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Sedona Budget Retreat Prepares for 2012

Sedona AZ (December 9, 2011) – On December 7, 2011, the Sedona City Council held a budget retreat in preparation for the upcoming fiscal year 2012-13 budget. First on the agenda was a review of the Council priorities and accomplishments to-date for fiscal year 2011-2012. In addition, city staff provided an update on the current budget as well as an economic update, including anticipated fund balances.

Mayor Rob Adams stated, “The City is cautiously optimistic of the future of the economy. Our approach is to ‘stay the course’. The Council is supportive of additional funding for drainage issues and focusing on the health, welfare, and safety of Sedona.”

Council provided consensus on the following guidelines for the upcoming budget year:

  • Continue limited training and travel program with no out-of-state travel unless specifically authorized by the City Manager.
  • Eliminate vacant positions unless necessary to fill.
  • No new program funding or new positions unless required to fulfill a Council Priority.
  • Continue reorganization to enhance efficiency.
  • Investigate possibility of salary adjustments for employees more than 10% below the average for the position and across the board salary increase for all employees.
  • Continue progress toward self-funding of waste water enterprise fund (reduced sales tax subsidy).
  • Review Sales Tax Distribution by fund and consider restricted use of % for future debt service for Capital portion of 2007 bonds, which begins in 2017.
  • Fund updates to the current waste water and development impact fee studies.
  • Consider the use of excess operating fund reserves for specific projects or bond reduction.

To view the information presented at the budget retreat on the City’s website, go to www.SedonaAZ.gov/Finance under budget and audit documents. The budget work sessions are scheduled to begin April 25, 2012. For more information, contact the City Manager’s office at 928-204-7127.

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  1. Glenn Shannon says:

    To me a budget is taking income and spending what is available so to call these meeting for the purpose of budget when it comes to government is a joke.

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