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Angel Valley Remix by Sedona Times contributing writer, Jim Franckowiak

Writing this week’s story caused much thought.  First off, though, I’m sitting at a coffee shop as I write this which for me is really coloring outside the lines, but here goes…

Last Sunday, my friend asked if I wanted to go for a drive and visit a labyrinth.  She said it was nearby and since nothing was on my agenda, I was game and off we went.  We eventually turned off Hwy 89A onto a rough dirt road (which had me making sure my seat-belt was buckled) and before long I could see a valley with the beautiful red rocks of Sedona in the distance.  My breath quickened as the beauty below me unfolded and soon I began to recognize small cabins and a labyrinth.  I asked my friend the name of this beautiful place and she replied “Angel Valley.”

Angel Valley is not just a name anymore.  We all know it now as the spiritual retreat that was thrust into the public eye late in 2009 after three people lost their lives.  I was silent as we drove up to the office to inquire about fees and parking.  We were greeted by a gentleman who invited me to walk the land and let the land tell me its “story.”  As I walked away and looked at the beauty before me, I asked the Gods to fill me with light, and to center me.  I then asked Angel Valley to tell me its story.  I walked further and entered the labyrinth.

As the beautiful blue sky and warm sun sheltered me, I walked the largest labyrinth in Southwest America.  As I walked, I prayed.  I prayed for an open mind and answers.  Reaching the labyrinth center, I sat down and lifted my face to the sun.  My mother, who passed away several years ago without me ever saying goodbye, came to me and told me she was there and would always be.  I wept gently.

I continued to meditate.  In this meditation, I could see the Sun behind a great mesa.  As the sun’s rays glinted on the mesa, it became a rainbow that shot a ray into my chest and as it did, I was filled with love and light.  I could feel the energy of the labyrinth like a tornado swirling around me. In time, I thanked the Gods for this amazing experience and left the labyrinth to walk further below into Angel Valley.

Soon I came upon a giant heart formed by river rock with a huge crystal center and outside that center, three smaller circles were surrounded by a huge circle of river stone.  I knew immediately that this must be the Memorial to the people who gave their lives for a better understanding.

I knew, standing there, that this beautiful place, Angel Valley, does not hold within its land any agony or chaos from last year’s tragedy but a quiet peace that humbled me. I continued walking and meeting back with my friend, we walked to the office and our parked car.  The gentleman who greeted us met us again, and he asked what I felt.  I told him that I felt love, peace, great beauty, and reverence for a place so special.  We did talk about the tragedy that occurred there last year.  I was curious to know how three people could give their power to one person, but the gentleman said he felt the opposite.  He feels three people gave their lives for a better understanding and not to one person.  He feels there is a shift occurring in our global thinking and that possibly the deaths at Angel Valley are helping to change that thinking.

Of course that begs the question, “What is global thinking?”  For me, it means opening my eyes to everything around me.  Understanding that everything counts, the ground, the trees, the animals, and us….that we are all connected and together we can make a difference.  No longer do we live in a world where only “you” matter.  Our thoughts are energy as are the sounds we make.  They radiate out into the Universe for eternity.

As for me, I don’t want thoughts of misery and pain to echo forever.  I want to have positive energy that contributes to a better world and the lives lost at Angel Valley can send out a message that is positive, a message that we all matter…every one of us and together we do make a difference.

Angel Valley truly is a magical place with stunning beauty that makes you humble with want for a better world.  I will be going back, but not with thoughts of chaos and tragedy.  I will be going back to Angel Valley with thoughts of being welcome at a beautiful place where all belong, including the Gods and Angels.  Death is not an ending, it is a beginning.

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