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Sedona Film Festival Debuts The Song Within

Sedona AZ (February 10, 2011) – The SedonaEye.com received the following Letter to the Editor from local resident, Banya Lim. It is printed as received:

Hello Everyone,

I would like to share with you that I am in The Sedona Film Festival in a movie called “The Song Within.”  Kathy Douglas created a film of some of our areas most unusual and outspoken women.  It’s a beautiful film and I would like for you to see it if you are already going to purchase tickets for the festival.  The World Premiere is at the Sedona Performing Arts Center 1181 N. Tatum Blvd.

Date: February 21stTime: 9:00 AM

Place: Sedona Performing Arts Center—1181 N. Tatum Blvd.

You can go here to purchase the ticket: https://sedonafilmfest.wruckstar.com/FilmDetails.asp?view=block&blockid=13

This gorgeous visual investigation by first time film maker and Sedona resident Kathy Douglas is an exploration of the basic belief wisdom is everywhere. This film highlights 16 extraordinary Sedona women whose stories teach, entertain and inspire. The filmmaker makes it clear that these women are just a few of Sedona’s residents whose experiences are well worth noting. Her plan is to visit other communities to document other women’s profound voices. She decided to start in Sedona, her own backyard. Through stunning cinematography which highlights the beauty of our breathtaking red rocks, music that lifts the spirit and monologues from women of 16 different lifestyles this art piece/documentary gives us an experience that makes us pleased to be human. 

The Song Within


What a wonderful way to meet the neighbors! May this film be a reminder that within every community, within every individual there are treasures to be discovered. 

Thank you,

Banya Lim
Mago Center
Sedona AZ

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