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Will The Real Sedona Win

Dear Editor of the Sedona Eye,

Sedona has been a tourist town since the world discovered the majesty of our red rocks and the energies of this land. For the rest of the world Sedona has become a place to visit, to enjoy in many different ways — and then to leave.

We Sedonans have not left. In addition to those privileged to be born here, many more of us have made our homes and a new part of our lives here. We have come from every part of the nation and the world to become neighbors in this very unique concept called Sedona. And at this time, in this very critical election on Proposition 410, we can take a strong stand on what we consider the best possible outcome for this city which we love.

As the Prop 410 election draws to a close and votes are counted, the raw statistics will show that the people who champion local control and dark skies – or the people who champion the Old Guard and more ADOT lights — got the most votes. And another issue – did the confusing wording of the referendum cause some people to vote against what they really wanted to say?

It is the deeper question, however, which will demand the most critical answer after all the votes are counted. One side or other will claim victory. But the question which matters most will remain for years to come.

Did the real Sedona – the Spirit and the Heart and the Soul of the Sedona we love — and the beautiful and vibrant Sedona which can emerge in years to come — win this election?

That’s for you and your vote to consider.

Barbara Mayer
Sedona, AZ 86336

Mark your calendars to vote in the City of Sedona Special election November 8, 2011

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