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Diamond Resorts assumes ILX Sedona and Village of Oak Creek Properties

Sedona AZ (September 3, 2010)–Diamond Resorts is engaged by ILX Acquisition to assume Los Abrigados Resort and Spa management and sales and marketing operations as of today, Sunday, September 3, 2010.

ILX Acquisition Inc announced its successful acquisition of a substantial portion of the assets of ILX Resorts Incorporated and will set in place a plan for the future strategic growth and value of the organization as a whole for the more than 25,000 timeshare owners and ten resorts located in the United States and Mexico.

ILX Acquisition, Inc. appointed Diamond Resorts Management, Inc. to immediately assume resort management services and homeowner association oversight at Los Abrigados Resort & Spa, The Inn at Los Abrigados and Premiere Vacation Club at Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona.

Also included in the assumption are the Premiere Vacation Club at the Roundhouse Resort in Pinetop, Arizona; Kohl’s Ranch Lodge in Payson, Arizona; VCA – Tucson Chapter, in Tucson, Arizona; The Historic Crags Lodge in Estes Park, Colorado; and VCA – South Bend Chapter in Mishawaka, Indiana.

In addition, ILX Acquisition, Inc. has appointed Diamond Resorts Management, Inc. to manage the inventory in the Premiere Vacation Club which includes inventory in the above resorts as well as inventory at the following locations in Arizona and Nevada: Roundhouse Resort, The Carriage House and Scottsdale Camelback Resort.

Furthermore, ILX Acquisition, Inc., through its Mexican subsidiary, has entered into an agreement with a third party to manage operations at the Sea of Cortez Premiere Vacation Club in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. Owners and members with timeshare usage rights at these resorts will be unaffected by this acquisition.

According to Stephen J. Cloobeck, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ILX Acquisition, Inc., “Recognizing the value of these resorts, the company as a whole, and the opportunity to strategically rebuild the vacation ownership platform for current owners and members is exciting in itself but represents a continued shift for the timeshare and vacation ownership industry toward customer satisfaction and product credibility. Our goal is to bring expert leadership to the management of these resorts as well as build a relationship of satisfaction, loyalty and future product development.”

Additionally, ILX Acquisition, Inc. has engaged Diamond Resorts International Marketing, Inc. to provide sales and marketing services for current product fulfillment and future growth and development.

ILX Acquisition, Inc. has developed a website for resort owners and club members to provide assistance with contact information, frequently asked questions and update-to-date information for your convenience.

Owners of timeshare units and club members can find the most current information regarding operations, reservations and customer service as well as links to other pertinent communication regarding their ownership and membership at www.keepingyouinthepicture.com.


  1. Bob Northrup says:

    As an owner of ILX, I need to know/hear from Diamond Resorts on what the significance is of this acquisition. I have already received a bill from Premiere Vacation Club.Will I be getting a bill from DR? I need a contact to talk to at DR.

    Thank You

  2. Mike Early says:

    When will ILX owners receive information from either Premier or Diamond Resorts. I used an exchange at a Diamond property in Williamsburg and went through the sales pitch. I was told it would be an update. If I traded my ILX property I would get 5000 points for $14346. Without trade I would get $5000 points for $13657. Not sure of the value of either offer. There was no disclosure that Diamond owned ILX and the third or fourth sales person I talked with refused to answer my specific questions about terms and conditions of the contract. He said the offers were off. Any comments about the offers and failure to disclose the relationship with IXL and failure to answer questions about the terms and conditions of the contract?

  3. Sigmund Kasatkin says:

    We own at Los Abrigados and are concerned that DRI will implement massive increases in maintenance fees. Would they be allowed to do this?
    Also, is there a get-out option as a result of the take-over? By that I mean that our ownership/maintenance contract was with ILX, do we have the option not to continue now that DRI are the owners?

  4. Darcy Pino says:


  5. Email and website link not working says:

    The Owners Club link on the ILX resorts website, as well as the ownerservices@ilxresorts.com e-mail do not work. Please fix asap. Thanks,
    Ing-Wei Khor

  6. Jack Erceg says:

    Paid the 2011 maintenance fee via phone contact with Diamond representative. Had opted-out of Club Connection membership ($134) and forwarded appropriate correspondence to OPT-OUT Dept. in Las Vegas, NV plus did not want to participate in the $5 voluntary contribution to ARDA. Informed the Accts. Receivable Dept. of the above and requested to make full payment via credit card, which was processed on 12/27/2010. On 1/18, we contacted Owner Services to make vacation plans for 2011 but was informed that we could not utilize vacation program since we had outstanding balance of $5 on our maintenance fee. We informed Diamond that we made full payment on 12/27 and had record of payment…confirmation # and person @ Diamond accepting our payment. We were again told that we could not utilize our vacation program until the $5 outstanding was paid. Well…guess what? Diamond sent out written instructions with their billing that if we didn’t want to contribute the $5 to ARDA we should deduct the $5 contribution from our maintenance fee and that’s just what Diamond’s representative did when we paid our bill. Lo & behold–what we understood & what Diamond’s receivables dept. rep. understood, as per Diamond’s instructions, was not what Diamond meant to say.

    In other words, it doesn’t matter what we tell you- or what our people understand–what matters is what we @ Diamond Corporate are thinking we mean! Bull pucky!

    E-mailed Diamond’s Chairman/CEO, Steven Cloobeck, via their web site but of course the message was intercepted. Within a day or so, received call from Owner Services Dept @ Diamond and was told that they had made an error in their instructions to the ownership but that their error meant nothing and that we had to pay the $5 owed.

    We totally disagreed and stated that we did exactly as instructed. We strongly felt that Diamond was perpetrating an illegal action that should be investigated by either State or Federal authorities!

    Now, we received another phone call from another Owner Services representative and was again told that an error was made in the instructions but that the error was not made by Diamond and therefore Diamond was not responsible! Again, bull pucky!

    Companies today feel that anything they do is not their responsibility…they can do anything and then say they didn’t mean that. Well, that is not what I remember as being what America stood for…perhaps I’m too old and remember all the good that America was all about! Today, no one seems to care..no one is willing to take responsibility–everyone is out there pointing their finger at the next guy–no one is willing to say I goofed up…I made a mistake!

    I’m standing up against this giant….they were wrong and I’m holding them to it!

  7. James says:

    I’m also an ex-ILX vacation money-pit owner, now Diamond Resorts International. I too want desperately to get away from the TimeShare game. My maintenance fees have gone up 100% since I joined less than ten years ago, the quality of the resorts, along with their customer service has deteriorated in the past few years, more so since Diamond Resorts International took over. I can’t make a reservation without paying for a charge of 134 + some kind of late fees that were charged to me, which were without my permission for a “Premier Club Connection” that I neither want nor ask for! I now have to send in a letter, requesting to be dropped from this “Premier Club Connection” that was forced on me. NOW, I can’t use my Resorts until I either pay this Premier Club Connection fee + late fees, or until a letter is sent to them and processed (Who knows how long that takes) saying I want to opt out. There was a time I had some appreciation for the timeshare business, but those days are gone, gone, gone…Anyone want to tell me how best to get this monkey off my back? I’ll give it away to charity before I spend another year with this paid in full piece of property!

  8. Sandra Immerso says:

    i was told yesterday that I could use my additional points to purchase items from Great American Days. So I tried and found something to purchase with my points, called back today and was told I could not use the points. Also with ILX I was able to book something in Hawaii. Now we are limited to 30 hotels, 3 in Spain, 2 in England and a few in Florida. NOT MUCH of a choice.

  9. Paul says:

    Has anyone tried to sell (or give away) their Los Abrigados time share?…any success? I can’t find the ILX “Membership Plan” that governs transfer of ownership.

    We spent a week at Los Abrigados in 2011, and although Diamond made a strong push to get us to upgrade our membership (we declined), we had a very nice time and the place was still charming and well kept. We just don’t see that we’ll be using it anymore.

    Any and all feedback is appreciated.

  10. One year after purchase of an every other year timeshare at Los Abrigados the maintence fee tripled.I called and discussed and fee was lowered to little over double. I emailed CEO and did hear from him to no avail. The initial fee was in line with other POA fees, but to double is not worth it.

  11. Marilyn says:

    @Cynthia Green: That figures. They (Los Abrigados) triples and doubles their POA fees and yet the annual Festival of Lights has been dropped since Diamond Resorts took over from ILX. It seems to me the reason “they” gave was that their time share owners objected to the cost for electricity.

    Even though ILX charged entry fees to the event which in reality was a “contest” with a prize awarded to the display receiving the most votes (from paying customers) the greed Diamond Resorts is presently displaying, not only by the treatment to their property owners but the community in general, is well . . . read my mind and finish the sentence yourselves.

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