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Vacated Sedona City Council Seat Generates Interest

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

Sedona AZ (January 21, 2016) – As of the morning of January 21, 2016, following is a list of the names of the people who have picked up applications to fill the vacancy on the Sedona City Council created by the recent resignation of Angela LeFevre:

Packets were received from office of the Sedona City Clerk on January 11 by:

Steve Segner

Bob Stevens

Kal Thoff (Kalthoff ? – name illegible)

Mike Ward

Robert O’Donnell

Joe Vernier

Tom Lamkin

Harry Danilevics

Packets were received from the office of the Sedona City Clerk on January 12 by:

Tom Gilomen

George Horn

Packets were received from the office of the Sedona City Clerk on January 19 by:

Cynthia Hauseman

Gerhard Mayer

As of this date completed packets have been returned to the office of the City Clerk by:

Steve Segner

Robert O’Donnell

Mike Ward

breaking news logoSUBMISSION DEADLINE: January 28, 2016 – 5:00 PM – City Clerk’s Office

Although the term will be short – approximately nine months until the General Election in November, it will embrace a time for critical decision making, including but not limited to approval of the budget for fiscal year 2017.

The selection, of course, is up to the six remaining members of the Sedona City Council but the opportunity to voice an opinion so far is still an option offered to the voting public. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts with Council Members.

In the words of a former President of the United States:  “A vote is like a rifle: its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.” ― Theodore Roosevelt

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. West Sedona resident says:

    @charles..No one can tell who you are Byr you just using your first name either… DUH Idiot

  2. @Get a life people says:

    An RFP on the Contract for Destination Marketing would have also been “GOOD government.” But of course as above @DEFINITION so appropriately portrays Sedona’s version of “Friends with Benefits” that RFP wasn’t on the agenda because of the disgustingly low standards and lack of ethical behavior this “city” government has plunged to.

    Reap what you sow, creeps. And BTW, aren’t all of you “Golden Agers?” Maybe that explains your erratic behavior. Or is it due to early stages of dementia?

    Stand pat friends outside official City Limits. Don’t even think about annexing into this can of worms – especially since you have City Council licking your feet and you play without paying. Good for you!

  3. Charles says:

    @GALP – if you moved away “I lived there for nearly ten years and left” then why in the world do you even care what’s going on in Sedona? Apparently you still haven’t found anything more entertaining than chatting at Safeway on Saturday mornings. I feel sad for you. You must be very lonely to still feel the need to follow Sedona politics.

  4. @charlie says:

    …just like following the Sedona hubris. There is an entire world out there…

  5. Charlie says:

    The person that posted “…just like following the Sedona hubris. There is an entire world out there…” @Charlie has missed their calling unless, that is, he/she returns to Sedona if for no other reason than to run as a candidate for city council. For sure you would be a good fit along with the rest of the nuts.

    BTW, with the numerous comments from different “Charles” people in various forms it took a while to track down the comment I posted back towards the beginning of the posts. Thanks for the reminder since I’m still the only Charlie.

  6. Lia & Everett Henderson, North Las Vegas says:

    Am curious why the garbage companies don’t band together and form a sub-agency to market a contract for shared services to municipalities? Don’t leave the power in the hands of the municipalities but take private enterprise and put it to work. Have the local trash haulers and concerns that want to provide service do it under their own umbrella. That way none of them goes out of business, gets adversely impacted by government, or has to go cutthroat against each other for an annual or biannual up for grabs and nepotism contracts. That’s how it’s done elsewhere.

  7. Talk Trashy To Me! says:

    Look… It’s simple Economics-101! Why don’t you Sedonan’s get it?

    You go out to bid and award the trash contract to the “best priced/best service-based” trash company… Period. It is not brain surgery or rocket science.

    Plus, you have less trucks on the road! Let the elected officials do their job and stay the heck out of their way. A podunk, backwards-thinking town like Sedona cannot justify three different trash companies!

    Sedona is nothing special and neither are the angry and bored retirees who live there!!!

  8. get Real says:

    Sedona is NOT a big City @ Talk Trashy To Me! Your tourist created more damage than those trash trucks. IMPACT FEES for ALL tourist related companies. Most the old folks don’t even get trash services. Didn’t you hear Karen Daines? Mandatory for ALL households they need 5,000 in numbers to make it work

    City employees are more costly then private businesses.

    Once they get it YOU WILL get hit with any fee they decide on. It is SEDONA. We have to pay more so that the Council can play with the money by gifting it to special interest. Film Festival, Chamber and Red Earth Theater.

    Go learn to make a living. Go Back to a big city like phoenix. No Economics in trash unless you work for government!

  9. JL says:

    Why is it that government always seems to trump free enterprise in Sedona and up to the state level? It’s because free enterprise creates and government manipulates, dollars and incentives.

    Perfect example? There are tax producing building projects being held up in this area and other jurisdictions because of local and state and federal government poor administrators. They’re working on grabbing dollars like trash fees, when they can’t and won’t do their current jobs.

    What reasons are given for project delays? Bogus ones. Lazy, buck passing, can’t make a decision, don’t know the rules, don’t give a crap what the real ones are. And? The ever overused “it’s not my department or decision making” area.

    Let’s call it lies.

    Or how about bosses fault, underlings fault, quoting bogus regulations that don’t exist or that are interpreted incorrectly, and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…I’m not talking about genuine laws or necessary regulations, count most of us in favor of those and will work to meet all of them. It’s the lazy and unintelligent bureaucrats doing nothing but pushing it up or down with their pencils.

    Find your moral fiber government and city workers, and do your jobs city and state agencies. Stop the power trips. Stop being a hindrance and be tax income proactive on the best level. You serve the people? You’re paid by the people, you don’t create any service and you don’t create a product; you are boils on the back of progress unless you facilitate the projects which serve to create the money to pay your salaries and grow our local economy.

    Let’s not get this wrong. I’m not talking trash. I’m talking city and state government reality.

    Let’s talk about why their high salaries are justified by the council and legislature. They can’t handle what’s on their plate now NOT BECAUSE IT’S TOO MUCH WORK BUT BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW OR DON’T WANT TO KNOW HOW TO DO THEIR JOBS.

    Bosses go in and tell your underlings to clean off your desks of the work sitting there now that you’ve delayed, ignored, wrongly channeled. It’s Monday. Get to work. ALL OF YOU.

  10. Diane says:

    Back to basics, @Talk Trashy to Me. Just how is it that you avoid making a similar demand on the city council for not getting RFPs for the sweetheart deal they made with the chamber of commerce and their affinity group lodging council for the destination marketing contract? You are so into simple economic 101? Ha -very funny. You definitely are part of the problem and not the solution. Even more likely you are one of the out-of-city-limit folks that reap incorporated benefits. Talk trash? You ARE trash along with the lousy way this city devotes their money and affection to special interests @get Real.

    Our elected officials are supposed to be working for the people – not the opposite. Clearly they represent only their self-selected silk stocking groups (as long as they go along with sating the egos of the monarchs). Easy peasey – kiss up and stroke the fur the right way.

    In the meantime the overwhelming opposition to yet another sleazy back-room decision contrived by those in control will in all probability be ignored. The trash of Sedona congregates at city hall. Period.

  11. STEAMED says:

    @Talk Trashy To Me! It sounds as if you don’t even live in Sedona so what’s your beef? Why do you care who decides to haul our trash?

    Your sniping about bored retirees is misappropriated. If they don’t watch their back with every step taken they can anticipate a knife in it. Why do you think Sedon’a population dwindles. If this council had backbone they’d pursue the growing control by those residing outside city limits by insisting those areas annex to incorporated Sedona. Simple. Then they, too, would be imposed upon with the potential of additional local government control including but not limited to who collects their garbage. No more free lip service. Get it?

    @Talk Trashy To Me! Get a life and butt out.

  12. Alan says:

    @JL bullseye

  13. Don't be Fooled says:

    @Talk Trash To Me! O smart and worldly one, please read the following:

    Some members of the city council are busy attempting to brain wash residents into believing this city take-over of garbage hauling is a good deal. But don’t be fooled. There’s no guarantee that even if the initial contract should be at a lower rate it would remain that way. Once they get approval we will be in their clutches FOREVER. Worse yet, they keep trying to blame Taylor Waste for creating this controversy just because the owner notified customers what was brewing, Unlike the city, that was good business to not keep us in the dark.

    It was this city council that opened this can of worms – which initially resulted from that little known sustainable commission who would turn us all into vegans if they could.

    We do not know what we will be getting. Two containers whether we want them or not? Pay for bulk hauling whether we use it or not? Year-round monthly payments even when we leave for 3-4 months? They cannot be trusted.

    We know what have but not what we’ll be getting. AND THAT’S A FACT.

  14. West sedona resident says:

    I like the idea of one(1). Trash hauler picking up on my street once a week instead of 3 at different times of day…

    Pay no attention to the naysayers city council…. They cry/complain over EVERYTHING….

  15. Marilyn J. says:

    Back to subject. No matter the selection for the vacant council seat, if by chance someone that actually wanted to give legitimate Sedona residents a fair shake were chosen they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on with the mind sets of the six at hand. They may as well pick Steve Segner. He’s one of them. He’s gone on record many times on this site blasting residents because we don’t pay city property taxes. And he’s also stated how he wants the city to control garbage collection. Then the question about where he really lives. Guess that was made pretty clear when he wrote the quote someone posted early on – about seeing the same cars parked uptown every day when he drives into uptown Sedona and back home to work.

    This coming Wednesday in a special council they will be discussing the selection process. Another waste of time. As if they haven’t already chosen the crowned prince. The logical one would be Mike Ward because of his past experience on the city council but then the word logic seems to be missing from their vocabularies. Another done deal. Same as stripping us from choice of garbage haulers. Oh well. That’s politics in Sedona – down and dirty.

  16. West sedona resident says:

    I am old, mean, grumpy and in control. We like the way things are, if you don’t , then leave. You voted us in, now you have to live with it. That is politics. If you don’t agree with me I’ll call you a whiner. Crybabies complainers. You don’t pay enough. You need to pay more old whiners. I rule you!

    This is how it is done in Sedona. You pay I play with taxpayers money. (smiling, giggles, twinkle twinkle) I rule you, I am west sedona resident. You must obey.

  17. West Sedona resident says:

    I’m past my prime, my ass is getting big from sitting around in City meetings.

    Even though I only work 4 days a week for the city I hate myself for taking good peoples money so I get drunk on my 3 plus days off a week. I don’t pay the same taxes you pay, I live out of the city limits. You should too.

    My pleasure is knowing I will move to another city before Sedona goes broke. I can put on my resume how much the city of Sedona Budget increased while I was there. Cities will hire anyone that has worked for government in the past. We take care of our own. I’ve had my fat salary, you can deal with the remains.

  18. West sedona resident says:


    Obviously the post above was hijacked by one of the complainers I often post about…

    Somebody out there in conscriacy land thinks I’m someone on the city council instead of a common West Sedona Resident…

    Rock on Moran….

    I still think trash hauling contract is a good idea

  19. ESM says:

    Thank you, West sedona resident, for stepping up to the plate and telling it the way it is. Let it be on record we agree on at least one of your statements:

    “This is how it is done in Sedona. You pay I play with taxpayers money. (smiling, giggles, twinkle twinkle) I rule you, I am west sedona resident. You must obey.”

    Anyone disagreeing with this, prepare for a Referendum because the garbage-hauling deal is done. Anticipate 5,000 open ended billing accounts for the city to “play” with for whatever they jolly well please. “This is how it is done in Sedona.”

  20. Old timer resident says:

    Never matters how lowly political positions are those in them abuse whatever power they have or they feel they “wasted their time”….yes the trash deal is a foregone conclusion and we are being played for suckers and it is all a dog and pony show…they have all learned from watching Congress. The Council thinks we are all too stupid to know what is best for ourselves so they have to save us. Not one of them believes we can run our own lives. Sedona is no longer the lovely town of “character” it once was….incorporation destroyed it and present politicians are carrying on that tradition.

  21. Jess Lookin says:

    From what I have observed, the residents of Sedona don’t want the “City” to control trash service. If the city council deems fit to pass this foolish ordinance we should just say no, and refuse to comply.

    We have already seen how expensive the sewer cost has become.

    We have the power. Just say a loud NO.

  22. Enough City Goverment says:

    I find it hysterical that a coward not using their real name tells everyone their opinion, dictating and calling names to those you disagree with @west sedona resident. It is psychopathic. If your all that, don’t have your hand in city coffers money then you would proudly use your own name. Just sayin’

    Lets hope we don’t have another terrorist attack like 911. Sedona is one sided. Tourists will stop coming.

  23. West sedona resident says:

    @enough government Oh….you mean use your real name like you just did …

    I guess if tourists stop coming here I guess ALOT of complainers here would be happy…After all don’t you all cry about the traffic(as minimal as it is)..

    Rock on crybabies
    I find your distaste for everything humerous

  24. Marty says:

    So it seems we have an unknown number of West Sedona Residents – and now one apparently living outside city limits and a city employee? And will be leaving soon? To Prescott by chance? And will that be in June? And will we be rid of at least one WSR. Well that would be a start.

    Of course the one thing to keep in mind is that city employees must be accountable to their bosses, the City Council, and perform according to their instructions – not Sedona residents. How could anyone function under those constraints and maintain their own ethical values? Well those that are unable to do so don’t – they resign. One of many examples and probably most recent – Tabatha.

    Back to subject. Who will fill the vacant chair? This afternoon Special Council meeting this will be discussed.

  25. Jim L says:

    Right on @Marty @Enough City Government

    ethical issues

  26. Northview HOA says:

    Copies of following letter were hand delivered yesterday:

    February 16, 2016

    Sedona City Council Members
    City of Sedona
    102 Roadrunner Drive
    Sedona, Arizona 86336

    Council Members;

    The vote taken at our recent annual HOA meeting was unanimous. Our Association, which represents 121 lot owners, does not want the City monopolizing trash collection service.

    We strongly urge you to vote NO on this proposal.


    Warren Woodward, President
    Northview Homeowners Association

    Cc: Justin Clifton, City Manager
    Lauren Brown, Citizen Engagement Coordinator

  27. And the Winner Is? says:

    Tom Lamkin

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