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Dear Editor: SaveSedona89A.org

Who are the forces behind the newest Sedona 89A petition? Another petition surfaces on the web concerning Sedona’s ADOT 89A Turnback. Read all about continous lighting from the perspective of the web site: Visit  http://savesedona89a.org/index.html The below was taken from the site:

SR89A Landscaping

The next time you drive along 89A – please notice the many trees and plantings that                 

are established on ADOT right of way (32′ on EACH side of the roadway). Remember,
the City of Sedona
DID NOT AGREE TO ACCEPT A ROAD – they agreed to accept a
right of way that is owned by the state of Arizona that happens to have a road on it.
right of way is considerably wider than the roadway that you see today (64′, 32′
on each side).

The three photos show what has to be done along the ENTIRE roadway where the
ADOT’s continuous lighting is proposed, ON BOTH SIDES OF THE ROAD. In some
cases, there is nothing but dirt, but in MANY more cases there are established
plantings and trees along ADOT’s right-of-way, and if you think ADOT will replace
these, and the trees, and then water them to re root them…who are you kidding?

ADOT will fill in and grade the trenches, may spread some decorator gravel, and
call it a day. This is exactly what they did when they installed the signal at Airport
Road. They returned the hillside to its previous state – there was no vegetation –
and there still is not. What will 89A look like when they do this to both sides of the
road? Think about it – the pictures you see are what is required to bury
underground electrical cables – this is the signal project at Airport Road.

Sent by an anonymous Sedona citizen

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  1. www.SaveSedona89A.org says:

    Sedona for this context sensitive SAFE night environment that contrary to rumors the CITY OF SEDONA PAID FOR.
    The lighting is installed from the “Y” to the round about at Canyon Drive. The SR 179 lighting cost the city $378,880
    for the Pedestrian Lighting. This included 70 15-ft poles and 2 30-ft poles, and all the appurtenances that went with
    them. As a side note, the City did also provide $62,500 in upgrading the other lighting (converting it from ADOT
    standard to Visionaire). This cost is very low, it was estimated by ADOT at $907,330 (source – city of Sedona)

    Note: ADOT is estimating $2.2 MILLION for 108 35′ poles on 89A – a waste of public money? Do the math – $20,370 per light 89A
    Do the math – $5,412 per light on SR179 For what ADOT is proposing to spend on continuous lights, you could put in 150 SR179 fixtures for $811,000,
    and have $1.4 MILLION left over for crosswalks and other safety improvements. Numbers are numbers.

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