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AZ CD1 Congresswoman Kirkpatrick Position

CD1 Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick greets supporters at a Sedona fundraiser

Sedona AZ (July 27, 2010) – The following is a statement on Border Security and Immigration by Arizona Congressional District 1 U.S. Congresswoman (Democrat) Ann Kirkpatrick:

I have been working for years with law enforcement to deal with Washington’s failure to get control of our border region. I know what is at stake for Greater Arizona, and that is why I am opposed to the boycott and the federal lawsuit against Arizona. The boycotts hurt our working families and small businesses and do nothing to help us secure our border and move forward on reforming our broken immigration system. The federal lawsuit against Arizona is an empty, unproductive response to a challenge that needs a serious, effective resolution.

Arizonans are fed up with Washington’s inaction and so am I. To protect our communities, we must strengthen security along our border, crack down on the cartels and smugglers, and address illegal immigration.

I believe that Congress needs to fix America’s broken immigration system with a national immigration strategy, and that has to start with border security. I am working to send the National Guard to the border to put more boots on the ground in the short term, greatly expand the U.S. Border Patrol to strengthen security in the long term, support local law enforcement as they deal with the consequences of the federal government’s failed policies, and make sure that Arizona taxpayers don’t have to pick up the bill.

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  1. Sorry but I feel like what Congress needs to do is get behind the president so we can have COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM, instead of constantly adding more rhetoric to encourage the proponents of 1070 and help divide our country by politics. Both our Arizona senators are pandering to the majority who back this misguided law, just to win votes. In McCain’s case, he has done a complete 180. Sickening. Arizona has a problem. We need to solve it legally, and that means under the purview of the FEDERAL government. If we allow states to go around willy-nilly making their own laws, just think about the anarchy that would ensue.

    We are still ONE NATION under GOD, and we need to treat people with respect and dignity, even if they have committed the misdemenor of crossing the border to find work to feed their families. Just because 1070 is “popular,” that doesn’t make it right.

    I voted to send you to Washington because I expected you to espouse Democratic ideals of fair play and seeking LEGAL solutions. Arizona had overstepped its bounds and is still not solving the problem. In fact, Gov. Brewer is simply wasting our tax dollars to fight a losing battle. No wonder Arizona is bankrupt! And in order to defend this frivolous law, our Governor fires teachers and cuts medical programs for children, while she raises our taxes!

    I am offended.

  2. Lin Ennis says:

    Would it be possible to quickly issue work visas/permits to allow Mexican immigrants (and others) to enter the U.S. legally for a period of time (renewable) so we at least know who they are and where they reside?

    Creatively we can find a way to allow people to visit or emigrate to work without allowing Middle-Eastern terrorists to dress like Latinos and march across the border with them. And without decimating state resources by providing free services disproportionately.

    How about implementing a limited time (one to four years) trial work permit program? Remember when we received boatloads of Vietnamese immigrants? They had to be registered and have sponsor families to help them find housing and jobs.

  3. Arizona Election Results - Congressional District 2 says:

    Arizona General Election Result – Congressional District 2
    Vote tally – 235.1K votes counted

    Ann Kirkpatrick (D) 53.32%
    Lea Marquez Peterson (R) 46.68%

    (*former Congressional District 1 Congresswoman, lost CD 1 re-election as its incumbent)

  4. steve Segner says:

    Lin said: Would it be possible to quickly issue work visas/permits to allow Mexican immigrants (and others) to enter the U.S. legally for a period of time (renewable) so we at least know who they are and where they reside?
    love it, we need new blood American kids never leave home and we need workers. What Trumps and Tea party people hate more the immigrants is immigrants making more money then them !!!! the numbers prove it.

  5. steve Segner says:

    Now that we have won on all the issues, I need more cheap labor. I don’t want to pay what a citizen would be willing to work for. Give me immigrants. What are you prejudiced?

  6. @Michael Schroeder says:

    Where is Mike Schroeder and his Slate?? I’m surprised that no one on SE has an opinion about how 3 high-level executives who thought that they have all of the answers of what Sedona needs, can be beaten by a woman who spent virtually nothing on her campaign?

  7. Vote your Feels says:

    Could it be the voters in Sedona are a bunch of people who vote based on what feels good, without any thought of the long term consequences? Money does not grow on trees, the big earners (read taxpayers) can move away. The big spending tourists can go elsewhere, but day trippers with their trash and traffic don’t spend money and drive through on a whim. As past prime minister of the UK Margaret Thatcher once said ” The problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other peoples money.”

    If you want to finish the town off, build homeless facilities. Beverly Hills and Newport Beach do not have any . Downtown Los Angeles looks like a third world shithole. If you were truly charitable, you would invite a homeless person or illegal immigrant to sleep on your couch. Well ?

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