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The Truth About Timeshares Revisited with Eddie Maddock

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

Sedona AZ (June 3, 2015)When the Sedona City Council voted approval for the purchase of the Brewer Road Property for $650,000 ($130,000 above appraisal), Mike Ward and John Martinez cast the two dissenting votes. During the discussion prior to voting, concerns were expressed about future funding for improvements. Sources other than potential public/private partnerships were not identified.

However, during 2014-15 fiscal year budget discussions, City Staff recommended source of this funding to come from the Community Facilities District (in-lieu of bed tax fees) generated by the Fairfield and summit timeshare complexes, earmarked use to be directly beneficial to residents.

Conflicting usage for CFD funding has recently surfaced. It seems some now think that, by agreement entered into separately between the city and timeshare properties, the City agreed that CFD funds would be expended on projects that directly benefit the timeshare property. Parks fit into that use. As do some street and other infrastructure projects that are physically located as to be used by the property as identified. Funds cannot be expended by the City on infrastructure projects that are not a direct benefit to a timeshare property.

Because this is in conflict with information provided during an interview with former Assistant City Manager Alison Zelms, a reprisal of the article “The Truth About Timeshares” appearing in The “New” Sedona Times, October 28, 2010 edition, is offered herewith:

By E. S. Maddock

dollar billTaking into consideration her extremely busy schedule, the New Sedona Times feels fortunate and is appreciative to have Alison Zelms, Assistant Sedona City Manager, address some issues relating to the many timeshares that have popped up since the incorporation of Sedona.

When posed the question “In lieu of bed taxes, do timeshares pay a comparable form of revenue to the city?” here is what she had to say. “First, yes, some of the timeshare units pay fees in-lieu of taxes. The intent of the ‘in-lieu fee’ was to recapture the amount of bed tax we could have collected if the timeshare in fact were required to pay a bed tax.”

Continuing, Ms. Zelms said, “I can’t say it is exactly comparable to what would be paid if the development were paying bed-tax, although depending on how the timeshare is sold – fractional property ownership or sale of ‘time’ – it is questionable as to what, if any local authority we would have to impose a Transaction Privilege Tax (sales or bed). I can say that in some cases we collect as much as $400,000 a year in ‘fees in-lieu of taxes’ from one development – a large portion of that is based on a significant increase in the formula for the later phases of development that just took effect two years ago. Several of these agreements created Community Facility Districts (CFD’s) with specific parameters for the use of funds and other fees to be used for general operations of the city.”

Ms. Zelms was emphatic that the dollar figures she provided be recognized as general numbers not to exact amounts. Detailed dollar specifics obviously would require more time consuming research.

“The reason that some units do pay an in-lieu fee and some don’t is that the fees were created as part of development agreements when new development was approved through P & Z and Council. Each development agreement is slightly different and fees/formula charged for various phases, etc. of development are different – either charged as ‘in-lieu’ or annual assessment. They are based on aspects such as: size of units, fractional time sold, annual fee for timeshares sold/available, etc.”

In particular it’s been difficult to understand why not all development agreements didn’t include in-lieu of bed tax requirements. Ms. Zelms explained as follows:

los ab“We don’t have development agreements or an in-lieu fee requirement for most of the units at Los Abrigados and all of the units at the Hyatt. There are two reasons for this. For Los Abrigados, this resort was approved and constructed in 1985-86 prior to Sedona’s incorporation. Los Abrigados has added a handful of units (I believe 10) after incorporation and we do have a development agreement on these units and these handful of units pay an in-lieu fee. For the Hyatt, it was approved at a time when lodging was a permitted use in the C-1 (General Commercial) zoning district and the Hyatt did not require a rezoning, so we had no leverage. When a rezoning is required, that gives the city the leverage to negotiate an in-lieu fee. In 1998, the City of Sedona removed lodging as a permitted use in the C-1 and C-2 commercial zoning districts and created an L (Lodging) zoning district that required a rezoning for all new lodging facilities. By doing so, this allowed the city to negotiate an in-lieu fee and development agreement during the rezoning process. So, since 1998, all new timeshare projects have paid an in-lieu fee.”

It might be of interest to note that the original intent of Los Abrigados was to function and operate as a “resort hotel” but then, at a later date, converted to timeshare sales.

Again quoting Ms. Zelms, “Of the total number of 798 timeshares units in Sedona, 336 were approved/developed with associated development agreements that assess in-lieu fees. The city collects, on average, about $550,000 a year from these units as non-sales tax in-lieu fees. We don’t break out all the rental nights that are paid as a sales/bed-tax, as that is collected separately as part of the overall sales tax.”

“Also of the 798 total timeshare units, 462 were approved/developed prior to the current development agreement in-lieu fees. There is no in-lieu being captured although, like above, these units are required to collect a bed tax when a room is rented on a nightly basis. This occurs less than 20% of the time at best due to most business being timeshare related. Again I don’t have a breakout of what is paid as far as bed tax,” so states Ms. Zelms.

When asked if it’s possible for the city to track and collect bed taxes in those cases of timeshares being used as short-term rentals, Ms. Zelms’ response was: “As far as tracking of sales tax reported is concerned, the city could track some bed tax reporting through TPT reports internally, but it wouldn’t show a number of nights rented, just total sales tax collections by business reporting. Also much of the specific TPT information by business is confidential, and bed tax payment vs. the regular local sales tax payments are regularly reported incorrectly (reported in the wrong category). This misreporting is part of why the city is looking at options to self collect, through a contracted third party rather than hiring staff, so that we have specific, clean data to use,”

In conclusion, Ms. Zelms added: “The restaurant and retail locations within each timeshare do pay the local tax for their sales.”

END OF ARTICLE  “The Truth About Timeshares” appearing in The New Sedona Times, October 28, 2010 edition.

Sedona AZ

Sedona AZ

According to Ms. Karen Daines, current Assistant City Manager, “Projects without dedicated revenue streams, including most sidewalk, drainage, and public safety projects, must all compete for a finite amount of General Fund resources.”

However, both Ms. Daines and Ms. Zelms upheld the premise the funds should be used or earmarked for use directly beneficial to residents, as certain fees to be used for general operations of the city.

Why is it that dedicated funding cannot be made available for sidewalks, drainage, and public safety projects?

How about creating Special Improvement Districts for subsidizing parks and for the proposed Community Focus Areas and give the avid fans for those amenities the opportunity to pay for them and return the flow of city tax revenue to where it belongs ~ to benefit Health, Safety, and Welfare to the public in general instead of giving preference to “Special Interests?”

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. Julie says:

    Interesting —

  2. Marv says:

    Thanks for the reminder. What this translates to is that no matter what, funding for non-essential items will always be made available. It seems as if the city council acts as “Aladdin” and city management is the “Magic Lamp.” The “genie” is whatever person pushes the magic button to produce “Aladdin’s” wishes. No justification necessary. Just make things happen as you are instructed. Too bad about funding “safety” projects. That horse ain’t running in this race.

  3. Mary S. says:

    Well certain people on that last council were pretty focused on buying property. For a while it seemed they’d only settle for creek access because of the determination to restore the idea of a creek walk and park which had previously been decided was a lost cause. So the alternative because terms of office were running out was the overpriced Brewer Road property.

    That funding for improvements at the time the property was purchased was reduced to public-private possibilities with nothing else on the table only to miraculously have a few months later the “voila” moment – CFD Funding – agreeing with @Marv seems indeed like a magical trick pulled off by Aladdin.

    The question remains: Just who is (or was) Sedona’s magical Aladdin that managed to pull off such a feat? Well, maybe that answer will surface at the time this fast-track “Heart of Sedona” in the most traffic congested area (except possibly for uptown) is capped with a “dedicated” name. Hmmm . . . and just who might that be?

  4. Wonder why the city doesn’t take the money given to the chamber of commerce and “dedicate” it to things like park improvements and financing the proposed focus areas? That certainly would justify towards providing for improved tourism experience.

    The excuse the bed tax increase must benefit the hotels that collect the tax makes no more sense than it benefits Sedona by promoting chamber members outside city limits not collecting taxes.

    This entire method of spending public money in Sedona is a can of worms. And they say Brewer property improvements benefit Fairfield/Wyndam timeshare residents? Based on the remote location of the park, how so except indirectly as it benefits the rest of the people thinking it’s a good idea.

    Of course, drainage, flood control, and decent roads apparently are no more than inconvenient nuisances when it comes to considering even the safety factor. But they keep spending money on the inadequate drainage at city hall. Why is that? If they’d ignored it maybe city hall would have collapsed in a deep sink hole and all problems would have been solved.

    How can these people live with themselves by being so reckless? Does self-love and egos justify their ongoing display of arrogance of power?

  5. Shep says:

    Ego drives decisions. Power corrupts those decisions.

    What people fail to understand is that the business owners on the council, everybody stand up at once please, need bodies to keep their pockets lined.

    They DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THAT. They like Bill Clinton have families to feed.

    They’ll feed on you and your family.

  6. 1/22/13 Councilman Mike Ward depicts dire need for Drainage Master Plan and questions sources for funding. “In 2003, it was recognized that the increasing urbanization of Sedona has resulted in increased runoff from homes, driveways, and parking lots,” states Ward in his City of Sedona report column on Sedona Eye.

    Too bad, Mr. Ward, but subsidizing non-profits, upholding the premise of “entitlements,” and creative manipulation of funding for improvements to non-essentials such as city parks and community gathering places have taken precedence over the apparently silly notion of creating a “Drainage Master Plan.”

    Biting the hand that feeds them has become a way of life for City Councils. That “hand” incidentally represents the citizens of Sedona that foolishly voted for Sedona to become incorporated.

    Eddie Maddock

  7. Coulldn't Agree More says:

    Can you please tell me the difference between selling points for a less than 30 night stay at a timeshare and a homeowner joining websites to invite less than 30 day home-stay visitors?

    It seems there’s one set of laws for the hotels and timeshares, and another set of laws for the rest of us.

  8. Marty says:

    Sorry @Couldn’t Agree More but I must disagree with you. There’s a big difference between timeshares and residential short term rentals. To begin with, there’s presently a city code prohibiting short term rentals in areas zoned single family residential. Councilman Scott Jablow in his current City Talk article on Sedona Eye has addressed a number of the downfalls of illegal vacation or short term rentals.

    Further, a state law comes into play here. If short term rentals are made legal, resulting in diminished property values, individual or class-action law suits would be a logical course of action under the provisions outlined in Arizona Law Review Vol. 51:211

    People think nothing of breaking the law now, so if Sedona were to change the law and allow short term rentals, what will assure those doing so will report their operations and comply with a law? Relying on whistle-blowers has become a dangerous way of living for those who would dare speak up on behalf of their property rights.

    Sedona presently has an efficient code enforcer but without adequate assistance it’s unlikely all perpetrators will be apprehended. There’s another department where justifiably money could be better spent to uphold residential quality of life instead of squandered on special interest projects. It’s likely that in the near future the subject of increasing fines to those breaking the law will be considered and rightfully so.

    Should the city actually entertain the idea of changing the current policy to legalize “vacation/short-term rentals” in our residential areas, neighbors in at least two subdivisions of which I’m aware are prepared to pursue legal recourse.

    Quite possibly a few class-action law suits will be the only way to capture this city government’s attention that we mere peons mean business. Hope it doesn’t come to that but if “they” keep pushing us to the brink wait and see.

  9. who cares says:

    @ Eddie

    I really like reading your postings but oh, please do you have to go back as far as 1988 and pick on those of us who voted to incorporate??? I happen to be very happy with the way things have progressed over the years. Open your eyes Eddie and realize that life goes on. Progress has to continue for a city to grow. NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL, THIS CITY WILL GROW.

  10. Rockin Roger says:

    Ms Maddock, in the past you have posed questions along with proper answers. In your last 2 paragraphs you ask some interesting questions. I’m surprised that before posting you didn’t come with some answers. It appears to me that Ms Daines knows her facts so wouldn’t it have been a good idea to do your homework before this posting? I hope that you’re not loosing it and beginning to stoop as low as some others on this site and stirring the pot to sit back and watch the BS fly?

  11. Matt says:


    Because timeshares and hotels are generally in designated areas. Residential neighborhoods are not designed for short-term lodging and the associated and numerous problems this would present. Two completely different issues!!

  12. Matt says:

    C’mon man!

  13. @who cares. The point of going back twenty years to when Sedona incorporated is very simple. That’s when by not a huge majority the second attempt to incorporate Sedona succeeded. The first try, if you will recall since you indicate you were among the voters back then, reduced the size of the incorporated area which initially included VOC and the Red Rock Loop area. That you find results of the decision to incorporate have been favorable is your prerogative, and no doubt there are others who feel the same way since both the updated Community Plan as well as Home Rule were approved by voters. However, some of the main players and proponents for incorporation didn’t remain in Sedona long after the event as they saw their vision crumble at the hands of developers lined up at City Hall. That’s why some of us still aren’t connected to the sewer (which is just fine with me since I reclaimed my “good faith” hook-up fee.)

    The flip side rests with property owners who have already been subjected to flooding and the potential still exists. Many areas in West Sedona remain in jeopardy in addition to locations on the east side of Sedona. What about the owners of the historic “Humming Bird House” and others? And, yes, on a personal basis our own property was subjected to flooding totally created city negligence. That is a fact and I have proof. And yet Sedona still lacks a Drainage Master Plan while non-essential projects receive stamps of approval along with dedicated funding while properties remain in jeopardy.

    You say Sedona will continue to grow. Of course it will. However, it never ceases to amaze some of us that actually moved here because we liked Sedona for what it was and, unlike others, didn’t want to change it to have things like they were back wherever. Over and over and more and more people move here and want it to be like “back home.” Why is that? The word “progress” is subjective and therefore hinges on varied interpretations.

    @Rockin Roger. What the last paragraph of “The Truth About Timeshares Revisited” amounted to was suggestions proposed in the form of rhetorical questions. If that concept wasn’t clearly conveyed, then I apologize. After having explained that both Alison Zelms and Karen Daines concurred on use of CDF funding for “general operations of the city” to benefit citizens the determination of specifics still clearly lies within the discretion of whatever particular project is on the table.

  14. Is that true? Sedona incorporation was approved only AFTER proposed City Limits shrunk so as not to include the same boundaries as the Fire and School Districts? And now those very same areas are reaping benefits of FREE advertising with incorporated Sedona dollars? How smart are they and how dumb are the elected members on the City Council to allow such a thing to happen. Just when you think you’ve heard ’em all !

  15. About one hour ago a fatal accident occurred at Brewer Road and 89A. All emergency equipment responded including the landing of a helicopter. Roads in all directions have been shut down although possibly one lane of traffic is now open going north – nothing south.

    Be proud, City Council, that next Tuesday you have the opportunity to renew the Destination Marketing contract with the Chamber of Commerce. Be certain, though, to insist that the “destination” to Sedona these days could very well result in a one way trip.


  16. Rockin Roger says:

    Ms. Maddock

    Thank you for clearing up that information. One point that perhaps you were not aware of is that the Hummingbird House had the opportunity to “armor” (I believe is the term) their property from flooding with the help of the city and the owners never followed through with the plan and it was dropped.

  17. sharlett says:

    Our town got turned upside down today as the result of a (felon) driver followed by a police officer and the driver accelerated his Jeep up to at least 95 MPH and did his own personal suicide run on Cooks Hill (89A), as he crossed the center lane on W89A into the direct path of an innocent family in a Prius small car that tried avoiding him – but this ass had his focus on that little car which he finally hit head on.

    Then the driver of the Jeep pulled out his gun, jumped out of his car and ran and finally (thank God) shot himself in the head!

    No one could have predicted this chain of events would have happened in our little town – yet it did. My sorrow is so very deep and given to the officer following the Jeep who witnessing the rest of the horrific tragedy and to the family of those who were innocent victims.

    Then I learned there was – on a supposedly (or should be) quiet Sunday evening around 7 P.M. that some woman who had 2 drinks (+?) at our local Sound Bites restaurant – is drunk and wondering around the same parking lot and not in her right mind…and (as though they didn’t have enough to deal with today) our Police were called to deal with her!

    Call me wrong – and If I am wrong – isn’t Sedona Sound Bites the very same venue – business – bar – restaurant – where our Parks and Rec Mz Rachael is wanting our teens to congregate for a fun night of dancing to pay $10 to get into? Are our kids really safe at that establishment?

    Oh, another other incident was a couple dogs left in a hot car at El Rincon that the police were called on!

    My simple take is that our kids should have their dances at non commercial places like the old teen center as Posse Grounds Park (that has now been Sold and paid for by our stellar City Council to the new theater group); that our police should have better back up (thank God the officer was not killed); that All of us Wake Up and Realize that Sedona is not some little forgotten Oz town!

    Last thing I will say is that did the driver have drugs in his blood or was he just a felon fool? Was he legal or…..?

    Time will tell. But now we should all understand that Sedona is not exempt from anything!

    Isn’t it time for us to put on our adult pants and realize that our first line of protection is to protect our Citizens?

  18. @congratulations

    That’s a new low even for the hate mongers on this site.

    Blaming the C of C for a fatal crash.,!!!

    @ congratulations your an A hole

  19. Amy Blank says:

    What???? OKay this demands a smackdown. Rocking Roger you’re off your rocker!!!!!! I read that person’s comment several times. That’s NOT what was said. You stop being an A hole & knock off the stupid!!!!! You got to be on city chamber the way you talk???? On a day like this shut your flipping chip on shoulder!!!!

    And now about that accident. Horrible. Prayers go out to everyone who saw it and those involved in it. Must have been terrifying. Beautiful day marred by a criminal.

  20. Rocking Roger MY APOLOGIES. I was so upset by the accident information that I didn’t direct it right — C of C comment reaction by west sedona resident…WHO EVER THAT IS????

    Guess I should have ignored it but sometimes you have to speak up and say stop badmouthing people here because they speak their mind. It’s American to speak up. It’s what we should do. It’s what we must do. SPEAK UP !!!! DON’T BE COWED BY IDIOTS CALLING YOU NAMES. SAY WHAT YOU THINK. THEN LISTEN AND DECIDE WHAT YOU BELIEVE.

    Okay now I’m done. Sorry again Rocking Roger & grow up STUPID west sedona res!!!!

  21. Hey amy blank

    Two words for you..

    (deleted by editor)

  22. Oh Really? says:

    @ Congratulations C of C

    Are you kidding me????? You blame the C of C for a crazy car accident??? You really need to get a life or get off of this site. If you want to blame anything try blaming the Chem Trails or Smart Meters.

  23. Mark says:

    @AmyBlank’s right, that’s not the intent of the C/C commenter. Move on.

    Damn I love this site.

  24. They just don’t get it. (“they” meaning City Council)

    Doesn’t the “vision statement” repeated at the beginning of council meetings refer to Sedona as being “one of the earth’s great treasures?” Why, then, do our elected council members continue to make decisions that are so disrespectful to the area they take an oath to protect?

    Last year there was Slide Fire in Oak Creek Canyon. Sad but fortunately the forest will be restored and no lives were lost.

    The earth continues to shake minimally and most often unnoticeably with aftershocks from the earthquake felt towards the end of last year.

    Yesterday (Sunday) the horrible and fatal auto accident that has I presume left residents and visitors in shock.

    What will be next?

    Consider the unusual record breaking rain we are presently experiencing this June, which is generally a very dry month. Could that be a precursor of exceptionally heavy monsoons? Is Sedona in the path of more disaster which might have been mitigated with an appropriate Master Drainage Plan in place?

    No, I’m not a religious fanatic or even a member of organized religion. But it shouldn’t require a devout belief of anything in particular to recognize warnings when they are flaunting power every time we turn around.

    Keep it up, City Council. Continue to waste money by giving it to the Chamber of Commerce to encourage more exploitation of Sedona, “one of the earth’s great treasures.” Encourage teenagers to frequent adult bars and restaurants by sponsoring activities better held in youth centers. Oh, but I forgot. The “Teen Center” wasn’t good enough for Sedona’s kids.

    Keep it up, City Council, as you spend money by getting into the entertainment business as you have done by spending even more money for your unnecessary “service contract” with the Red Earth Theater group.

    And, of course, the $150,000 for improvements to the Brewer Road property. You had no better place to invest that money except to encourage more potential traffic to an already traffic-clogged “Heart of Sedona” as you so fondly prefer to reference it? Just wait until Tlaquepaque has it’s addition up and running. Do you think this recent accident will be the last? Get real.

    You have in-your-face examples that Mother Nature or some other such “higher power” has the final say around here. But you sit in your Ivory Tower with your heads in the clouds and your upturned snoots ready to give accolades to the Chamber of Commerce for a job that wasn’t necessary for them to do in the first place.

    You’re running out of time. Flood, fire, and earthquake are lurking about, just waiting to put you in your place. But the problem is, everyone will suffer needlessly and be punished for the irresponsible decisions that never seem to end.

    The legacy of the the last Council and the direction of this “new” Council, if the rapid pace to exploit and overbuild this “earth’s treasure” continues, for sure will be a monument (maybe at one of the roundabouts if they’re still here) inscribed “The Broken Heart of Sedona.”

    It’s unfortunate members of the City Council won’t see this and other articles and comments on Sedona Eye since word is that none of them read it.

  25. Jeanette says:

    Thank you Mr. Harrington for telling it like it is. A shame it will fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. That council – except that there are 7 of them instead of 3 – remind me of the three monkeys: See no evil; Hear no evil; Speak no evil.

    As if that means it doesn’t exist.

  26. Today’s the day when city council will again approve the Big Give Away to the regional Chamber of Commerce to promote competitive businesses outside city limits. If you have the stomach for it catch the grand performance streamed live on your computers or the city’s cable channel 4 beginning at 4:30.

    Don’t be late or you’ll miss out on the “moment o’fart” at the beginning of the main performance. Such a class act but to what degree? It should be a full house because an e-blast invitation was sent to make sure those in line to benefit from free money won’t miss out on the rare opportunity to be applauded at a council meeting.

    Wonder how these people are able to sleep at night knowing they are selling out incorporated residents and businesses? Shameful or to be admired?

  27. Oh Brother says:

    So the city council approved renewal of the Chamber contract upping it to around $1.4 million. And was it John Martinez questioned whether or not there would be enough hotels to accommodate all the people clogging our two highways with traffic?

    Doesn’t Mr. Martinez get it? How many of those cloggers are day trippers who quite likely will enjoy Sedona hiking trails, free parks, a dip in Oak Creek at Slide Rock, or the variety of other things unrelated to spending money? And what proof can the Chamber offer that they are responsible for any increased business? NONE.

    Maybe Mr. M isn’t aware of the two new hotels recently approved? (Upper Loop & Soldier Pass)

    The decision to sail through the ridiculous time consuming process of listening to the scripted Chamber presentation was unnecessary. This council, bought and paid for by Chamber and affinity Lodging Council needn’t have sat through the diatribe of how great the Chamber is and there would be no discovery of Sedona without the costly efforts of the C of C.

    BS BS BS – and that don’t stand for Boy Scout or Be Sweet

  28. Oh Really? says:

    @ Oh Brother BS BS BS may not stand for Boy Scout or Be Sweet but Oh Brother does stand for Sharlett Sharlett Sharlett. If it sounds like a duck and walk likes a duck……

  29. Oh Brother says:

    I beg your pardon @ Oh Really? I am NOT Sharlett. In fact, I think most of her comments are as offensive as yours. The only similarity between the three of us is apparently we enjoy employing the initials “BS.”

    And for the record, how do we all know that YOU aren’t, in fact, Sharlett and just enjoy setting the scene for the Babbling Sisters. (Another example of BS)

  30. sharlett says:

    @Oh Really? (and the rest of you bully/gorilla tactics folks)

    FYI: I don’t post under any other name than mine. I do not waste my time trying to come up with other names to play games. It is not, nor has ever been, my intention to do anything other that speak about and to what I know and believe.

    Could I suggest you just admit to and get over sharlett’s right of free speech (and all the rest of us who speak our truth) and stick with the issues rather than your lame personal agendas and attacks and stick with the issues? Guess since you haven’t/can’t factually counter much of what I write your easy out is just your personal attacks.

    if a Bully walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it must be a Bully Duck!

    sharlett is Signing off as “Bantam sharlett”, “Balanced sharlett”, and “Beacon sharlett” – so I think I’ve defined your 3 BS routines against me? Oh, and lest I forget – “Beam sharlett”. Have fun trying to twist those words.

    There are so many more important things that go on in our daily lives – instead of you attacking my first amendment rights and your rants against anyone’s rights.

  31. Annie says:

    Since recent meetings came up here I guess it’s OK to ask about the one last Wednesday (discussion about a National Monument.)
    At the end of the meeting, which is all I saw because I didn’t know it was happening, some council members thought they needed to reach out to organized groups for feedback. And guess who was #1 on the list? But of course, no big surprise, Mark Dinunzio didn’t even hesitate to chime in to consult with the Chamber of Commerce.

    So once again the decision, no matter what, is based on what the Chamber of Commerce has to say. Why? Are any decisions ever made without their input as being the deciding factor on the outcome? Having lived in numerous other states and cities, never have I witnessed a member-driven, special interest group given the authority to run the government. Again I ask why is that the policy in Sedona?

    Thank you.

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