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Veterans Day 2019

We remember and we honor your sacrifice today and always. God bless you, one and all, active and retired and those now departed.


  1. Jim Covarrubias and Ashley Harder says:

    In honor of Veteran’s Day Jim Covarrubias, along with muralist and Desert Storm Vet David Murietta created a mural on canvas to be hung in the main corridor of the Carl T Hayden VA Medical Center in Phoenix Arizona. The mural will be unveiled this Thursday, November 14th at 10:30am and you are invited to attend!

    The painting depicts Arizona’s high desert county with a herd of mustangs galloping through the sage. This mural is a part of Jim’s ongoing efforts to provide visual and art therapy to Arizona’s Veterans by collaborating and inspiring other Veteran’s to find their creative voice in art; and to represent minority Veterans within the State of Arizona’s Veteran Initiatives.

    “We want our fellow Vets, the hospital staff and visitors to kick back and take a break from their hospital business to enjoy some Arizona magic.” ~Jim Covarrubias

    “I love the mountains and the drama of the rich history of Arizona, we wanted to share this love with our brother and sister Vets.” ~David Murietta

    Mural Unveiling at Carl T Hayden VA Medical Center
    650 East Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85012
    Thursday, November 14th
    Visit the Covarrubias collection online
    Honor One Vet, Honor All Vets

  2. NY Times says:


    US Navy submarine, lost 75 years ago, found with 80 men off Okinawa

    Welcome home.

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