cup cakes and scones?

  8. Anonymous says:

    @@ Anne b

    Oh isn’t that the cake lady who complained about all things Sedona here on SE…..

    I guess she complained her way out of the building she did business in…..so I heard….

    Karma’s a (deleted by editor)

  9. @ Mary C says:

    How about putting the whole story out there instead of spewing half truths:

    The highest paid jobs in Sedona are paid with your tax dollars.

    While technically those jobs are paid by your “tax” dollars there are 3 million visitors that also pay that tax because it’s a SALES TAX not a property tax. So anytime you go to Basha’s or Safeway that sales tax that you pay in those stores may go to pay a salary. While in the food line, look to your left at the tourist next to you, THEY’RE PAYING THE TAX ALSO and then they leave town.

    I think that you should push to eliminate that 3% sales tax and fight for a property tax, then we all can pay what ever the assessed value tax which has been proposed to be close to about $500 and the tourists would have a free ride. I think that it’s a great deal to share the pain with tourists that come, leave their sales or bed tax AND LEAVE US AFTER A FEW DAYS.

    If you really think that there is a lack of concern of how your tax dollars are spent why don’t you call the fire chief or city manager and ask those hard questions that seem to be burning your brain.

    Most Sedona employees work 4 days a week but still work 40 hours and most times more, where’s the issue????? 40 hours is still 40 hours, right????

    If the Firemen work 2 days on , 4 days off what is your issue???? It’s not different than any other firefighter in the Verde Valley. I didn’t know that the fire chief lives in PHX and I don’t see that as an issue, he shouldn’t be going to fires anyway that’s what he has subordinats for.

    Obviously you are deficient in any knowledge of running a town or fire department so why don’t you have a cup of coffee with JRN or Eddie Maddock and spew your nastiness with them.

  10. @@Mary C says:

    Here we go again. Why include my name in your comment when so far I’ve remained unattached to this amazing review of the Candidate’s Election Forum as reported by Harry Danilevics.

    However, apparently you are unaware that neither the Fire District nor the School District are under the jurisdiction of incorporated City of Sedona. So maybe it is you in need of a cup of coffee or something with the Fire Chief or to attend a School Board Meeting in order to brush up on your own deficiency in knowledge.

    As for the city council election, based on the above review of the forum, it appears that regardless which person doesn’t make the cut, basically nothing will change and it will be business as usual.

    Good luck to all candidates.

    Eddie Maddock

  11. Joe Jackson says:

    Look like a bunch of mug shots. Hopefully they will all get locked up for steeling tax dollars and gifting them to their friends in crime.

  12. Taxes you PAY says:

    Come on Flatlanders wake up YOu ALL pay taxes.
    You PAY Property taxes through the county. That is what pays for the schools and fire department ,sheriff’s Flood control.
    You pay STATE income tax.
    You pay Sales tax on ALL shipments to your house like Home depot ect.
    You PAY Sales tax on internet items.
    You Pay Franchise and sales on your utilities, cell phones
    You Pay for license fees
    Guess what the city gets their fair share. The city gets $$$$ from state and counties.
    As far as taxes goes the residents PAY much more into the city then the special interests groups want you to know as they are outside the city limits and benefitting from YOUR taxes.
    This special interest group dominates the eye Always using a false name.Name calling and flat out lying. They don’t want anyone to stop the gravy train. It is amount the MONEY! Follow the money.
    NEW Law Bill SB 1487 state law is in effect. J.Rick Normand article here on the eye explains it well. Read it, know it and live with it. GO go go AZ liberty. We can hope the chamber will have to pay back the millions they stole.

  13. Joe Jackson says:

    Taxes you PAY

    Jennifer Wisselhoff told the City Council of Rob Adams that the citizens of Sedona do not contribute to the tax base of Sedona. Her words were it’s minimal. She lied. She would say anything to get tax payers dollars. The City Council was so stupid that they believed it. What a joke.

  14. Jess Lookin says:

    The funniest comment so far is a great laugh. Lets look at it in detail.

    1)”Most Sedona employees work 4 days a week but still work 40 hours and most times more, where’s the issue????? 40 hours is still 40 hours, right????”

    When have you ever seen a government employee worker work unpaid overtime? When you get to the window at 4:30, and they say, sure I’ll stay another 15 minutes to take care of you? What about the normal work day when city offices are closed for the convenience of the employees? Do we work for the city employees or do they work for us?

    2)”I think that it’s a great deal to share the pain with tourists that come, leave their sales or bed tax AND LEAVE US AFTER A FEW DAYS. ”

    This is assuming these magic tourists don’t clog and wear out our roads, drop trash, require traffic personnel uptown, use our sewer system that we subsidize for them. They just come and leave money. I can’t imagine a tourist staying in a hotel taking multiple long hot showers with no concern about the sewer. Millions of them. RIGHT.

    3) Then the final insult is the city council makes sure they gift most of what they collect back to the Chamber of Commerce go bring in more tourists. This without a concern that the City of Sedona Budget is in deficit by MILLIONS. More magic cost free tourists will solve the problem, even though it never has before. Remember when they claimed the tourists would pay for everything? My monthly sewer bill and the nearly 10% sales tax I pay sure does not reflect that. The weekend traffic that is so heavy I don’t want to leave my home does not improve my quality of life.

    Maybe the new city council will be fiscally responsible to the citizens of Sedona? My bet is they continue to insult us, pay the Chamber to advertise for more tourists and “improve” the whole Verde Valley with our tax dollars.

  15. Jess lookin says:

    That’s it……I can’t take this Sedona government anymore…
    I’m running for city council…..

    My qualification: I once worked for the government I’m complaining about….But I Got FIRED…. Oppppps

  16. Jess Lookin says:

    I actually did consider running for city council a number of years ago. I went to city hall to apply, the clerk handed me a 3 ring binder about 3 inches thick with all the rules and requirements for applying. One of the requirements as I recall is that I collect 200 signatures of registered voters before I could apply. I guess that is easy if you are sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. Not being a chamber member I did not feel like standing in front of Basha’s explaining why I wanted to help out the city while asking for signatures.

    With the damage that has been done by both city council and city management over the past few years, anyone would be crazy to want to be now associated with managing this poorly run sinking ship. Unless of course they were benefiting financially or otherwise . That leaves me and most honest citizens out of the running.

    Since we are given no choice, I suggest boycotting the election. Just don’t vote. Why would you even waste a minute? Let them fail with their own illegitimacy. When you see them in town shun them.

    karma will give them what they deserve.


  17. @jess lookin says:

    that sounds like jessica. isn’t she already on council? that the only one fired from sedona gov. maybe you’re confused the government in sedona is limited they are are an incorporated area within the county, within the state. They do not have anything to do with schools, adot, or fire and emergency services. I know it confusing as they pretend to be a island.
    Did you read Arizona Takes a Necessary Right Turn! on the Sedona Eye?
    Yipee for the new law! Thanks Rick and and AZL!

  18. @Jess Lookin says:

    When have I even seen a government worker with unpaid overtime you ask????

    How about a salaried worker that’s who. But I bet you knew the answer but like to stir the pot. They get paid for 40 hours even if they have to work 60 hours. What a great deal for YOU TAX PAYERS.

    As for question number 2, you assume a lot as a matter of fact your entire rant is an assumption. You are proof positive of the old adage about assuming anything.

    Question #3, that can’t be your final insult because you take insult with anything positive on this site written about the City.

  19. Mary C says:

    Government workers working unpaid overtime, surely you jest? We could save them all the horror of unpaid overtime by just shutting down the City of Sedona. I can imagine an over six figure salary working 4 days a week is just hell. I’m sure with their valuable skills they could easily find a better paying job somewhere else. Then again, as poorly as this city is run, probably not.

    The Village of Oak seems just fine without a city. Please enlighten us with all the reasons Sedona is better off than the Village? Then tell us why you don’t live in the city of Sedona, but just collect funds from the city of Sedona?

  20. Kathryn Heidepriem says:

    Thank you Sedona Eye and Harry D. for this apparently verbatim documentation of the forum; I also looked at most of the video, and it appears to be exact. So sad to have no environmentalists in the picture, but at least it is possible to see where we stand vis a vis the candidates and the council.

  21. The Evans Family, North Dakota says:

    Realizing this comment most likely will not be taken seriously (not that it matters) we can honestly say we are shocked with what has happened to Sedona. As visiting tourists over the years (and which no way had anything to do with Chamber of Commerce promotion) it was one of our very favorite locations – away from big city life, but offering outdoor activities, a selection of good restaurants, and if we were so inclined after a day of hiking and getting back to nature, we had the opportunity to take in a movie or even listen to local entertainment at a cocktail lounge. Consideration for retirement in Sedona was high on the list. No more.

    Just reading what has happened is nothing short of what’s happened to the country nationally. To be specific, council elections have been bought and paid for. This is easily traceable by researching Sedona Eye archives and following the trail of just how the Chamber of Commerce and this Segner fellow with his lodging group is like reading a novel. Each chapter of the well cited city council meetings clearly documents the manipulation that has brought respectable City of Sedona to its knees.

    Best of luck to you, and you will most likely need it. You can count us out as future tourists and definitely retirees. Why would we choose Sedona as a place to spend our remaining years? Or even one more day for that matter.

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