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Eddie Maddock: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock begins 2018 with a political eye on change.

Sedona AZ (January 1, 2018) – Turning the calendar page to January of any new year also revives the process of old procedures to be dealt with in the months ahead. As we proceed to assess our own financial and personal situations, government jurisdictions at all levels commence to do the same. Budgets, schedules, appointments, priorities, etc. must be reviewed, adjusted, and updated to accommodate different situations, circumstances, conditions and changing times.

As the wheels of change continue to turn within our own lives that same ongoing process occurs within local city, county, and state governments. A year ago the passage of SB 1487 was a hot topic, and although approved and subsequently challenged, it remains intact although for some unknown reason legislators are hesitant to pursue that course of action when asked to do so. And why is that? Well, perhaps only The Shadow Knows.

Among other bills which the State Legislature will consider when it convenes this January is yet another controversial proposal.

Presently a Republican state lawmaker, Rep. Jay Lawrence of Scottsdale, is sponsoring House Bill 2032. If approved it would require municipalities to print a candidate’s national party affiliation next to their name on the ballot in races for mayor and city or town council. Current policy, of course, does not indicate the political affiliation of candidates opting for the position of City/Town Mayor or a seat on the Council.

Now this came about because apparently there is some concern with potential candidates who perhaps aren’t exactly forthright about their political preferences, thus allowing the opportunity to mislead their underlying intentions while pursuing election to office. A clear cut disclosure of political affiliation up front would most assuredly allow for constituents to more clearly understand the nature of the people for whom they may or may not be voting.

But of course the League of Arizona Cities and Towns is concerned about the proposal, as it seems any type of jurisdiction which might encourage State Legislators to enforce State Statutes that regulate cities and towns is unappealing to them. The League’’s purpose for existing appears to lean forcefully towards protecting officials of municipalities when they overreach well defined state confinements under which they were granted independent jurisdiction in the first place. Generally speaking, it seems very clear the League has little to no regard for citizens living within the commonly abused jurisdictions of an incorporated area. Based on objection they have displayed for other bills such as SB1487, it certainly indicates that is the situation.

Those opposing the bill, including the League of Arizona cities and Towns, fail to see what bearing the declaration of political affiliation would have on municipalities. An Arizona Republic article, Dec. 26, 2017, cites the following:

Ken Strobeck, executive director of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, said the bill is concerning for multiple reasons. For starters, he said, the primary job of local elected officials is service delivery. They make sure police officers are on duty, garbage gets picked up on time and streets with those pesky potholes get fixed. ‘We don’’t need to organize on party lines because the services that we deliver don’’t have any kind of partisan angle to them,’ Strobeck said.”

Now that’’s an interesting concept. Arizona Cities and Towns actually believes that?  Wow! Those folks thinking that way surely must not know much about Sedona politics.

With the ongoing controversy of perceived dysfunctional local government, would the addition of a candidate’s national political affiliation really make a difference one way or another? How long does it take a voter to figure out whether an elected official leans right or left once they are elected? And would advance knowledge really matter?

They are all capable of campaigning on promises made to those who offer support, morally and financially. Once elected the never ending pledge of being financially responsible seems to fly the coop. City Limits magically disappear along with specific State Statutes as they are thus completely ignored. Maybe the reason is because none are aware the responsibilities of the locally elected should be restricted to tending to road and safety conditions as viewed by Arizona League of Cities and Towns and not funding each and every nonprofit that appears before them, seeking money for special interests of selected affiliates commonly defended as being “related to the arts” but not necessarily beneficial to the public in general.

Would it be, perhaps, more worthwhile if some sort of House or Senate Bill were considered to redefine the purpose of incorporated areas and, more specifically, remind those in charge exactly what the major responsibilities encompass beginning  but not ending with City Limit constraints and providing and maintaining adequate infrastructure and other vital services in THAT area. That does NOT include paying outside interests to use City owned facilities and/or fund each and every nonprofit in the Verde Valley, over and above a questionable “service” contract with a regional Chamber of Commerce, particularly without benefit of competing bids – Requests For Proposals.

Would the ability to identify a candidate’’s national political affiliation really change anything?

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  1. @Jerry, Sedona Voter says:

    Good points, Jer. And now the great Bob Thorpe wants for US, his constituents, to approve a big fat raise for him and his colleagues. For what? One kick in the ass after another from a guy who wouldn’t even go to bat and request an investigation by the AG’s office for many, many alleged state law violations up here in Sedonia! It most likely would be more profitable for the great politician to move from Flagstaff to Sedona and go to work as a city employee here. Oh forgot he wouldn’t even have to relocate to accomplish that.

  2. Tourism drives your Property Taxes and Rents up! says:

    Tourism drives you property taxes & rents up!

    Think about it SFD needs more money because of the clogging of our 2 roads, More stations due to Tourists.

    The city has more police, administration, traffic control ect because of tourists.

    Renters pay more in rent because of the cost of housing & property taxes being high here. You all pay franchise fees and sales tax on utilities. Everyone pay additional city sales tax on things you have delivered.

    Businesses pay sales tax on commercial rents to the city. Along with the same franchises fees and sales tax on utilities.

    The city & chamber say you don’t contribute is BS. You are paying, the quality of life is going down while the chamber plays with you the taxpayers money for their personal regional club.

    VOTE NO on HOMERULE.!!!! Force the city-checks and balances. Sedona Residents matter!

  3. Newcomer says:

    You people are crybaby’s

    I see no tax for the chamber of commerce on my tax bill.
    Plus I think the Film Festival is awesome as well as the Mary J Fisher Theater.

    I can’t believe how low my property taxes are compared to where I came from.
    I think it’s time sedona “bucked up” and started paying thier fair share and this guy Tony T and the others stop bellyaching….

    Please …….what a way to make something outta nothing. Let us newcomers enjoy our selves without all your bching!!!!!!

  4. Aaron says:

    @newcomer Been in this city long time & rarely hear anybody in last five years bragging about living here. Knew several good people that moved away. You don’t sound like good replacement.

  5. Tony Tonsich says:


    Typical, “My lack of involvement made the place I used to live a high tax hell, Sedona is not nearly as bad as the place I wanted to get out of. Now let me make Sedona like the place I left.”

    We residents are fighting back against the tax and spend crowd. Go back to where you came from if you don’t like low taxes and freedom.

    NO on Home Rule. Home rule lets the city spend without limitation, you can see from my other posts how the city finds ways to waste money.

  6. @Newcomer says:

    Wow – it[s uncanny how you write so much like another Sedona rah, rah poster on SedonaEye. Ever heard of West Sedona Resident (in various versions) including WSR, Wsr, wSR, etc. Also it’s been speculated the true identity of that no-it-all critic is really JW – and NOT the one running the C of C although they think alike. And that’s fer sure! Glad you LUV it here all of the above. You’ve succeeded in turning Sedona into everything incorporation was meant to prevent.

  7. Newcomer to Sedona says:

    Not sure what that but accusing me of being 3 different names is talking about.
    However, if that poster had been pointing out how people love to complain and hate the town they live in…….well more power to that person. (deleted by editor)

  8. JJ says:

    Home rule allows the city to spend up to 51 Million. They spend around 35 Million. The State normal amount designated for a city this size is 12 Million. How scary is that. They raise the sales tax and they spend 35 Million. The only thing that grows hear is City government and the Chamber of Commerce. I can add the chosen few
    benefitting from the City Council handouts. Everyone else can like or leave.

  9. What the ???? says:

    The Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau is the “official” Destination Marketing and Management Organization for the City of Sedona? How can that be legitimate when, by admission, they represent ONLY their members, most of whom are located OUTSIDE Sedona City Limits????

    Once again, that means most of those benefiting from this “Official” designation DO NOT COLLECT CITY OF SEDONA BED AND/OR SALES TAX.

    Talk about a conflict of interest? The morons (inmates) at city hall haven’t taken over the institution. They’ve allowed outside intruders to do so! Where is justice in that? Where are Reps. Thorpe, Barton, and Senator Allen? Why aren’t they INSISTING on an investigation by the State Attorney General?

    Oh – forgot. Thorpe has been too busy accommodating Sedona City Attorney with such things as keeping it legal to charge monthly sewer fees on VACANT LOTS! And for that he wants us to support an increase in his wages?

    What’s wrong with this picture? Good Idea or Bad Idea? HA! Great idea for those on the take, that’s for sure. And IMO and although it may begin within Sedona City Limits, it surely doesn’t end there. Ask all those Chamber members throughout the Verde Valley who are reaping benefits courtesy of Sedona City business tax collectors.

    Say there are no free rides? Ask those sailing along aboard the gravy train.

  10. Glory Be says:

    Special City Council meeting – Executive Session – 2/13/18 – 3:30 PM
    Vultee Conference Room

    “Discussion and consultation with the City Attorney to consider the City’s position and instruct the City Attorney regarding potential litigation of the City’s short-term rental ordinance by the Goldwater Institute.”

    Does that mean the Goldwater Institute is actually thinking about suing just the “city” (instead of the entire Verde Valley area covered by our “official” Destination Marketing and Management Organization of the City of Sedona” aka regional Chamber of Commerce) instead of siding with them? If so – wa hoppen?? Will wonders never cease? Is my interpretation accurate?

  11. Tom G says:

    Goldwater Institute tackle this city gluttony & insatiable desire to rape, pillage & punish its businesses & residents. You’re going to have to see what the Republicans promised the left wing progressive Democratic Sedona city council, strange bedfellows…because I know none of them voted for the Republicans that seem to be sneaking under their bedcovers…

    Follow the money. Go down the rabbit hole.

  12. Joyce M. says:

    ” Presently a Republican state lawmaker, Rep. Jay Lawrence of Scottsdale, is sponsoring House Bill 2032. If approved it would require municipalities to print a candidate’s national party affiliation next to their name on the ballot in races for mayor and city or town council.”

    Obviously even if that were to occur it wouldn’t mean diddly based on the behavior of your current State Representatives. Specifically Bob Thorpe and Brenda Barton. Sorry, Thorpe, you get NO thumbs up from me for a wage increase. But, of course, your liberal pals in Sedona will support you. They LOVE giving away tax money, especially to those who don’t deserve it. Ask the Sedona “regional” Chamber of Commerce.

    As for the Sedona City Council, with the possible exception of one, three guesses what national political preference of the other six are. A clue: It starts with a capital “D”.

  13. @Tom G says:

    Rape pillage and punish!!!???

    Oh Tom you are so overblown it’s almost cute.
    You must be so so Sensitive.

    It’s ok Tommy….the world isn’t as cold as you make it out to be. Go find s good therapist to bring yourself into reality

  14. Allan Begay says:


    sick & tired of politicians & bloggers lying & NOBODY TRYING TO BE TRUE

    Washington Post clears up statistic that isn’t a statistic. Suck it up, Bernie, Stupid Retweet. Suck it up Pelosi, you’re a Retweet. Suck it up NEWS MEDIA.

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