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Monday Morning Quarterback II

Sedona, AZ — By Tommy Acosta…

Even though Tuesday’s Sedona City Council meeting agenda states there will be a discussion and possible “action” taken on a complaint filed against four council members for allegedly violating the Open Meeting Law shortly before the council voted to put in 76 lights on 89A, the possibility for action to be taken against Keep Sedona Beautiful for filing the complaint appears null and void.  

Since four of the seven council members were accused of the violation, they would have to excuse themselves from being able to vote on any action, which leaves the council without a quorum. Yikes!

How interesting. Let’s see how the city attorney handles that one.

Interesting as well is why no one, or political entity in town, has filed suit in court against the city or ADOT, or both, to stop the lights on grounds they will irreparably harm Sedona’s dark skies and as a result, diminish business because less people will come to enjoy the night skies.

I’m sure people would be wiling to contribute a few bucks towards a lawsuit that could tie everything up in court for years and perhaps prompt the state to use the $2 million penciled for the lights, on more urgent projects.


I just love the roundabouts. I consider each and every entry and egress a test of my driving skills and vehicular prowess. Not only does one have to make eye contact with those already in the circle or coming into it but one has to be ready to dodge senior citizens who swerve from one lane to the other without notice or reason.

Those roundabouts certainly take complacency out of driving, forcing one to pay attention. They create a sense of thrill and daring for some while instilling panic in others. Someone is too slow, you jump in and take advantage. Someone is too fast, you let them go and jump in behind them. Someone has no clue, you dodge em’. One thing’s for sure. Roundabouts get your attention.


Hmmm…first he decides not to press war crime charges against those responsible for the U.S. embracing torture. Now he decides not to press for a roll back on tax cuts for the rich. Wonder what’s next? A troop surge for Afghanistan?

Home Prices Plunge

Duh! For those who have already paid off their homes its no big deal cause the loss is on paper. But for those who took out second or third mortgages on the value of their homes this is more devastating news. Foreclosures up. Home values down. London Bridge is falling down. Now what? More bailouts of course for the banks and institutions.

A prediction: All the king’s horses and all the kings men will not be able to put the economy back together again. Get ready for round two.

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