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City of Sedona Hires Economic Development Director

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Molly Spangler

Sedona AZ (June 2, 2016) – After a rigorous interview process in early May 2016, the City of Sedona, Arizona, welcomes Molly Spangler as its newly hired Economic Development Director. Spangler is leaving her position as director of investment ready communities at the Wyoming Business Council in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to join the City Manager’s Office beginning July 18, 2016.

It was in this role as Director of Investment Ready Communities that Spangler managed over $350 million of publicly funded projects. Additionally, Spangler worked on a variety of projects and development efforts including downtown development, industrial rail business parks, small community enhancement, and large to small business recruitment and expansion.

As the Economic Development Director for the City of Sedona, Spangler will focus on addressing one of the six major vision themes in the Community Plan to diversify the Sedona economy. The job description includes serving as a liaison to the business community and connecting business owners to the resources they need to succeed and grow. Spangler will aim to build relationships with not only existing businesses, but business prospects, advocating for new or expanding businesses, and developing programs to improve business viability.

Article submitted by City of Sedona AZ

Article submitted by City of Sedona AZ

“I’m very excited to have Molly join our team. Her experience in assisting communities across Wyoming address economic development has exposed her to a wide breadth of challenges and solutions. She was well received by fellow team members and I think she will fit in great in our community,” said Justin Clifton, Sedona city manager.

“I enthusiastically welcome this new adventure. What impresses me most is the dedication of the city to both help sustain the quality of life its citizens and increase year-round business opportunities,” said Spangler.

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  1. Al, Legitimate Sedona Resident says:

    What about Jennifer Wesselhoff? After all, isn’t she the go-to gal for absolutely everything? Her and her pal Steve Segner. Or is all the responsibility cutting in on cruise time for Missy W? And maybe the $1.8 million isn’t sufficient for the overtime spent shooting the bull with staff members?

    How about this new woman, Molly Spangler, taking on the challenge of obtaining a real and valid audit of the chamber of commerce finances, including the convenience of them throwing in the label “bureau of tourism”. Wouldn’t that be a genuine send-off of sincere endeavors to cut to the chase regarding the ongoing sham of economic development under the city financed regional c of c? Past time to clean house at city hall.

    BTW – very interesting about the new city attorney having made the top four finalists in vying for the management position in Maricopa County. Sound familiar? Anyone with integrity doesn’t seem to last long here. Remember that fellow who in fact put in motion this Economic Development Director position in the first place? Kevin Snider? Was that the name? Couldn’t take the BS after a year either. Sorry for you Mr. Pickels that you didn’t make the cut but keep on truckin’ and tryin’. You are very impressive if for no other reason than apparently seeing through the corruption in what at one time really was a classy and beautiful place. Al superficial now – what’s left of it that is.

  2. West Sedona resident says:

    Run Molly Run…. Half the new hires are gone within a year. The majority not long after.

    “What impresses me most is the dedication of the city to both help sustain the quality of life its citizens and increase year-round business opportunities,” said Spangler.

    Ya got the year round business right. Quality of life, please, live within the city limits to know of what you speak.

  3. steve Segner says:

    Al, Legitimate Sedona Resident and Failed baker make high school comments

    Seem to have a thing about Jennifer, followers her every move and always seem to know when she take vacations? What is that about? A little sick?

  4. Al, Legitimate Sedona Resident says:

    @steve Segner. Unless you have rock solid proof of the allegation you make connecting me to some Failed baker I suggest you back off. Besides the fact I have no idea what you are talking about, you seem to avoid the factual aspects in the comment to which you refer. Enough said.

  5. steve Segner says:

    well then use a real name and don’t hide behind Legitimate Sedona Resident
    hard to slander a made up name and what is the weird stalking if Jennifer
    that is really sick go back and look at old posts ……. get some help . ss

  6. Al, Legitimate Sedona Resident says:

    My given name is Al and like many other sites besides Sedona Eye it’s customary for people to not be required to give their entire names as e-mail addresses are required.

    It’s more important for my attorney to know my entire name and identity in order to attest to your false accusations. Kapeesh?

  7. West Sedona Resident says:


    Someone once again has hijacked my handle…..

    No worrys

    The above post was not I……

  8. Concerned Citizen says:

    Justin Clifton with his lack of experience and poor decision making is better suited selling crystals in uptown than managing The City of Sedona. He’s a joke.

  9. West Sedona resident says:

    Justin Clifton may be a poor decision maker, but at least they did not give the job to the current assistant city manager.

    As bad as things are, they could even be worse with her in charge.

    I recommend to Molly Spangler to check the time in the position of each of her predecessors before she moves. The position was only created less than 10 years ago.

    Got bless her if the takes the job working for this soon to be broke nightmare of a city.

  10. Marrion W says:

    @ West Sedona Resident

    The plural of worry is worries. Yes, of course you work for the city and can’t be expected to spell or write anything of value.

    The only time you appear to make make any sense you claim your “handle” was ‘hijacked.”

  11. @Concerned Citizen says:


  12. Anonymous Wonder Man says:

    What and who killed Heartline Cafe? Tour group showed up to find doors shuttered.

  13. Heartline Hours says:

    We have new Sedona Summer hours. Yes, we are closed on Thursdays to better service our catering division and get events ready for the weekend. Please spread the word! We want to dispel any rumors that we are closing. Rest assured we are not closing and will continue to be of service to our community for another 25 years! Have a beautiful day everyone! See you very soon!

  14. SHIP OF FOOLS says:

    Economic development is code for Agenda 21 and in case you didn’t know, Sedona is signed on for it lock, stock and citizen participation groups……Fools
    Economic Development is UN trained.
    Go back and have 200 more comments on the garbage truck, small bunch of losers

  15. Joe says:

    @heartline hours drove by late today & no cars except for one in back lot, why did you book a tour & not serve dinner by being closed when they showed up? doesn’t sound okay?

  16. Tea party fools says:

    @hearline hours

    Thanks for the info

    Unfortunately you just made a lot of people here very unhappy. They were looking for a reason to blame the city of Sedona for something..

  17. @Tea party fools says:

    You’re crazy. Sedona Eye worked well for the Heartline, stupid. Offered the opportunity to spread the word about new hours and free advertising. Get a grip you pathetic idiot. Any opportunity to spread your own agenda on Sedona Eye seems to be OK with you. Why not the Heartline?

  18. @Tea Party fools says:

    The only ones to blame is the chamber. they have driven the cost of biz up for the in city businesses.While they play with taxpayers money for their members OUTSIDE the city limits. The only fools we see are those working for the city as they believe the crap the chamber and steve shout out without any facts.

  19. Mary C says:

    You don’t need to look for a reason to blame the city of Sedona for something.

    You have to try hard to not see where they are giving money to The Chamber of Commerce, The Sedona Film Festival, the Red Earth Theater and others. You have to avoid reading the headline where they are adding a “Economic Development Director”, whose job I am sure is not to reduce traffic and lower fees. A staff member whose salary will be paid by yours and my taxes, not by the Chamber of Commerce, who the City Council generously support against our will.

    You have to avoid looking at the bumper to bumper traffic, tourists lost in the roundabouts and high fees in your monthly sewer bill, that was supposed to be paid through sales tax paid by tourists but keeps going up.

    When the city is projected to be broke in two years not filling the “Economic Development Director” position might have been an easy place to start saving a little.

  20. Sedona resident says:

    @concerned citizen

    City Manager came from a city with less than 9,000 people and has very little experience and is arrogant on top of that!

    Looks like the City Attorney is trying to jump ship with less than a year working with the incompetent Justin Clifton

  21. Tea party fools says:

    I never said it wasn’t a good idea for Heartlibe cafe to spread thier new hours on SE…. Good for them and I’m glad they are open

    What I said was a lot of stupid people on SE. Would love to see something more than that so they can blame Sedona… That’s all and I’m 100 percent correct

  22. clarissa says:

    @Sedona resident,

    Agree with your ideas: city manager must feel like he just won the lottery – as he got hired by a city of only 10,000 which is only some 1,000 larger than what he left. and he left a city structure of how many employees and arrived here and now inches our employee number up including the addition of the new $$$ gal??? arrogant is the correct descriptive word for Justin.

    I question the need of another employee and that causes me to also question and ask our city manager if he isn’t capable of doing the financial part? Or is he Above that lower position? concept of growing employees is just nuts!!!

    And oh how I bet the city attorney wished the Red Rock News had never caught up with his looking for another job….even though our city attorney attempted to do a spin control on his employment application down south – he’s the only one who believes it.

    As of late hasn’t Sedona been a short step for a lot of employees to a much better job???

    anyhow, this town just wears the hell out of most of us………the council woman with the glitter in her hair, the mayor who promised only 1 term, and on and on…in my old opinion – Sedona is screwed………..YET AGAIN

  23. GNS, Sedona says:

    Because of the constant staff turnover, isn’t it curious they just keep creating more jobs like the department they will end up with when City of Sedona is in the business of collecting garbage? We all know that decent, respectable people with ethics will not stay long (Robert Pickels, for example already applying elsewhere and Tabitha, highly qualified — well — long gone).

    But this new lady, looks nice, enthusiastic, and no doubt well qualified. But my question is why isn’t she on the Chamber of Commerce payroll? After all, it’s the C of C paying the professional advertising agency in Phoenix with city taxes, so why shouldn’t Molly Spangler be on their payroll as well since it will be the Chamber members, mostly outside city limits, that will be benefiting from her recommendations, even though it’s with incorporated city revenue. And won’t she be reporting primarily to Jennifer Wesselhoff anyhow? Isn’t that they way it is now in the City Manager’s office?

  24. Bee says:

    Wyoming is millions in the red this budget, partly, due to these so-called business loan programs. Looks like this person jumped ship in time. Run Sedona, run.

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