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SFD Bond Vote Must Be a Yes

Sedona AZ (September 13, 2017) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

As my last “Perspective and Opinion” generated so much interest, I believe a follow-up (rather than a mere response) is in order.

TO: Michael Schroeder

You stated, “Personally I was not involved in the prior recall, so all the noise about that is past noise and really has little to do with what has happened over the last several years.”

Please allow me to point out that simply because something isn’t important to YOU, doesn’t mean it’s not important. Clearly, the recall came about as a result of EXACTLY the same accusations against the Fire District as are being lobbed today. Different Board. Different Chief. Same FALSE claims.

But when those making the accusations got their candidates elected to the Board, their only means of sustaining services at the current level (at the time) while actually lowering the mil rate, was to spend down ALL the capital reserves. There are no more reserves, Sir, and the District is in its current condition because THAT Board opted against making necessary capital improvements. What did they (or you, for that matter) think was going to happen?

You went on to say, “…this is about the inability of management to control costs, and a lot of that problem is due directly to union involvement.” How do you quantify such a statement? Where is the documentation proving same? I submit you cannot, because it’s simply not true.

In one paragraph, you cite “other districts” to prove your point. Two paragraphs later you completely contradict your own statement. Not that any other District in the state can be compared with the complexities facing our own SFD. Quoting “Fire Experience,”  “Floods, mountain rescues, major wildland fire issues…tourists… You are making very dangerous and incorrect assumptions….”

You also stated, “There are NO public controls on the mil rate.” That is ABSOLTELY NOT TRUE!!!! There is a state mandated ceiling of $3.25 on the mil rate. And yes…if the BOND is not approved, your mil rate WILL increase. Saying NO to the bond doesn’t magically make the District’s needs evaporate. So…do you want to pay everything up front in your mil rate or control the costs by ensuring those future residents utilizing the services will also being paying their fair share?

The website you consistently refer to is, at best, peppered with outright lies that, though PROVEN INACCURATE, have never been corrected on your site, and at worst, well…if I said what I truly thought, the editor would delete it. The redacted letter. The inaccuracies. The outright FALSE statements about the District and the Chief. You’re masters at falsehood and fabrication.

Suffice it to say, anyone buying into the so-called “work” you’ve done for them, drank too much Kool-Aid.

And one final thought: You’re Arizona Liberty, not Tea Party? Well, Sir…a rose by any other name still stinks!


TO: A Taxpayer

Sedona Fire Department in action

We need a ladder truck because fires and rescues are not always UP. They are OUT, to the left over a cliff, to the right over a cliff. Even in a one-story situation, it’s wise to have water coming in from above.

SFD does NOT routinely give rides BACK from the hospital. If may have occurred as a result of an unexpected/unanticipated situation, but it is NOT a practice to boost their call count. Grow up!

71% of employees live in Yavapai County and 14% of employees live in Coconino County and 15% live in Maricopa County. In fact—23% of our employees live within the Sedona Fire District.

Two other stations may very well be within five minutes of Station 6 AS THE CROW FLIES, but in the real world where we have to negotiate traffic, tourists and roundabouts, response time truly IS a life and death matter.

SFD used to have 24 on 48 off: The 2 days on and 4 days off system is more effective because firefighters are not duplicating in-house responsibilities every day.

Sedona Village of Oak Creek firefighters work to save homes photo by Abel Ortega May 2012

PRIVATE AMBULANCE SERVICE?!?!? That, too, was pursued by the prior Board. Only one private company was willing to submit a bid – offering only two (2) ambulances for the entire District. There is, of course, a multitude of other seriously impactful considerations, but that alone should scare the daylights out of you and quell your curiosity. If not, contact Prescott and ask what recently happened with their private ambulance service and its 40 MINUTE response time.

SFD is NOT a fire department. It is a Fire District. The difference between a municipal fire department and a Fire District is HUGE when discussing taxation. I recommend you learn the difference.

And in conclusion….

The BOND being sought by our Fire District is NOT as a result of mismanagement. The Great Recession had a great deal to do with declining revenues as property values depreciated. But if you look at what the mil rate was ten years ago and what it is today, the increase has been modest, indeed. If you moved here five years ago, you’ve had the misfortune of seeing a greater increase. But overall, our property taxes are VERY low compared to some of the examples you set forth.

Support those who put their lives on the line for you every single day. DO THE RIGHT THING. Vote YES for the Sedona Fire District Bond.

Wendy Tanzer
Sedona AZ

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    @ Not too late

    Does anyone understand what this person is talking about? Honestly, folks, this rambling rant contains no useful facts, figures or evidence. Just the predictable jumble of unsubstantiated accusations, personal attacks and insults. Aren’t we all getting just a little bit tired of this handful of internet trolls spewing out this repetitious nonsense? What a waste of everyone’s time. If you want to find out what’s really going on with the Sedona Fire District and its General Obligation Bond, Arizona Liberty has prepared a series of short informational videos investigating how SFD spends your taxpayer dollars. No emotion. No name calling. No personal attacks. Just the facts. Please click on the link below and decide for yourself:


    @ Not too late

    Does anyone understand what this person is talking about? Honestly, folks, this rambling rant contains no useful facts, figures or evidence. Just the predictable jumble of unsubstantiated accusations, personal attacks and insults. Aren’t we all getting just a little bit tired of this handful of internet trolls spewing out this repetitious nonsense? What a waste of everyone’s time. If you want to find out what’s really going on with the Sedona Fire District and its General Obligation Bond, Arizona Liberty has prepared a series of short informational videos investigating how SFD spends your taxpayer dollars. No emotion. No name calling. No personal attacks. Just the facts. Please click on the link below and decide for yourself:


  3. F.Y.I. says:

    Steve Segner is a dumb (deleted by editor) in my opinion. He doesn’t even know residents of the Red Rock Loop area are in the Sedona Fire District.

  4. Rich collister says:

    @azliberty/tea party

    You are hilarious…..

    You start out you campaign agaisnt the SFD bond by lying, misinformation, accusations and intimidation….

    Now we are expected to “believe you” and play nice…
    You set the tone AZ Liberty by you lying tactics at the “red shirt ” Fire board meeting..

    I see you still haven’t fixed your lies on your webpage….therefore you are STILL LYING and NOTHING you say or post should be taken as serious…

  5. jj says:

    I just looked at my tax bill and about had a heart attack. Over 700.00 goes to the fire district. You have to be kidding me . Greedy bastards asking for more money. Kazien ‘s salary is more than the metropolitan phoenix area. Rippoff. His residence is in the vallley. VOTE NO ON THE FIRE BOND!!


    @ Wendy Tanzer

    “But if you look at what the mil rate was ten years ago and what it is today, the increase has been modest” FAKE NEWS!

    No Wendy, the mil rate is 45% higher than 2006/7, not a modest increase. FACTS ARE STUBBORD THINGS!

    2006 2007 2008 2009
    1.75% 1.75% 1.65% 1.55%

    2010 2011 2012 2013
    1.40% 1.40% 1.63% 2.02%

    2014 2015 2016 2017
    2.13% 2.43% 2.45% 2.54%


    Attention SFD Taxpayers:

    Your tax bill just came in the mail this week. Please review it and you’ll find another SFD tax increase. 9% for 2017! This year’s budget totals almost $17 million!

    That 9% increase is on top of 6% in 2016; 11% in 2015; 24% in 2014; 22% in 2013; and 10% in 2012! SFD taxes have increased 114% in the last five years. That means SFD taxes have more than doubled under Chief Kazian’s watch! SFD taxes now represent 27% of the total tax bill, more than school district taxes of 23%.

    SFD now wants an additional $18 million (plus another $3 million of interest) of your tax dollars for a bond issue. That’s in addition to the $17 million annual budget.

    Please click on the link below for more information.


    Send a message to the SFD governing board and Chief Kazian


    VOTE NO!

  8. Sedona Property Tax rates says:

    In looking over my property tax rates I see that my Sedona property is just about as high as my Carlsbad home. My Carlsbad home gets better services, the schools and emergency fire services are superior to Sedona.
    I am voting NO! Clean up your act Sedona Fire. NO NO NO!

  9. No Cred. says:

    Do you really believe this paranoid moron? He cannot even give you his own name!

    SFD is here for you! They have been here for you! Fires, floods, trail rescues, tourists… Now they are asking for your help… just like most other FDs across the country.

    A retired, pensioner/school-teacher (math ) is trying to educate you about emergency services. It does not compute! He is just a Tea-Bagger.

  10. FYI says:

    Should you care about taxes if you rent? With the average home being 465,100 your RENT went up to pay $400 more a month to PAY those HIGH taxes in sedona.

    Dissolve the fire district they are overpaid and we have better services with county services.

  11. @FYI says:

    Dissolve the fire district – let’s look at that for a minute.

    Like SFD or not, if it was dissolved like you suggest who would do all of that work?

    The recalled Board tried to do that and it didn’t work. They even tried to bankrupt the district by spending money on needless audits and other things.

    But l;

  12. @@FYI says:

    lots of resources that can do it more efficient our property taxes have reached san diego now. the fire chief has wasted his job, he can’t manage it. SAME as California TAXES NOW if the bond goes through it will be higher than cali

  13. @@@FYI says:

    Well perhaps in a city where there are people like you who think they know what they are talking about when they really don’t.

    But if you think that YOU do, then please elaborate WHAT RESOURCES CAN DO IT MORE EFFICIENT then SFD? The recalled band of 4 former board members looked at an outside ambulance company and it was proven time and time again that it would cost more money and would provide much less service.

    Dispatch was dissolved and sent over to Cottonwood by Chief Kazian, sounds like a good fiscal plan to me. But you say that he can’t manage. Really???!!!???

    That leaves the fire fighters, please tell me what other “resources” can to do a fire fighters job more efficient? I don’t know of any contracting company that can bring in a group of fire fighters.

  14. Rich Collister says:

    I thought you Tea Party people were into spending money on infrastructure…..

    I can afford 7 dollars a month more in my Fire tax…..
    Yep that what you AZ Liberty / Tea Party complaining about..
    Approximately 7 dollars a month more for Fire House renovation/infrastucture repair/replace.. renovations.

    If you can’t afford 7 dollars and you don’t think this SEdona Fire is worth it then vote no..

    I Think SFD does an excellent job and are professials who are there for us..
    They help people at thier worst.

    Yes worth 7 dollars a month extra.

    Don’t listen to the lies of AZ Liberty…They hate everything government..

  15. Rich collister says:

    Here’s something else to consider

    Three az liberty members who are agaisnt this bond sat on the SFD fire board.
    All three during thier tenure never stepped foot inside a fire house much less know how fire deptments operate..(you think that would be something good to know).

    2 of the 3 were recalled cause they violated Arizona “open meeting laws” amongst other things like plain ole incompetence

    Neither one showed much care either….just cut cut cut.

    One of the reasons SFD needs this bond now is cause these 3 uniformed Tea Party members……used up all the financial reserves for such projects so the could artificially lower the mill rate…..

    Now the guy bringing you the u-tube videos thinks he is the “smartest man in the world”.

    He’s not and don’t let him fool you.
    He didn’t know that mission of SFD is “TO PROTECT LIFE AND PROPERY.
    All he really knows is that he had a very dangerous job of teaching 2nd grade students in berverly hills CA.. He collects a pension from that job after working only 18 years.


    @ Infrastructure Spending???????? Nice try, Collister

    $2 million – Village of Oak Creek Station

    Repair Roof/Dry Wall/Concrete Apron/Drainage/Leaking Patio
    Repair HVAC System/Swamp Coolers
    Update Public Restrooms
    Renovate Kitchen and Day Room Area
    Update Work Spaces

    $4 million – West Sedona Station

    Renovate Kitchen/Day Room Area
    Update Work Spaces/Multi-Purpose Room
    Re-engineer HVAC System
    Update Training (Gym) Room
    Build Kitchen/Breakroom for Administration Employees
    Improve Administration Employees Work Spaces
    Create Conference Room
    Build Fleet Facility
    Create More Employee/Public Parking
    Provide Better Storage/Warehouse Space
    Repurpose Space for Gear Storage

    Find out what your tax dollars will be spent on in this video


  17. steve segner says:

    ARIZONA LIBERTY says: yes it is a nice list of things the fire department wants to fix and repair Arizona liberty wants the fire department to be like the rest of America don’t fix the infrastructure don’t spend any money, let future generations Fix it. They don’t want to spend the money now. A good business repairs it’s equipment when it’s necessary don’t push it off to another administration or in our case another generation it’s just a tea party issue of not spending money so they can live large vote yes ,

  18. Rich Collister says:

    @arizona Liberty

    Watch the video if you want created by the Arizona Liberty/Tea Party member who sat on the SFD board…

    He never even stepped foot in a firehouse much less knows what they do..
    Listen if you want but consider the source of this AZ Liberty/Tea Party member.. Who hates all things government..

    Also consider this bond is going to coast approximately 7 dollars extra a month for a 500k valued house.

    Yes just 7 dollars..

    Also consider that the AZ Liberty/Tea Party guy expelling lies and misinformation on that U-tube link was one of 4 Tea Party/az liberty members who sat on the fire board ….Those 4 nearly bankrupt the Sedona Fire Distict through thier cutting the mill rate below a sustainable level…

    Also three of the 4 violated AZ open meeting laws and as a result got kicked out of the board by recall election…..Now THEY want to talk about mismanagement!

    To recap:
    The guy making the video never stepped foot in a firehouse and despite being on the fire board doesn’t know what Fire departments do.

    He had a very dangerous job at one point……He was a 2nd grade teacher in a dangerous neighborhood called Beverly Hills…

    He has been collecting a penision from that job for over 20 years now despite only working for 18 years

  19. Jim says:

    The fire district taxes have risen at an unbelievable rate. 100% increase in the last recent annual rate. Kiss my you no what. Losers.

  20. @steve Segner says:

    Excuse me but isn’t it President Donald Trump that hopes to make a concerted effort to improve the national infrastructure?

    So what are you talking about? How many more feet do you have that will fit into your big mouth?

  21. Another Concerned Taxpayer says:

    SFD has not informed taxpayers of important details embedded into costs of the bond issue to fund the remodeling and rebuilding of fire stations. Professional estimators always want these details to determine accuracy of the total request.

    Bundling contingencies with soft money hides the component amounts together to exceed 20% is suspiciously high. It lights up all kinds of questions like what’s really going on.

    Who made the cost estimates SFD published? Are they qualified as estimators employed by builders, design engineers and architects? Who are they and what’s their qualifications

    Without answers to these questions, there can’t be any informed voting since the dollar borrowings are not proven accurate. Or maybe they’re over-inflated.

    VOTE NO!

  22. Michael Schroeder says:

    If Mr. Collister was just a little bit honest in his posting and not as quite as insulting maybe someone would actually pay attention to him.

    The real issue is not $7 a month, but to some people one heck of a lot more, it is what is about to happen if the bond is passed (and the interest cost that goes with it that no one is talking about..a question you better ask) but to potential and real MIL rate change. Please learn what the MIL rate is and how your Fire taxes, like the school taxes can skyrocket with NO input from you or the taxpayer. Hint – it has nothing to do with the bond.

    If the management had been doing their job managing the district over the past 5 or so years we would not have to worry about fire hoses and infrastructure repair etc. And much of the “want” list is not repair at all. 30% increase in salaries and benefits for a district that has seen no growth in people, no increase in the area served and the same level of emergency runs? Does that sound like responsible use of your tax money? And the requests go far beyond the few items that Mr. Collister mentions, items that have little to do with the performance and capabilities of our firemen.

    But to understand what the issues are, you are not going to get any sensible opinions here where typing on a computer takes zero effort compared to digging for the data. We have dissected the audited PUBLIC financials of the of the Fire District, we also did the same for neighboring fire districts, who are having some of the same issues in irresponsible management that we have, and have reviewed the “wish list” of items that the bond is supposed to cover, including a substantial contingency, (slush fund) of undefined spending. And what is really troubling is that the majority of the fire board of directors, who are supposed to be looking out for the taxpayers and overseeing the SFD management just rubber stamped the request.

    So you have three options, 1) you can listen to people like Mr. Collister, 2) review the data and videos that we have laid out for you after 100s of hours of research and investigation, or 3) do the investigative research yourself. It is all public records, no emotion involved. It is just numbers folks, and it is a shame that the majority of the board cannot understand the numbers.

    Wasteful government and questionable financial management and leadership have led to the debacle that now, according to Sedona Fire management, requires a taxpayer bail out. And if anyone thinks that the latest increase is going to be anything close to what is expected of you then you really need to do some digging. it is your money, it is your savings and your cost of living. $7 is a nice pitch, but in reality is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

    We have made it easy for you at http://www.arizonaliberty.us

    All our data is verifiable if you want to take the time to dig into it yourselves.

    You have links to the graphs, research, YouTube videos and Facebook, all in one place at http://www.arizonaliberty.us

  23. steve Segner says:

    Excuse me but isn’t it President Donald Trump that hopes to make a concerted effort to improve the national infrastructure?
    so how has that been going?
    Oboma… Bush… the republican congress stops funding every time… money go’s to the generals…. It cost money to run a fire dept , the leader has an MBA, and we have a board…. move on…

  24. @Another Concerned Taxpayer says:

    “Who made the cost estimates SFD published? Are they qualified as estimators employed by builders, design engineers and architects? Who are they and what’s their qualifications”

    Answer: Probably the same source that provides the bogus reports for the Chamber of Commerce and their non-existent return on (city) investment?

  25. @ Mike Schroeder says:

    Mr Schroeder:

    I don’t get it; you run an organization (AZ Liberty), a group that hates being labeled as Tea Party and yet you practice and follow the Tea Party ways. You say that you hate over reaching government and over spending. While (name deleted by editor) may be your lap dog, you keep the three RECALLED SFD FIRE BOARD MEMBERS plus one who refused to run for a second term around to (deleted by editor). Those 4 former SFD board members did nothing but over reach, lie and waste hundreds of thousands of TAX PAYER dollars and you want to be taken seriously?

    You may like to pick on Collister but he has as much right to speak his mind on this site as everyone else. You may not like what he has to say but at least he isn’t a hypocrite.

  26. Wendy Tanzer says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen…And those lacking the courage to post their names and/or genders….

    It’s safe to assume these issues will not be resolved on Sedona Eye. The venom going back and forth is the least productive form of communication for this issue or any other. But there IS a forthcoming opportunity to hear both sides in a reasonable, concise and adult manner.

    The League of Women Voters is hosting a Forum on SFD’s proposed Bond Measure on October 18, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. The Forum was originally scheduled for October 16, 6:30 – at the Sedona Public Library. Unfortunately, that date was apparently in conflict with the calendars of some of the participants and the Sedona Library is no longer an option. Though the revised date has been agreed upon by both the “pro” and “con” positions, the venue is yet to be determined. As soon as the location has been decided upon (by the LWV) I will post it.

    The keys words above are REASONABLE, CONCISE and ADULT MANNER. If you are able to conduct yourselves accordingly, we welcome your attendance.

    Until then…happy arguing!

  27. steve Segner says:

    Wendy Tanzer says:
    great post , a meeting that people can go to and get real information.. the people on the Sedona Eye like to just make stuff up and pass it off as facts….

  28. Wendy Tanzer says:


    The LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS SFD Bond Measure Forum will be held at:

    Christ Lutheran Church
    25 Chapel Road, Sedona (on the corner of Chapel and 179)

    October 18, 2017 6:30 – 8:00 p,.m.

  29. @ Wendy Tanzer says:

    Spare us your condescension.

  30. Angel of Sedona says:

    @wt Go learn to debate and offer facts like ms Tanzer, then sneer. Until then there’s no condescension only intelligence vs stupidity. Next! You don’t get to shut down conversations in this city, this valley, this district.

  31. steve Segner says:

    The”T” party types in Sedona hate government, some if us want the best service we can get, the new bond will do just that at a very low cost The cost for the BOND on a $500,000 ASSESSED VALUE home is $21.21 (annual cost per $100,000) x 5 = $106.05 per year, divided by 12 months = $8.84 per month. Mike and his “t: party have you all worked up over $8.84 he is worked up because his home is way way over $500,000 and he does not want to pay….. The verde Valley is a huge service area and we need more stations because of the size….

  32. @steve Segner says:

    Here we go again. Segner writes: “The verde Valley is a huge service area and we need more stations because of the size….”
    He’s managed to convince certain people the regional Chamber of Commerce means it’s the responsibility of incorporated Sedona to financially take care of the entire Verde Valley, he now maintains the Sedona Fire District is also responsible for the same extended area?
    Wake up, people! It’s very possible Segner has even convinced the Fire Board we must be the caretakers for his self imposed expanded territory, but with only the residents in the Fire District footing the bill? In this instance, the Sedona Fire District – a few more people than incorporated Sedona but hardly enough to justify paying to sustain the “huge service area” to which this control freak suggests.
    VOTE – NO, NO, NO!

  33. @steve Segner says:

    You need help. The Sedona fire district doesn’t serve the whole verde valley.Are you retarted? yep u r SFD is only in sedona.

  34. Steve segnner says:

    Sorry your wrong ,learn to read a map ,the village , oak creek ,dry creek and deliver emergency patients to cottonwood

  35. Camp Verde Residents says:

    We were just recently tuned in about this web site and remain stunned. First it was news to us that Sedona is so generous with their money that they hired an Economic Adviser (or something like that) to look out for us over here. Nice we suppose since we no longer have our own Chamber of Commerce. However for this Sengler person to state (now let’s get it correct) OK – ” “The verde Valley is a huge service area and we need more stations because of the size….” why that’s a downright misrepresentation (to put it politely) and we are insulted and would hope this misinformed individual would kindly retract his outrageous remark.

    And since to prove it is NOT your Sedona Fire District that represents us here in Camp Verde Residents, we are not in the voting district. Too bad – we’d love the opportunity to contribute two NO votes to such idiotic and unfounded statements.

  36. Michael Schroeder says:

    To all the SFD voters.

    You now have received your ballot. We had over 100 people turn out for the League of Women Voters event at the Christ Lutheran Church last night. It was difficult to put all the data into a 10 minute presentation but the Q and A was good and that part of the meeting was streamed live by the Red Rock News.

    For anyone who is interested, we have the following even planned for tomorrow evening, October 20, 2017


    An indepth review and discussion with voters
    of the Sedona Fire District Bond Issue
    on the November 7, 2017 ballot

    Before you vote, please join us as we review in detail the $18 million Sedona Fire Bond Issue including the specific projects and how your tax dollars have been and are being spent.

    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20, 6:30 – 8:00 PM
    580 BREWER ROAD, SEDONA, 86336

    All voters are welcome.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is the power-point presentation that we could not present last night just due to time constraints. Each one of the slides has specific information from the results of our research, and this presentation can be viewed in advance on our web site. We will not wait until the end for Questions. Anyone who has a question on a particular slide may ask it at that time. It may take a little bit of time however thoroughness is important.

    It is also very important to realize that we are not the group of NO. There is another, more reasonable way to fund what SFD needs without setting up a slush fund of taxpayer dollars that could create an interest liability estimated to be around $3 million. Interest does not buy anything.

    Make no mistake about it, to fix the issues at SFD due to a board that is not paying attention and not giving direction to management is going to cost the taxpayers some money. But a Bond Issue is not the appropriate or smart way to do it.

    We look forward to your participation.

    http://www.arizonaliberty.us for further information.

  37. Bill, VOC says:

    Sedona Fire District (the “Fire District”), will hold a special bond election on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, to submit the following question to the qualified electors of the Fire District:

    Shall the District Board of Sedona Fire District, be authorized to sell and issue general obligation bonds of Sedona Fire District, in the aggregate principal amount of not to exceed $17,900,000, to provide funds to construct, equip and furnish new fire stations, to renovate, improve or reconstruct existing fire stations, to construct, equip and furnish an operations, maintenance and administrative building, to acquire any interests in land with respect to the foregoing, to liquidate indebtedness previously incurred for such purposes, to acquire apparatus, firefighting, water, rescue and communications equipment and to pay all legal, engineering, architectural, accounting, financial consultant and other necessary costs in connection therewith; said general obligation bonds to bear interest at a rate not to exceed 9% per annum and to mature over a period of not to exceed 20 years from the date of their issuance and may be sold at prices that include premiums not greater than permitted by law?

    The Fire District will prepare

    copied this from Arizona Liberty website, make up your own minds, looks obvious to me its not needed but I can be persuaded if I’m missing facts

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