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Sedona City Council Elections

This article submitted by the City of Sedona AZ

This article submitted by the City of Sedona AZ

Sedona AZ (June 10, 2014) The City of Sedona is holding its 2014 Primary Election on Tuesday, August 26, 2014, and its General Election, if necessary, on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. If a candidate receives a majority of all the votes cast at the Primary Election, they shall be declared to be elected to the office for which they are a candidate effective as of the date of the General Election.

A General Election is only required if the offices are not filled at the Primary Election. The new City Council members will be seated between November 12, 2014 and November 25, 2014.

The following council seats are available: three (3) council seats for a four-year term and the Mayor’s seat for a two-year term. The monthly compensation is $450 for Council and $650 for Mayor. To run for local office, a candidate must be a qualified elector at the time of election, be at least 18 years of age on or before the election, have resided within the Sedona City limits for one year preceding the election, and have had his/her civil rights restored if the person has been convicted of a felony.

The following candidates have filed for the positions of Mayor and Council:

Mayoral candidates:  Cliff Hamilton and Sandy Moriarty

Council candidates:  Scott Jablow, Tom Lamkin, Rio Robson, Ronald Budnick, Robert O’Donnell, Angela LeFevre, Jerry Frey, John (J.T.) Thompson

Please contact City Clerk Susan Irvine at 928-282-3113 or email SIrvine@SedonaAZ.gov should you have any questions.

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For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. lots of Sedona people want to be politicians? this batch have what it takes to be good? excuse my cynicism Sedona but good luck & I always enjoy your news.

  2. Not sure the year of birth of which Cliff Hamilton was born, but according the the Public Access Court Look Up:

    There are several Cliff Hamiltons with records, and there is Cliff Hamilton who has a history of domestic violence.

    We all make mistakes, sure. It is still good to know who of which is representing you. Maybe this would be a good question to ask.

  3. Wow how great is it that Cody reads our fantastic SedonaEye.

    Please excuse MY cynicism when someone in Gary IN gives a hoot enough to know about people running in the election when even I have never heard of any of them. Go Figure.

  4. Good question to ask the other candidate for mayor eh?

    Marijuana Cooking with Aunt Sandy – YouTube
    Nov 2, 2010 … Sandy Moriarty is the cannabis cooking instructor…Watch as “Aunt Sandy” shares her Cannabis cooking secrets with …

    Couldn’t pass this up Sedonaeye because it smacked of dirty political tricks to smear Cliff Hamilton for no reason and Sandy Moriarty may need to clear the smoke in her kitchen too eh?

    JMJ ya gotta love this site.

  5. Wow, the local campaign has only just begun and we’re already seeing the smearing begin. While I don’t know if the information about Cliff Hamilton is true, it’s obvious that “who you vote for” doesn’t have a clue what he/she is writing about. I watched the video posted by that person and any who lives in this city can tell you, THAT IS NOT SANDY MORIARTY. I would strongly suggest that ANYONE who wants to post slander postings should reconsider their agenda.


  6. https://sedonaeye.com/hamilton-will-seek-sedona-mayoral-office

    You Miss this Folks? Read the Comments! LEARN something! And it Seems to me that LONG TIME missed that In Your face of the Sandy post __, Seems funny enough to Me. Bet Sandy laughed At it___. Cliff’s Active here a LONG time///people know him///Not True about him. This is a SMALL city. With SMART METERS we Know how many times Both flush their toidy bowls. What’s APS posting about their NUMBERS?

  7. Al says:

    agree with @Charlie @Long missed the point because if @Long had watched the Utube he’d have known that right off, now here’s a note to @Who you’re voting for matters “”use your real name when raising ethics questions or keep it shut”” because that’s how decent people deal here

  8. It’s time to ask every candidate for Council and Major just where they stand on automatic DMO money for the Chamber as opposed to competitive bidding! And, let’s ask them all about their stand on Home Rule as well.

  9. Thank you, Al, for your words: “use your real name when raising ethics questions or keep it shut” because that’s how decent people deal here.

    What other purpose does mud-slinging serve other than to serve the pigs who wallow in it?

  10. Why should Sandy Moriarty be slandered for educating people on cooking with marijuana? It is legal here for medicinal use and provides a natural alternative to big pharma with big and bad side effects. Wake up sheeple!

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