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Sedona Sunday Observation

Sedona, AZ – By Tommy Acosta…

It almost seems ludicrous that 42 years after John Lennon made the infamous remark that the Beatles were “bigger than Jesus,” that the Vatican would indicate the Catholic Church has forgiven him.

The truth be told, that off-the-cuff and not-too-well-thought out remark by a young man intoxicated with fame was used by those who consciously maintain the ignorance of populations, to diminish the impact the Beatles would have on their generation and generations to come.

The Beatles were well on their way to becoming an unstoppable force for awareness and awakening in America until Lennon made that statement. Once the religious right got hold of it, it became a rallying cry and an excuse to burn and ban Beatles music throughout the south, further closing the minds of youth and cementing the ignorance the religious right still finds itself embalmed in.

Ignorance is the main tool those who profit from war, death, exploitation and disease use to maintain their wealth and control. An ignorant, compliant public is essential to those in positions of leadership who benefit from the sorrow of others.

At least the Church didn’t wait 100 years to pardon Lennon. Besides, Lennon was misquoted by the press. He never said he was bigger than Jesus – just taller.

Tuesday, Nov. 25, the council will discuss, according to its agenda posted on the city Web site, and take possible action, on an Open Meeting Law complaint filed against four city council members who allegedly violated the law shortly before the council voted to approve 76 lights for 89A.

For those who enjoy political chess this is a classic. It is no secret the complaint was filed by associates of Keep Sedona Beautiful, the main thorn in the side of those on the council who orchestrated the approval of the lights. As it turned out, the city denied the alleged violation and the tables have turned, as it is a violation to file such claims if they are false.

What to expect? Well, KSB is going to take it on the chin and those behind the lights are going to teach KSB a lesson at this meeting, with the sole purpose of further diminishing the organization’s political influence in the city while paving the way for the complete annihilation of an NSA designation for Sedona and the eventual creation of an alternate route at Red Rock Crossing.

What is not known is the action the council will take, if any, against KSB. But the chilling impact will be felt regardless. We will see how much wind is taken out of KSB’s sail in regards to its opposition to the 76 lights. This should be quite interesting.

The more things change the more they remain the same. Below is an observation written by a Roman named Cicero in 55 BC, titled “Sapientia Romana,” the Wisdom of Rome.

How well and true it rings today…




Sapientia Romana: 

“The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work,instead of living on public assistance.” 

Cicero – 55 BC


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  1. Terry Nash says:

    Very cool.
    Cicero was only 2000 years ahead of his time.
    Too bad he was executed.

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