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United States Pulling Troops Out of Syria

Sedona AZ (December 22, 2018) -The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:


How STUPID can the American Public get?

Pulling our Troops out of Syria does not mean we are abandoning any part of our commitment to the security of the people in Syria. We Do Not Need Boots On The Ground in order to effectively alter the actions of the governing and rebelling forces; in fact, having our Troops there can be and is a drawback – besides the danger our Troops face when there from radical elements from our ‘Ally’!

We proved beyond doubt about a year ago that we can accurately take out any target we choose in Syria; thus, since we have the means to monitor the behavior of the Syrian Governing body and their Opposition, we’re better off to monitor them with electronics and clandestine associates than having uniformed foot soldiers that we have to avoid hitting if we need to attack.

We wouldn’t dare use weapons that could injure or kill any of our own Troops. The psychological effect on both sides of the Syrian instability will be better if we do pull out.

But leave the picture of our last Syrian conflict – wherein we hit targets there from varying distances – and from about five directions – with pinpoint accuracy. Never doubt that attack and the amazing impression it made around the entire planet.

I believe North Korea paid particular attention to it. Pulling our Troops out and letting them know that we can and will honor our commitments, I believe, will do much better and our Troops will be able to rest a little more securely than having to so deeply question whether their fellow-soldier is a terrorist.

I still want someone to tell me how I can determine whether an individual that professed to be a Muslim is, in fact, a peaceful Muslim or an Islamic Terrorist.

Dale Gohr
Clarkdale Arizona USA

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  1. Walter Fennelly says:

    OMG that jackal Gore says caravans are the result of global warming. Time for that man to be finally sent involuntarily into rehab.

  2. RichArd Evans says:


    I have no idea what your talking about and I’m also sure neither do you..

  3. John Q Public says:

    You left out one very important piece. How do you think they get the info to designate these targets that you say are so easily hit with amazing accuracy? How do you think they mitigate collateral damage? This is very tricky business that can only be accomplished with boots on the ground. Every scenario is complex in it’s own way — having Special Forces troops in the area working with the locals is the best way to garner the intel needed to take these bad guys out.

  4. @ Dale Gohr says:

    “Endless war and military expansionism has become so normalized in establishment thought that even a slight scale-down is treated as something abnormal and shocking.”

  5. Gil in the South says:

    ………It is absolutely bat shit crazy that we feel normal about the most powerful military force in the history of civilization running around the world invading and occupying and bombing and killing, yet are made to feel weird about the possibility of any part of that ending. It is absolutely bat shit crazy that endless war is normalized while the possibility of peace and respecting national sovereignty to any extent is aggressively abnormalized. In a sane world the exact opposite would be true, but in our world this self-evident fact has been obscured. In a sane world anyone who tried to convince you that war is normal would be rejected and shunned, but in our world those people make six million dollars a year reading from a teleprompter on MSNBC……,,,,,

    How did this happen to us? How did we get so crazy and confused?

    People ought to read that link above. It might make you smarter.

  6. Eddie (not Maddock) says:

    I wonder how many people know that the presence of the U.S. military in Syria is a violation of international law? Does that mean anything anymore? ISIS was funded by the Deep State neocons attempting another regime change op. Syria asked Russia –not the U.S. — to help rid them of these “moderate headchoppers”. John McStain was a big supporter of them. [R.I.H.] The “evil Rooskies” decimated ISIS and the U.S. always seemed to “miss” and then took credit for ISIS losses. That’s a headscratcher, ain’t it?

  7. Jon Ore, Morgantown says:

    I support pulling out of Syria. I’m a SoCalDem. Thanks for letting me submit an opinion.

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