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The Cost Of Breathing in America

Last night while I was watching that TV show about the married couple that has 19 kids, a balloon went up on the screen saying that the average family spends $7,800.00 a year on food.  That got me to thinking about what it costs me in food every year as a single man! I figure that I spend maybe $350.00 a month to feed myself, and that doesn’t include things like laundry soap, household... 

Sedona Arizona A-List Party May 24

Sedona AZ (March 26, 2010) – Save the date, May 24, 2010, for the biggest party to hit Sedona, Arizona this year!  A celebration of all times Sedona!  Los Abrigados Resort and Spa is the A-List party scene for great food, great music, great fun!  The Los Abrigados Resort and Spa party will get started at 4 PM.  $50 tickets!  Ticket prices include food, drink and entertainment! Meet... 

AZ Sales Tax Hike “Shell Game”

A proposed temporary sales tax increase to help balance the state budget would only amount to a “shell game” unless Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes proposed business tax cuts that would cut into the additional revenue, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard said Wednesday.  Read more…   http://capwiz.com/nea/az/utr/1/GJCLMFURVK/KFBEMFVLBS/4886661066  Read More →
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