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Sedona Council and Chamber Election Lies

Sedona AZ (August 26, 2018) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

City of Sedona Council and its affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce is under scrutiny by the state of Arizona and its angry residents.

This is the story of lies by commission or omission with a love for wanton ignorance. It has created a sad atmosphere for our little city. Do you want the future of Sedona determined by people so comfortable with lies by commission, omission or wanton ignorance to determine our path?

Jennifer Wesselholf of the Regional Chamber of Commerce posted her latest plea for the people to understand her position in asking for help to overcome the rabble-rousing strangers attacking her organization: She’s upset that people are blaming the chamber for the traffic woes that didn’t exist before the three years of excessive and aggressive advertising by the Chamber.

But, of course, the Chamber says no to any fault – and since the Mayor and the editor of the red rock news have publicly stated that traffic would continue sans the Chamber involvement and Mr. Graham assures us it would continue with the same ferocity, how can the chamber share in any part of this problem? How confusing is this? That the unintended or never considered forethought of excessive advertising might cause traffic problems or was it that they had no impact at all and 6 million tax dollars were a complete waste?

Ms. Wesselhoff doesn’t disappoint her past record with more lies by commission and omission in her latest plea. It’s right in line with their weekly bulletin of lies concerning Home Rule. Obviously, ignorance isn’t the cause since she’s been corrected more times than I care to remember. So she again has lied to her loyal followers that every service such as police, parks, and street maintenance and traffic won’t get better without Home Rule.

But let’s not forget that the chamber recently appointed itself the “Truth Squad.” You say whaaat? I kid you not, they did, so now obviously we can rest in peace with whatever they say? But let’s come back to reality; the driving force behind Ms. Wesselhoff is greed for money and power; to be exact, $2.5M that her Chamber stands to lose per year if Home Rule is voted out — but there is a double threat. Even if Home Rule is passed, she needs the incumbents re-elected to keep the golden goose laying its eggs. Then again it all could be moot if the so-called fake news of the state’s investigation into the relationship between the Chamber of Commerce and the city is proven to be illegal. This kick up the legal ladder that is sloughed off by the city attorney, the Red Rock News, and the City Council (etc.) could end up emptying the pockets of all concerned. But I’m sure they’re quite calm and confident since they are now enjoying the distinction of being the ‘Truth Squad.”

Meanwhile, Steve Segner of the Sedona Lodging Council keeps on plugging along with his same inane comments about Home Rule with his own lies by commission and omission: Steve’s reasons to do so may be the most obvious for all to see because they’re all green with pictures of presidents. The more traffic the more people the more money Mr. Segner makes with his hotels.

Yet Mr. Segner has a secret weapon. He runs the AZ Election 18 PAC which amazingly proclaims voting YES for Home Rule will miraculously make the traffic better. Of course, how could I not see this before! Mr. Segner supporting his PAC with the Hotels and others invested in more traffic are giving their financial support to keep Home Rule and the incumbents because it creates more traffic.

No wait, it was supposed to be less traffic, right? Their logic escapes me. I can only assume someone with such illogical traffic ideas got together with Ms. Wesselhoff and thought the ultimate evolution of lying could only lead to claiming to be the ‘Truth Squad.” Mr. Segner’s lies of commission and omission are strongly spitting in the face of commonsense that home rule will make things better for Sedona.

Christopher Fox Graham, on the other hand, dabbles in all three categories with lies of commission, omission, and ignorance. His editorial on Wednesday, August 23rd showed his complete ignorance in understanding home rule or the lack thereof with claims of failure of the system from not being able to pay our policemen to filling a pothole. He only slightly falls short of Ms. Wesselhoff’s claim that the system will collapse and the state will have to come in and run the city. I understand his last editorial continued with the same lies about Home Rule, so obviously nothing will sway him or the others from ever telling the truth.

As Einstein is credited with the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results, why would I ever read Graham’s column? As an ambitious editor, I was disappointed by his repeated refusal to answer a simple question of why the Red Rock News was obviously through unrelenting biased writing, backing the continuance of home rule over the Alternative Base Adjustment (PBA). He eventually answered by minimizing the PBA’s importance and explaining that the paper would address it after the primary. In other words, we’ll figure out how to keep the barn door closed after the horses have run off.

If ignorance isn’t his plea, then lying by commission is the only other possibility. But based on my conversations with Mr. Graham, I believe wanton ignorance was the reason. How do you argue against anything without knowing the good and bad points of what you’re defending or attacking? Considering what the Red Rock News publishes about the Sedona political scene either choice fits, but since wanton ignorance is a side step from wanton omission that’s where I lean (wanton…I don’t want to hear about anything that’s not on my agenda). Obviously that’s what it is since he keeps repeating the same lies. But don’t try to corner Mr. Graham into giving a reason for anything he can’t defend or attacks because, if he doesn’t have the facts to back him when the need occurs, he excels at tossing in Red Herrings until there’s a stack of them with an overwhelming stench. Is it greed for power? With an ego his size, that I can believe.

Justin Clifton, our city manager and “Mr. Traffic is our destiny” is just visiting Sedona, the way I see it. His allegiance to the city council and the rest of the Cabal is unrelenting. It’s unfortunate that his caring for the people of the city isn’t in the running to protecting the Golden Goose. Not surprising, but I can only assume his blatant biased presentations about home rule originated from his pocket and not his commitment to the people or the truth. What I do know is that as an employee of the city, he broke the rules. So it’s greed for money is my guess, but maybe, since as the City Council explains that they follow the lead of the staff, a little greed for power might be in the mix as well. I would suggest Mr. Clifton get his resume up to date as maybe some others should do.

The incumbents, on the other hand, are a basket full of disappointment. Pushing for Home Rule gives them the power they must enjoy because it allows them to force changes on the people who are resisted like the connector roads. They feel it’s their duty to put their mark on the city come hell or high water regardless of the resistance and, if it can’t be the connector roads changing Uptown, screwing the businesses and the future of tourism will work just fine for them. At the August 15th meeting they showed their ignorance of the SIM 1 project with questions that should have been settled in their minds a year ago. And we wonder why the government is slow to move, but in this case thankfully. I’ve seen both lies of commission and omission at forums when the incumbents also described with certainty the failings of our city government if home rule wasn’t passed.

I’d say it’s their wanton ignorance by their want for power? Since they have resisted understanding any alternative to home rule because the loss of home rule strips them of the power to do what they want to do, it seems holding their grip on power is the most logical.

It brings to mind when Ms. Williamson (Councilor) put her fingers in her ears and repeated ‘I can’t hear you!’ at a City Council meeting. They spew the same garbage as those above – without regard to the wants of the people or protecting the future of this city.

The surprise is that still to this day Ms. Wesselhof and the incumbents have a following: It’s not surprising that someone will place their personal wealth or those fearing to keep their job ahead of the city’s needs, but for other followers I have to admit I’m at a loss because commonsense doesn’t explain it.

Of course, there are the non-profits which have been constantly lied to about losing their funding without home rule which is a fallacy. And the Council isn’t stupid about protecting itself; they know the more people who receive money from the city, the more people who will have an allegiance to them. They even changed the requirements of non-profit funding from a 501(c)3 to just 501 and there are 29 categories of 501. The opportunity to enlist more support is great and, as is obvious, the more money they give away the more built-in support they have.

All these people are part of the Cabal that has nothing but their own self-interest at heart. If they stay in place, things won’t improve except for them. All have from the very beginning and to this day still blatantly lie to anyone and everyone. You think I’m harsh? Well, sometimes the truth hurts.

This isn’t about my campaigning for anyone’s vote. I’m speaking as a citizen and I’m telling it the way it is – and, it’s only because of the way it is that I became politically involved.

We’re being taken advantage of – and the longer these people have any say or any input or are able to access the money or influence the course of this city in any manner – the more we will suffer for it. Being a politician is not my dream. I’ll gladly give up my chance of being on this council knowing that home rule is voted down and the incumbents are voted out, replaced with people who will fight to get this city back on track and back into the hands of the people.

This political chaos and resistance didn’t just pop up on its own, it’s because people are angry. The chaotic atmosphere has made many people very uncomfortable. Beneath the chaos, I know this city has a strong foundation of peace and, unfortunately, sometimes you have to fight through the chaos and lies to again enjoy the peace.

Sam Tardio
City of Sedona August 28 Candidate

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  1. Michael Schroeder says:

    Permanent Base Adjustment is the Only Choice. If the public defeats Home Rule, tomorrow, remember we have to go through this nonsense every 4 years, then PBA rules and with the way it’s set up we will NEVER have to vote on Home Rule again. NEVER.

    There are cities in Arizona right now that are voting in November for a PBA and Home Rule is still in effect for two years in their cities. In two years their Home Rule will expire and they will not have to ever vote on it again because their PBA auto increases with population and inflation.

    How do you think Surprize Arizona got a PBA expenditure level of 1 Billion dollars. They could not do that number today. Because 10 years ago they had a council and population who understood and got off the HOME RULE drug.

    In Sedona, the greed of certain business groups, the huge salaries of some city workers, and the fear of loss of the city grants to many has frozen the brains of common sense.

    So worried about an immediate loss, that won’t happen by the way…we fixed that despite the city’s illegal actions against the ballot initiative, prevents one using his or her head in planning for the financial future. This has created a total lack of vision and fiscal responsibility.

    I seriously doubt that anyone voting to maitain the nonsense of Home Rule when an option is there to eliminate it, like smart cities have done, have EVER had to run a real business with $5 million or more in revenue and expenses. I think not.

    We will see tomorrow how many people “get it” or are stuck in the here and now and want to wade through this nightmare again in 4 years.

  2. Kris says:

    I’ve tried very hard to follow the money on this issue. Not an easy task! There seems to be a lack of accountability in some, BUT NOT ALL, circumstances. I was hoping to hear from the Attorney General’s investigation but it seems to have been stalled for some reason. I’m concerned about the amount of money being collected in taxes and seemingly, little done about the upkeep or normal city needs. I’m concerned for homeowners in the prospective SIM areas and the talk of “eminent domain”. I’ve seen some financial numbers for our police that appear to be lower than most and I see the need for city and residential road repairs go unattended. Yet, the budget allows for hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars going to the Chamber of commerce with limited oversight. What’s wrong with this picture? I’m not blaming anyone in particular. I know that I might keep my mouth shut and go along to get along if I was handed millions every year that I may not have to account for! But, we need to do better. I’ve read pamphlets, newspapers, online public records and attended (video) meetings of City Council and determined that change may be a good thing in this situation. I’m not saying that is the “cure all”, but I AM saying, it’s worth a try.

    I LOVE Sedona…have since I was a child coming up from Scottsdale for long summer stays in the ’60s and 70’s. Now it’s my home, a dream come true, and I want her to shine, to prosper, to be here, safe and sound for the next generations to love her like I do.

  3. Kathy Howe says:

    Sam, you are entitled to your opinion, just as many of us who disagree with you are entitled to ours. Tomorrow all of this will be over and you will no longer have the pulpit. Find something to do that makes you happy instead of trying to get elected to something that brings out all the anger and hostility you have within you. Granted, you have passion. Put that passion towards doing good, not harm.

  4. Audree says:

    Ways to Tell When Someone is Acting Out of Insecurity
    1. They will tell you how ugly they think other people are, appearance and actions.
    2. They will call names when things get too intense. If you ever get into a debate with them they will eventually resort to calling names like “ignorant,” “basket full of disappointments” and worse, usually when the discussion tips out of their favor.
    3. They will publicly denigrate others. Someone who is insecure about how they’ve acted or treated someone else will publicly defame or bad-mouth others.
    4.They will belittle another person’s success. A person who views another person’s success as superior to their own, or who sees the public praise surrounding another person’s success and is intimidated by it, will belittle and diminish that success in any way that they can. They will try to prove why that person’s success was not actually earned, why it was a fluke, or why the pathway to that person’s success was achieved by breaking rules and trampling on others.
    5. They enjoy pointing fingers at others.
    6. They refuse to see the positive in those that intimidate them the most.

  5. Michael Schroeder says:

    Permanent Base Adjustment is the Only Choice. If the public defeats Home Rule, tomorrow, remember we must go through this nonsense every 4 years, then PBA rules and with the way it’s set up we will NEVER have to vote on Home Rule again. NEVER.

    There are cities in Arizona right now that are voting in November for a PBA and Home Rule is still in effect for two years in their cities. In two years, their Home Rule will expire and they will not have to ever vote on it again because their PBA auto increases with population and inflation.

    How do you think Surprise Arizona got a PBA expenditure level of 1 Billion dollars? That’s the one thing that Scott Jablow stated on council on June 26th that was correct, but he had no clue how they got there. They could not do that number today. In 2008 they had a council and a voter base who understood and got off the HOME RULE drug by adjusting their Permanent Base. Our 2008 moment is TOMORROW, August 28th and then November 6th. Are we smart enough to recognize it?

    In Sedona, the greed of certain business groups, the huge salaries of some city workers, and the fear of loss of the city grants to many has frozen the brains of common sense.

    People are so scared about an immediate loss, (that won’t happen by the way…we fixed that despite the city’s illegal actions against the ballot initiative), it prevents them from using their head in planning for the city’s financial future. This has created a total lack of vision and abandons fiscal responsibility.

    I seriously doubt that anyone voting to maintain the nonsense of Home Rule when an option is there to eliminate it have EVER had to run a real business with $5 million or more in revenue and expenses. I think not. 19 Cities in Arizona have figured it out.

    We will see tomorrow how many people “get it” or are stuck in the here and now and want to wade through this nightmare again in 4 years.

  6. Dana Varney says:

    Thanks Sam for a very insightful and honest article. I agree wholeheartedly. I have to say you have got my vote.

  7. Michael Schroeder says:

    Audree is a Troll. Not sure this person is even a Sedona Resident.

  8. Audree says:

    Sorry, not a troll. Surprised you don’t know me, as I know you. Have a great Monday!

  9. Tony Tonsich says:

    Great article Sam.

    All we can to is try and inform the voters, those who have loved calling Sedona their home. We can have our town back from those motivated by greed.

    Vote No on Home Rule, No to all incumbents and past government workers.

    YOU, the voters, have the power !!

  10. West Sedona Dave says:

    Thank you Audree, much of what you said must cut like a knife to the all knowing.

    Lets first ask why some scream its my MONEY?….It is?….You have no property tax, and you pay 3.5% if you shop for non food items at a store…..Have you ever wondered why they arnt attacking the state with such a high sales tax?….Hmmmmm?

    If its your money, what do you want?….A refund?….Would that be the evil socialism?

    We have even heard over and over about businesses being takers or in their words corporate handouts or special interest groups?….Now what fool would constantly repeat that?…..If they had any idea, without those very same businesses we wouldn’t even have a tax base???? Wha?….So the businesses who make a living selling here and putting into our tax base are no good? Evil?….I have a feeling some are clueless what special interest really is!…..Now thats not only scary, but stupid!

    Then the silliness of the Chamber, which is actually product development…..So we embellish what it is to prove a point?….I call it just a lie, which it is!…

    Now my fave on The chamber is they talk about thats their money also?….It is….Im sorry I live here, why do I need a room?…..I think some just might be paying that bed tax because of something nefarious they might be doing behind their partners back?…Why else the outrage?

    I am amazed at the outright hatred, and lies that get spewed over and over…..If they get the no vote, what will they hate on next?….Almost hard to believe who or what will be the next victim of such hateful rhetoric?

    We enjoy that are taxes are low, and the tax paid comes from the majority of out of towners…..Lets not forget what happened after the crash of 2008!….and it will happen again, we now live in a bust or boom economy.

    Till the city proves they arnt looking out for me I will still support them.

    I have voted YES, and have helped many of our local seniors understand what a disaster saying no is, and its ramifications.

    So best of luck to the Arizona tea party of hate….You were warned by the RRN, dont get into a fight with someone who buys paper by the ton, and ink by the barrel!….But as usual, you didnt listen!…Stick to facts, and honesty its always the best policy!

  11. @Audree says:

    Why don’t you just tell Segner this directly?
    Try El Portal, his residence.

  12. Sam Tardio says:

    Kathy Howe,

    I’m not trying to take away anyone’s right to their opinion and yes thankfully tomorrow it will all be over at least for a while for some candidates. I don’t have the pulpit anymore than you do in fact this is my first ever article here.

    I live a very quiet and happy life, I don’t walk around angry as you may believe but I do get angry when people continually lie for their own gain at the expense of others.

    Nothing I said in this article is a lie but for some reason you want to defend the liars and instead of asking them to leave. You fail to recognize I’m doing my best to do good for this city by trying to get the liars out of office and those using their influence to gain at the city’s expense. If I’ve lied in the article please show me where?

  13. Sam Tardio says:


    Do I sound insecure? I didn’t talk about their appearance or use the word ugly but if what I’ve described is ugly then so be it. Should we all sit back and allow the ugliness of their actions continue without exposing them. Their lying may be acceptable to you but some other people may not know what is happening, hence my article.

    I’ll gladly get into any debate because I know I’ve stated the truth, yet you want to defend the liars, why? I never called anyone ignorant I said they are either lying on purpose, or lying by not giving all the facts or are acting in wanton ignorance, that being avoiding to learn the truth because they would rather stay uninformed because it better suits there agenda.

    Yes, the basket full of disappointments is fair description of the City Council and I don’t see this discussion tipping out of my favor. If it did I would admit to my failure rather than how the editor throws out Red Herrings when he can’t defend a point.

    As for denigration that again would be the RRN editor who totally ripped on Tony Tonsich out of hate but couldn’t defend his own argument. Again Red Herrings were tossed into the mix for deflection. I haven’t defamed anyone, they have defamed themselves with their actions. My defaming them would be if I made this stuff up.

    As for belittling again I’ve only stated the truth if there’s any belittling look to them for their actions. Believe me there is nothing about these people that is intimidating to me and they are the farthest from being superior to anyone. But then no one, myself included, is superior to anyone else. I’m not diminishing their success but I’m not aware of it and I would gladly praise their success if you would like to tell me what it is. If they’ve earned success they should be commended for it, but I’ve not seen these worthy attributes so again show me what they are.

    But what regardless of any success it doesn’t excuse the continual lying to the public and the use of fear tactics to try to sway the public to vote for something that will not serve them in their best interest. That being Yes on Home Rule and keeping these people in office.

    As for trampling on others I don’t get up with that intention but these people have trampled on the rights of others by trying to prevent an alternative to Home Rule, and lying to the people about what happens if there is no Home Rule. I also don’t enjoy pointing my finger at others but should I ignore those that are lying can cheating or should I point them out and call them out on their lying and cheating.

    I have a clear conscience and nothing to be ashamed about. Please, tell me how you can defend the liars and accuse me for calling them out? Is your conscience clear in doing that. Are you actually ignorant to the facts or preferring to ignore the facts because it suits your agenda whatever that may be.

    I’ll gladly debate my position because I have the truth behind me. If you have something positive to say in their defense I’ll gladly recognize it but we can’t escape or excuse the truth of their lying because they’ve accomplished something in the past.

  14. Eddie Maddock says:

    Hi Audree:

    How the heck are you? Better question, aren’t you happy you made the big decision? But then again, just think what you gave up here. #$%#@!!!

    Hope the music box merited a small space in your suitcase or packing containers. Keep reading SE and keep on commenting.



  15. Eddie Maddock says:

    PS – As soon as ballots were mailed after the 1st of August I marked mine and mailed it – at the Post Office. And guess what? One of my votes most assuredly was for Sam Tardio. Big surprise? Shouldn’t be.

  16. Sam Tardio says:

    West Sedona Dave,

    I’m skipping most of what you wrote and I’m going to the heart of it.

    If you think the city is supporting you then you’re not paying attention. It worries me that you’re helping seniors understand Home Rule when it obvious you don’t understand it.

    The only hate I’ve got going here is hating the liars that are taking tax money for their own benefit and you believe the city is serving you well as they lie to you? Again, you’re not paying attention.

    As for the newspaper, I don’t care how much they buy or how often it what they print that is offensive. Again you’re not paying attention.

    If I missed on the facts please point them out to me because nothing written in this article is untrue. You listen to people constantly lying and you protect them obviously you are not paying attention. Tell me what is not factual.

    Like you said, honesty is always the best policy and I’ve been honest. I’m really curious in reading your explanation about how Home Rule works that it will be bad for the city so please share. But if you start or end or have anything in the middle about services being cut or non-profits not receiving any funding then you fit the people in this article very well with either being wanton ignorant or lying.

    Again you have not been paying attention to not know about the options available to us when voting NO on Home Rule. You can spread out that rhetoric all you want but you should really understand what you’re talking about before debating the facts. At least offer something as factual not just your emotional connection to the YES people otherwise you’re just tossing a Red Herring..

  17. Sam Tardio says:


    If that comment about saying this direct to Segner was meant for me I don’t get it. Segner doesn’t impress me, he’s just another one of the liars. We’ve gone round and round many times and I wouldn’t care if it was face to face. I don’t write or say things about people that I wouldn’t say to their face. If you’re impressed that’s your problem.

  18. Phil Kerry says:

    Time to vote. Get it done. Vote NO. Save Sedona Now.

  19. Barbara Litrell says:

    Well, the votes are in and Sedona can move forward and make the improvements planned with the revenues the city has. Home Rule won by an overwhelming margin.
    I hope all those who ran and did not win will contact the city and volunteer for a task force, a commission, a committee, attend he Citizens Academy. Get involved on the inside — better than throwing mud from the outside.

  20. @Barbara Littrell says:

    You should be proud – you and Rob Adams. You’re the ones who put the City/Chamber giveaway in motion WITHOUT COMPETITIVE BIDS. What a legacy! The only thing missing is a creek walk dedicated to Rob Adams. WTF!

    Go back to New Yawk! Big time events there suit your life style and many many hundreds more mentally deranged and homeless for you to pretend to be Sedona’s Saint Theresa. You won’t be missed here by e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e!

    BTW what has your priest done? He’s where and why? Do you support the pope resigning???? Do you support the church of Rome closing its doors in Sedona? Speak up Barbara, inquiring minds need to know where you stand???? Let’s take a poll of every Catholic in Sedona and those that don’t support the pope resigning are supporters of pedophiles and anti gay???? How does it feel Barbara to be falsely on the hot seat for the actions of others and institutions???? Own it. This is Karma.

  21. Mike says:

    Barbara let’s be reasonable because you disappeared during the election and took no sides or expressed no opinions and you’ve dropped in at the end to offer “advice”??? Forgive me for being direct but I’ve known you a long time during elections and you ” played “us’, you played it safe, you failed to stand tall when your job for Diamond failed and you failed to say why this kind of Chamber was bad for Sedona and I am guessing it is because you want a city job again? Barbara in this day and age you accept money in lieu of principles and that makes you the political American traitor. At least Segner is ignorant but he puts it out there and here are you hiding behind and pretending! What’s more important? Segner is transparent. Litrell is? Sedona, well fill in the blank because it’s your city, its your betrayal and it’s your lack of transparency.

  22. @Barbara says:

    Hey Barbaraaaaa You are the problem. If you think we didn’t notice that DORR went door to door to SCARE the voters into the a YES vote then I have some real estate to sell you.

    We also noticed DORR went to ALL the businesses TO SCARE them into a YES VOTE.

    YOU GIFT AWAY MILLIONS and want us to VOLUNTEER?????? (deleted by editor)

    You caused the problem go away. Volunteer your Axs

  23. MMMMIKE!!! says:

    Segner is transparent? Please! I guess you have not seen him behind the scenes. He is repulsive.

    All politicians in this area work only on “safe” and accepted issues. Ones that will likely have a favorable outcome so they can all look good to each other. They don’t want to go out on a limb or be rejected.

    Litrell did support smart meters awareness and 25% or more of our citizens do not sleep in the nightly dangerous doses of microwave radiation pulsing through their wiring system while they sleep and that was very controversial. I applaud her for that.

    Segner, on the other had, is not a politician so no boundaries,THRIVES in adversity and his need for any kind of attention is mind boggling. I just wish he would use that energy for good. Maybe someday when he finishes paying his karma, what a debt.

  24. JD - Sedona says:

    “All politicians in this area work only on “safe” and accepted issues.” @@MMMMIKE

    Since when? “Safe and accepted issues” doesn’t work with the scam deal they have with the C of C.

    Giving all that money to them so they will look good when they return some of it for things like the USFS trail maintenance. And to help pay for one worthless “study” after another. And rarely have favorable outcomes which make them even more foolish. BS is what that is but the people have voted and love Sedona’s direction. Remind them of that the next time they complain.

    As for B. Litrell and her support for a ban on smart meters, she was just one small fish in that pond. The real credit should go to Warren Woodward and Nancy Baer who were the backbone. And Warren continues to fight the cause. Where’s Babs now? Reveling in her “do goody” save the poor missions for able bodied people who could go out and get jobs? Her and the DORR folks maintain the noose around the residents of Sedona and they seem to love it. End of story.

  25. Jim Poole says:

    Litrel has done more damage to Sedona than any other person.

    She used her position on council to give away millions to her pet projects. Now she uses her involvement in the democratic party to manipulate the public to get the results for her cronies.

    Reject BL

  26. @Jim Poole says:

    So Funny…

    The majority of voters see things a bit differently then you do….so you need a NEW scape goat… You guys need a new one to BLAME..

    Could it be that most are ALOT less selfish then your group.

    (Deleted by Editor)

  27. M Mallon says:

    It’s not generosity when you are giving away taxpayers money. It is false virtue signaling and theft. When taxes are taken by force to give to someone else, that is theft. Period.

    Give away all of your OWN money that you like. That is generosity and charity.


    Why is the VILLAGE being courted for an alternate route to Sedona that they also want us to pay for?
    Say no to taxing districts.
    They are small lawless groups that answer to no one short of the attorney general.
    Once started, the County will not help,

  29. @RED ROCK CROSSING says:

    Maybe a sure way to get them to back off is to reopen an old suggestion of making an alternate route to West Sedona from SR179 via Back’O Beyond to connect w/Shelby and/or Sunset. Direct shot either or both ways.

  30. Mike H says:

    I think Back O Beyond to Shelby and use the Sedona in Motion funds.
    Sedona’s traffic, Sedona’s solution. Easy peasey.

  31. Joanna S. says:

    The Back O Beyond direction is the best solutions.

    Tourists love going that direction.So it will reduce traffic.
    Reduce Y traffic for all those visitors staying west of Y.

    It will gives the village folks a route directly to grocery stores. Increase city revenues.

    Lets Just do it! Scenic Sedona Creek pass

  32. F.Y.I. says:

    The City and Chamber have taken one of the best places to live and turned it into a traffic clogged tourist trap. That ‘overtourism’ does not worry the City Council is troubling. Sadly, no one is watching out for the interests of the residents.

    The Council is scheduled to discuss the Marriott Residence Inn project during a work session on Sept 12 at 3 p.m. It will be a mix of studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units, with five units reserved for employees. There will be a total of 92 units which will sit on just over three acres of land located across from the Red Rock High School. The three-quarter acres of open space will be used for drainage.

    The national hotel average is 7-8 car trips a day. We are looking at from 644 to 736 extra trips a day. This increase in traffic during Sedona’s busy tourist months when highways are clogged will mean additional nightmare traffic congestion, as well as health, welfare and safety problems and liability. And what about the 50% of drive-through’s who don’t stay overnight? At this point the City Council cannot justify bringing more traffic and congestion to Sedona.

    The City needs to fix, not add to the ominous tourism/traffic problems by ending the marketing of Sedona.

  33. Dan, west Sedona says:

    @F.Y.I. Based on the outcome of the election, it’s clear the majority of voting Sedona residents disagree with you. If any of those who turned down an opportunity to pull in the reins suddenly get fed up with traffic, they should be reminded they are to blame. NOT the Chamber; NOT City Council, and NOT City Staff.

    Residents of Sedona, you reap what you sow. Problem is those of us who had a clearer vision than to buy into scare tactics must also suffer.

  34. F.Y.I. says:

    Don’t be blindsided by Dan, west Sedona.

    The City’s population has decreased from 11,436 in 2009 (Source: 2017 CAFR) to approximate 10,053 today. In 2009 the City wasn’t giving free taxpayer money to twenty-two 501(c) non-profits, a violation of the State Constitution’s “Gift Clause.” Quite the opposite.This travesty began under City Manager Tim Ernster who only joined the City in 2009.

    When the number of voting members of the Chamber of Commerce, Lodging Council and the City’s four contracted Community Service Organizations are combined with the members of each of the twenty-two non-profits, the total of City Hall cronies who vote for incumbents and home rule outnumbers the rest of us.

    And, of course, City Manager Justin Clifton went to practically every place but Timbuktu giving his spiel on Home Rule.

    City election outcomes are undemocratic and unfair.

  35. @FYI says:

    Even if the city council doesn’t approve a new hotel, THE COUNTY WILL!! It has always been said that it doesn’t matter what the city does with lodging because the “VILLAGE PEOPLE” have no teeth to stop the 2 or 3 multilevel hotels on 179 and Jacks Canyon that are coming their way.

  36. Dan, west Sedona says:

    @FYI that’s my point —- the majority of Sedona voters are those who reap financial benefits. Why else would residents be selling out and leaving proven by the reduction in population as you accurately pointed out.

    The election results spoke volumes. PERIOD! Residents no longer matter. Don’t like it? Then move. “They” do not care. Nothing undemocratic and unfair. Just a bunch of imbeciles who react to unfounded scare tactics leads to victory for the status quo IMO.

  37. @Dan West Sedona says:

    No your wrong Dan..

    Your group of pettiness and malcontent don’t matter. The rest of us Sedona residents are doing just fine….

    It’s a beautiful day…go outside….get a life

  38. JD - Sedona says:

    @@Dan West Sedona. You make no sense.

    It’s those who are raking in the dollars who get out and vote the rest of us who trend toward maintaining the small town atmosphere as a commitment to the Community Plan don’t matter. And it’s their own fault so they deserve to be kicked to the curb don’t they?
    So YOU state ….your group of pettiness and malcontent don’t matter…..yet you tell @Dan West Sedona “No your wrong Dan” ???? What gives? Too much green beer and it ain’t even St Pat’s Day!!!!!!!

  39. F.Y.I. says:

    Dan, west Sedona is incorrect. Sedona’s population has decreased mainly due to unending traffic congestion, health and safety issues, Airbnb’s degrading neighborhoods, and annual sewer fee or sales tax increases that are reductive.

  40. Mike H says:

    I know a number of people who are moving because of the outcome of this election.

    Justtin Clifton was apparently right “Sedona is a tourist town.” You who voted to preserve funding for your favorite non profit will pay for taking what was not yours. It’s not generosity if it is someone else’s money.

    Karma will make you pay, There is no avoiding it.


    Recently, people have been working very hard behind the scenes, trying to find a new way to look at an “emotional” subject. They want to look at it “scientifically”. OK, scientifically, Red Rock Crossing is an extremely environmentally sensitive area.

    Who are these people working very hard behind the scenes?

    City of Sedona
    County Supervisor Garrison
    Yavapai County

    Keep Sedona Moving-A couple of guys from the Village, not sure? They have an email, no website, no information on who they are. They have been showing up at local meetings with Supervisor Garrison. That is pretty impressive.

    They are approaching the city of Sedona’s self inflicted major traffic problem from the Big Park, Red Rock loop side and the city of Sedona is so interested in having us participate they are paying for the stamps to send a survey to our residents in unincorporated Yavapai County to include Big Park, a designated place that includes Little Park, the Village of Oak Creek, Lee Mountain, etc. and Red Rock loop area. The survey is slated for October.

    I am not sure who is designing this survey which can tend be slanted towards a desired outcome, hopefully not The Red Rock News and hopefully not Big Park Regional Coordinating Council.

    Wait a minute, hold on, we do not have a traffic problem here in Big Park except the backed up 179 going to the City of Sedona. The traffic source is the “Y” and a pedestrian crossing so people can enjoy Tlaq North.

    Here is the kicker, if the bridge goes in from a scientific angle, Supervisor Garrison has already said we can’t expect all of unincorporated Yavapai County to foot the $35,000,000.00 bill, so we have to decide how we would pay for it? Why would Big Park and Red Rock loop be expected to foot a dime of the cost? Come back and talk when you have a grant in hand. Big Park does not have a traffic problem.

    There is bridge back in that area but only the chosen are allowed to use it. The Fire Department has been granted passage and now school buses.

    This proposed alternate route crossing will divert the city of Sedona’s traffic problem into our neighborhoods. There is no gain for outlying communities. There will just be traffic traveling to the city of Sedona and out.

    As far as the hospital angle, the residents of Big Park have a better chance of survival going right to Verde Valley Medical Center in Cottonwood rather than making a pit stop in Sedona at a cost of about $1000.00, only then to be sent to Cottonwood anyway.

    Why should we run a major traffic vein through our uncrowded neighborhoods to accommodate the reckless development and greed of the City of Sedona? Am I missing something? Sedona has so many people marching through their trails that are killing the tree roots as well as destroying the sides of the roads to park anywhere. This will happen on Verde Valley School Road and Red Rock loop area. I do not want to be part of Sedona or live with your traffic.

    The city of Sedona has many options for the alternate route they need on their own turf. Back o Beyond to Shelby or Sunset. Sleep in the bed you have made.
    The city needs to stay within their boundaries and create their own alternate route. This is the task of Sedona in Motion.

    Plan to keep them out of our neighborhoods. We have our own traffic problems on the horizon.

    Protect our neighborhoods, protect the Red Rock Crossing. SAY NO.

    A Concerned Citizen living in Unincorporated Yavapai County by choice.

  42. VOC Resident says:

    Can’t wait till they build that bridge over Oak Creek in Red Rick Crossing…
    Gonna be so nice to get back and fourth West Sedona from the VOC..

    I’m sure the DOT will do a beautiful job and it will be an economic boom to the businesses in the VOC… BUILD THAT BRIDGE !!! It’s time..

  43. Chamber Truth Squad says:

    More like the Suicide Squad with Captain Boomerang. You thought you were voting to save your dear non profits. Instead you saved the most expensive non profit the $2.5 million Sedona Chamber of Commerce.

    Stupid should hurt. Get ready for the pain of a gridlocked Sedona.

  44. Dana Varney says:

    Stop the insanity before it is too late. The destruction may be permanent. http://myrtle-beach.com/2014/07/05/how-brittain-resort-corporation-hijacked-our-city/

  45. Gretchen says:

    Man just got a dozen donuts from Bashas and some rolls….
    The best bakery around…. They actually cater to and CARE about locals..

    Not like the businesses that cater to tourists…

  46. Mary Beth Singer VOC Resident says:

    this is to RED ROCK CROSSING.

    You have some facts but not all:

    I bumped into Supervisor Garrison at a public function during the holiday and blasted him about most of those same issues as you posted and was stunned by his response which was that he agreed with me about why a bridge should NOT be built. Because there is a vocal minority in Sedona (I know shocking isn’t it) that a study will be done AT THE EXPENSE OF THE VOCAL PEOPLE. He also said that the city of Sedona doesn’t want to build anything in the VOC because it’s not in the city.

    I walked away from Garrison thinking that I had really misjudged the man, he really is on our side.

  47. @Gretchen says:

    Thank goodness someone cares about the locals…….. I wonder when they deep fried those donuts if they cared if a local or tourist bought them? I don’t know anyone that eats deep fried flour n sugar anymore. I wonder how often they (Bashas) change the oil? Yep I agree with you The only ones that really care about the LOCALS are the chamber cause as long as they have you fooled they are rich and you are PAYING for their businesses.

    Enjoy your doNUTS. Please read this as you do. https://www.livestrong.com/article/471877-health-effects-of-doughnuts/

  48. @Mary bet singer says:

    Yea ok…
    Nice fairy tale you just made up..

    “Saw the man at a function!!??
    Lol. Yea ok

  49. Sedona Sammy says:

    But Golly Gee Whiz @Mary Beth Singer VOC Resident (Supervisor Garrison, too). The Sedona Chamber of Commerce is willing to donate $10K of that $2.5 mil THEY received just this year from incorporated Sedona in order to conduct YET another survey and study about imposing new routes in your neck’O the woods.

    All because of a stupid contract with an incompetent special interest member driven group who rightfully didn’t deserve that money.

    They just keep adding insult to injury. It isn’t enough they’ve ruined quality of life for incorporated Sedona. Now they want to spread it around. Isn’t that how cancer works?

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