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City Council Broadcast of Potential Residential Trash and Recycling Program

Article submitted by City of Sedona AZ

Article submitted by City of Sedona AZ

Sedona AZ (January 26, 2015) – The city of Sedona will hold two public meetings in February to give input on a potential city wide residential trash and recycling program. The meetings are scheduled for:

  • Monday, February 1, 2016 at 4:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at Sedona City Hall, 102 Roadrunner Drive, west Sedona AZ
  • Tuesday, February 2 at 8:30 a.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room at Sedona Fire District Station 1, 2860 Southwest Drive, Sedona AZ.
Sedona City Council will determine whether it will eliminate resident’s right to choose garbage disposal companies in upcoming Council meetings.

Sedona City Council will determine whether it will eliminate resident’s right to choose garbage disposal companies in upcoming Council meetings.

For those residents who are unable to attend the February first Council Chamber meeting, it will be broadcast live on cable Channel 4 and live streamed on the city’s website at www.SedonaAZ.gov (click on the Meetings: Video Documents button on the right side of the homepage): The meeting video will also be available for later viewing under the Specialty tab.

Currently, Sedona residents choose between three providers for trash and recycling services and the city is looking into the option of a city wide program in which one hauler would be chosen to provide both trash and recycling services to all households.

City staff are currently in the public input phase of this issue, which will help evaluate the potential for changing from the current system to a city wide residential trash and recycling program.

For more information or to receive a fact sheet about the potential program, contact Lauren Browne at lbrowne@SedonaAZ.gov.

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. Citizen Engagement Program says:

    2015 was a good year for the Citizen Engagement Program. In addition to the many work groups that met and gave the city valuable input, the world took notice of the innovative way we are engaging citizens. The International City/County Management Association selected the city’s Citizen Engagement Program as the recipient of the Strategic Leadership and Governance Award for communities of 10,000 to 50,000 residents. It is the first award of this kind the city has received.

    This momentum sets us up nicely for a successful 2016. Of notable things to focus on this year is a revamp of the Engage Sedona website. With topics that the community is highly interested in and that need community input, Engage Sedona is a starting place for valuable information.

    Not only does Engage Sedona ask for input on topics of community interest, it also keeps an updated account of where issues stand at the city level. For example, we recently sought input on the issue of trash and recycling via public meetings, focus groups, phone surveys, and tracking comments from residents who called or emailed. In addition, we posted the following question on Engage Sedona to gather even more community feedback : “If it resulted in lower combined trash/recycling collection costs for residents, would you like to see the city step in and regulate trash and recycling through a consolidated city-wide system?”

    Under each Engage Sedona topic, it states if and when the issue goes before City Council and other important information as the issue makes its way through the decision-making process.

    Citizens can easily track the progress of the various issues. All input is commented on and passed along to pertinent staff or City Council members so they know where you stand on issues.

    Other topics that may be of interest on Engage Sedona are:

    • The budget, specifically what Capital Improvement Projects should be prioritized
    • Community Focus Area discussions
    • A request for ideas for an improved dog park
    We understand that community members don’t always have the time to attend Council meetings or other public input opportunities. Hopefully residents will find this a useful tool to weigh in on the pressing issues the city is working through.

    It is always my goal as the Citizen Engagement Coordinator to make it easy for your voice to be heard and Engage Sedona is just one more way to make that happen. To view, go to http://www.EngageSedona.mysidewalk.com.

    Additionally, I encourage you to submit ideas, ask questions, or raise issues that you may have by calling 928-203-5068, texting (928) 821-6958, emailing LBrowne@SedonaAZ.gov, or connecting with me through the program’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To access these social media sites, visit http://www.SedonaAZ.gov , click on the Citizen Engagement icon, and scroll to the bottom of the Citizen Engagement webpage.

  2. Sedona Petition Signer says:

    I signed petition and received this. It’s worth posting…….

    Thank you for using your voice to sign the petition on the City of Sedona proposal for City controlled Trash Hauling & Recycling.

    As you are aware the City intends to take over all recycling and trash collection in the City limits. Taking the decisions away from the citizens, how and who they use for residential recycling and removal of trash from their property.

    State law prohibits the City from controlling the businesses recycling and trash hauling. Through a benchmark process we have learned that any decision to control the in-city residents will negatively impact the in-city businesses along with the outlying areas.

    After reviewing details and bench-marking other areas here are some important factors to remember.

    Changing the tasks of trash hauling and recycling will negatively impact our regions fragile rural economy. By removing the professional trash and recycling industry from private industry to public it will decrease jobs in that industry and drive cost up. It will create a monopoly and eliminate innovation and progressive industry changes. It will demean the industry to removal (hauling) only. The analysis of this impact to the private sector can easily be done, but should not be done by anyone (including City) that benefits from this proposal.

    The city can’t guarantee any rate or price point for the residents. Nor can the City state what the policy will be 5 years for trash and recycling. The City management is the City Council. They are the ones that set policy and procedures. These positions are rotating. For the terms of the election. The only guarantee there is, is if the City takes over this private industry it will remain a City function forever. The dollar amount you will pay will be set by them. No discussions.

    Emissions, wear and tear from the Tourists that drive through the city limits, UPS, mail carriers far exceed three trash haulers serving less than 5,000 residents.

    The proposal is based on ALL 5,000 residence being charged for trash and recycling.

    No more private recycling. Sedona has a diversified community that is environmentally ahead of their times. That is why we have 80% or more of our residents recycling.

    Well there is so much more, but for now it is important for us to unite and get the word out. Only by us uniting and speaking up together can we make change.

    Councilman Scott Jablow has informed me that he will not listen to your names on this petition. Can each of you send emails to the entire City Council?

    Can you tell your neighbors to do the same? Can you educate and inform your friends, neighbors and family? This goes before City Council in a few weeks.

    Here are the email addresses for City Council:

    Sandy Moriarty – Mayor SMoriarty@sedonaaz.gov
    Mark DiNunzio – Vice Mayor mdinunzio@sedonaaz.gov
    Scott Jablow – Councilor – SJablow@sedonaaz.gov
    John Martinez – Councilor JMartinez@sedonaaz.gov
    Jon Thompson – Councilor JThompson@sedonaaz.gov
    Jessica Williamson – Councilor JWilliamson@ci.sedona.az.us

    Here is the link to petition. When signing the Petition it helps your credibility by using you full legal name. http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/sedona-citizens-civil.fb48?mailing_id=32900&source=s.icn.em.cr&%3Br_by=14213130 %3B=&r_by=9914240

    I will let you know when this shows up on the agenda for City Council. We all need to be there and use our voices to stop this. If you like to help please share this. Feel free to call me at 928-282-4635.

    Thank you

    Donna Joy Varney

    President CEO

    Sedona Community Organization Inc.

    Non-profit 501(C) 6

    A grassroots Organization – Friends Neighbors, Businesses and People’s Advocate

    This message was sent by MoveOn’s public petition website. MoveOn Civic Action does not endorse the contents of this message.

    Want to make a donation? MoveOn is entirely funded by our 8 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.

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