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Sedona Dog’s Day Out with Harley McGuire

Harley McGuire, on the Sedona Scene

Sedona AZ (July 18, 2011)–SedonaEye.com celebrity columnist, Harley McGuire, spent a July morning out and about Sedona. Enjoy Harley’s “Life is a Blast!” roving Eye on the city park scene.

When Mother and I arrived up at the Sedona Posse Grounds at 9:00 AM on Saturday, July 16th to attend the free event this year hosted by the City of Sedona called A Dog’s Day Out in the Park,” we didn’t exactly know where to park. Then we found a space and we didn’t know how the heck to get inside the fenced area where the event was taking place!

So, we just sort of followed a few other confused guests and there we were. It was a much bigger grassy area than the other two parks we visit. Some doggies were running freely although, as usual, Mom kept me on a pretty short leash.

Some big dudes were splashing around in a kiddy’s inflated swimming pool. Guess who was splattered right off the bat? Yep, it was yours truly, Harley McGuire.

Was that my reward after having to go through the horror of being bathed and brushed prior to the outing? Whew, talk about adding insult to injury!

Coolin' down with pals, Cassy and Sobe

The best was yet to come, though, because finally I was able to meet, dog to dog, my pen pals Sobe and Cassy. They were perfect in every way, and their mommy was so kind and encouraged my own mother to lighten up and let me wander around a little bit.

Ms. Sobe, Cassy and Mom sat in the shade and visited taking in the sights and keeping an eye on all of us. Many loose dogs came up sniffing and most of them were friendly. I sort of kept my distance if any of them wanted to play too hard. (My unhinged jaw, you know, makes me edgy at times.)

Posse Grounds Park scene

We didn’t have time to go into another area where dogs needed to be on leashes. That’s where the Sedona Humane Society had their cool new pet-mobile which I surely hope went back to the shelter with fewer passengers than when it arrived.

Wouldn’t it be keen if all of those orphaned pets found forever homes on this very day?


Before we could even blink much someone announced that it was getting close to 11:00 AM, the time for the party to end. It was starting to get pretty hot so that was a good thing.

Ms. Sobe and Cassy gave us a ride to our car because they knew the ropes and had parked closer to the entrance of the party area. Mom and I were happy about that because we didn’t have to climb down a small hill–which for sure I would have had to be carried and who would carry Mommy?

Now it’s time for a nice nap with happy dreams!


  1. Sobe says:

    Hi Harley, that sure was Fun, wasn’t it. Cassy & I were so excited that You came to sit with Us. You’re even more handsom in person (so to speak), and such a celebrity. I was telling Her how You liked Me best, then She said You liked Her best, then I said You let Me stick My nose in Your ear. Well, anyway it was a pretty silent ride on the way home after that. But I know You love Me best, because We have white fur in common. Cassy’s just black, and, actually likes water.
    Love & Kisses,

  2. Blacky says:

    Hi Harley,
    Looks like you had a blast on your Day Out in the Park! Too bad that cats can not participate in events like that. I am a cat and can not relate too well to this kind of events since it is rather foreign to me to relax among other species of my kind that I do not know personally. I wouldn’t enjoy that but you dogs somehow tolerate it without shredding into pieces the other furry “friends”. I guess meeting the old pals is a reward and offers an opportunity to play which is always a good activity but all that commotion is not for me.
    I am glad you enjoyed yourself Harley, I like you reporting the relevant news for a change.

  3. Chip N Dale says:

    OK, so when will the “Cats Day Out” take place? We would certainly like to meet up with former roomies at the Humane Society and perhaps a few new friends. We would not shred anyone, Chip would probably run and hide.

    We love playing on and eating the grass. Maybe Blacky can meet us there too. Luv ya anyway Harley – Hey to mom!

    P.S. We’ve had our shots!

  4. Skipper says:

    Sounds like allot of fun Harley. Sorry Mommy and I missed all the festivities and a chance to meet your new pals. Maybe next time.

    Tail Wags,

  5. Birgitte Skielvig says:

    Loved Harley’s Column. Keep up the fun stories. “B”

    Paw Prints, Humane Society of Sedona
    2115 Shelby Drive
    Sedona, AZ 86336
    Save a life, adopt a companion animal!

  6. Sedona Dog Behavior Seminar says:

    Sedona Parks and Recreation Department is offering a seminar on dog behavior, Tuesday, July 26 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. called Understanding Canine Body Language in the Vultee Conference Room, Sedona City Hall, 102 Roadrunner Drive. Learn to read your dog’s signals such as what are they trying to communicate to you or other dogs. Avoid problems before they occur and learn what warning signs predict aggressive actions. Learn about fear, stress, calming signals, negotiating signals and other forms of body language communication to be able to understand and communicate with your dog.

    All seminars are dog free, so please leave your pet at home. Contact Parks and Recreation at 928-282-7098. Registration is being accepted now. Visit the City website at http://www.SedonaAZ.gov/parks.

  7. Harley McGuire says:

    Thanks to all of my friends, old and new, who took time to send comments. No way am I getting into which I care for the most ~ Sobe or Cassy! Ya think I’m nuts? Also, for sure I’ll let Skipper know about any other doggie events. And for my kitty-cat friends, I’m just going to check with that “B” person at the Sedona Humane Society and try to get an answer for them. Seems to me there might be discrimination against the feline population. Not fair.
    Harley McGuire

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