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Sedona scene of morning aircraft crash

Sedona AZ – Sedona Fire District received a call for an aircraft crash at Sedona Oak Creek Airport at 9:42 this morning. Fire crews arrived to find a single engine aircraft that had come to rest on the taxiway after an aborted take-off.

“Both of the aircrafts occupants were uninjured and had exited the airplane,” said Battalion Chief Buzz Lechowski. “The aircraft was upright although the impact had sheared off the landing gear.”

The pilot told responders that he had lost power on take-off and was forced to bring the aircraft back down in the remaining runway space. The aircraft skidded across the infield and struck a runway sign before finally stopping on the taxiway.

The aircraft was a 1964 Beechcraft Bonanza S35. Proper authorities have been notified.

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  1. Amber, Cornville says:

    Crazy frickin stupid

  2. Clint, west Sedona says:

    Horrible crash in Moscow today that killed 13 or more, Aeroflot flight came in on fire. Planes need to have every available piece of safety equipment on board and pilots need better training, much better training. We watched the movie Sully and how the maintenance and airlines and investigators tried to blame the pilots because they didn’t want to believe it was the birds. Thankfully Sully’s plane had Sully at its helm because a lesser pilot and or a lesser man would have caved under the pressure. We need every pilot to be a Sully. God bless us all. Be safe out there.

  3. Bruce says:

    So little information from the media. Why, you ask? Because pilots at Sedona Airport, as well as the airport management, know that the media is so biased and uninformed about all things aviation-related they refuse to talk. I am a pilot and can guarantee that any details given to the media would get spun into some anti-general aviation hatchet job. Besides, we all “know” that pilots are just a bunch of arrogant millionaires who endanger the public with their reckless hobby.

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