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Red Rock Crossing Highway and Bridge to Sedona

Sedona AZ (September 3, 2018) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

The Red Rock Crossing?

Village of Oak Creek Photo by Bill Kusner

Recently, people have been working very hard behind the scenes, trying to find a new way to look at an “emotional” subject. They want to look at it “scientifically.” OK, scientifically, Red Rock Crossing is an extremely environmentally sensitive area.

Who are these people working very hard behind the scenes?

  • City of Sedona
  • County Supervisor Randy Garrison
  • Yavapai County
  • ADOT
  • Keep Sedona Moving – A couple of guys from the Village, not sure? They have an email, no website, no information on who they are. They have been showing up at local meetings with Supervisor Garrison. That is pretty impressive.

They are approaching the city of Sedona’s self inflicted major traffic problem from the Big Park, Red Rock loop side and the city of Sedona is so interested in having us participate they are paying for the stamps to send a survey to our residents in unincorporated Yavapai County to include Big Park, a designated place that includes Little Park, the Village of Oak Creek, Lee Mountain, etc. and Red Rock loop area. The survey is slated for October.

I am not sure who is designing this survey which can tend (to) be slanted towards a desired outcome, hopefully not the Red Rock News and hopefully not Big Park Regional Coordinating Council.

Sedona Scenic Highway 179 winds through dramatic red rock vistas. The city of Sedona is looking to Yavapai County and the Village of Oak Creek to handle the extra traffic generated by the city of Sedona and its Chamber of Commerce advertising program by destroying some of Big Park’s and Village of Oak Creek red rock vistas to build a highway off SR 179 through its neighborhoods and across environmentally fragile Red Rock Crossing to Red Rock Loop.

Wait a minute, hold on, we do not have a traffic problem here in Big Park except the backed up 179 going to the City of Sedona. The traffic source is the “Y” and a pedestrian crossing so people can enjoy Tlaq North.

Here is the kicker, if the bridge goes in from a scientific angle, Supervisor Garrison has already said we can’t expect all of unincorporated Yavapai County to foot the bill, so we have to decide how we would pay for it?

Why would Big Park and Red Rock loop be expected to foot a dime of the cost? Come back and talk when you have a grant in hand. Big Park does not have a traffic problem.

There is bridge back in that area, but only the chosen are allowed to use it. The Fire Department has been granted passage and now school buses.

This proposed alternate route crossing will divert the city of Sedona’s traffic problem into our neighborhoods. There is no gain for outlying communities. There will just be traffic traveling to the city of Sedona and out.

As far as the hospital angle, the residents of Big Park have a better chance of survival going right to Verde Valley Medical Center in Cottonwood – rather than making a pit stop in Sedona at a cost of about $1000.00 – only then to be sent to Cottonwood anyway.

Why should we run a major traffic vein through our uncrowded neighborhoods to accommodate the reckless development and greed of the City of Sedona? Am I missing something?

Sedona has so many people marching through their trails that are killing the tree roots as well as destroying the sides of the roads to park anywhere. This will happen on Verde Valley School Road and Red Rock loop area. I do not want to be part of Sedona or live with your traffic.

The city of Sedona has many options for the alternate route they need on their own turf. Sleep in the bed you have made. The city needs to stay within their boundaries and create their own alternate route. This is the task of Sedona in Motion.

Plan to keep them out of our neighborhoods. We have our own traffic problems on the horizon.

Protect our neighborhoods, protect the Red Rock Crossing. SAY NO.


A Concerned Citizen living in Unincorporated Yavapai County by choice.

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  1. Hank Kellin, Flagstaff says:

    September 4 last day. Take time to express your opinion.


  2. Land Grabs and Giveaways says:

    City of Sedona encroaching into neighboring communities. Land grabs with the blessing of the Yavapai County Supervisor Garrison.

    Talk about a slanted survey. Beware residents of Big Park and Red Rock Loop if it looks like the following transit survey.

    You are being asked your opinion of how things WILL be done.


  3. Bobbi says:

    First question in surveys should be do you or don’t you believe ………………. and if you say no then you should be thanked and the survey ends. That’s how legitimate survey companies work.

    Those that keep asking the same question over and over like the Transit for Sedona survey are fake. They will take one of your ‘what if” answers and say you area for the busses and transit system.


    Big Park Council does not represent Big Park in a true sense of the word represent. This group consists of voting entities of 3 ppl or 5 ppl, non ACC registered homeowners associations, lodging groups that do not exist and they are designing the survey? Beware.
    They are no representing the community.
    They are representing self interests of a small group.
    Since 2007.
    Get involved before that survey comes out.
    Say No.

    Now Supervisor Garrison is trying to find out what we want when it has always been very clear that we did not want Red Rock Crossing and we did not want more hotels or timeshare. We are looking at 35 million dollars that he does not want the unincorporated County to pay for. Just us in a taxing district which runs with almost no oversight once it is formed.

    Write to your supervisor Garrison who just allowed a 50 ft tall view obliterating hotel in a small intersection with NO CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT prior to approval. Ignored the Vision statement. Left the residents OUT.
    That decision made $200,000 in room fees for the County. We can share that though. The money leaves us but not the cost of building a road.

    Thanks, Supervisor Garrison, for a closer look at your priorities and intentions with Big Park. I have a feeling you are going to lose a lot of voters here.

    How a bout focusing on an urgent care?

  5. Circular Traffic Flow Works. says:

    I said this 12-years ago, and it is truer today! The time is NOW for a bridge, in the name of safety, at RRC!

    NIMBYs come second.

    Traffic flow is like a water system. Circular water (and traffic) flows are much more efficient than ‘dead-end’ systems. Get over yourselves. The greater good – comes first! The time is now. Build the bridge!

    Then you have a giant circular traffic flow, instead of a criss-cross system, with no looped system. Now, lose the roundabouts too, just like I warned in 2007, as well.

  6. Jim, Cottonwood says:

    Circular water flows ARE like roundabouts. Thanks for making the case for roundabouts. Screw you writing about a bridge making sense comment because it doesn’t, never has and never will. I’m a traffic engineer & you’re not. Who’re you to make a case for roads? What’s your background? You sound like a Sedona city jerkoff not a Sedona lover and no wonder your damn city earns the title for AZ #1 Hack a Whack A Do town.

  7. Travis says:

    VOC hates Sedona and rightly should.

  8. @Jim in cottonwood says:

    Oh jim your a traffic engineer!!???
    Well I’m a brain surgeon!!!

    Worry about your own town ok Jim

  9. Steve segner says:

    sedona has no plans, no will and , no money, to work on a red rock crossing project. Some people just wanna fight about something, go to the meetings here what’s actually In the plans, round a bouts about will stay in were mandated by the state.
    Good evening

    I know many of you but for those I haven’t met yet, I am the Citizen Engagement Coordinator with the City of Sedona. You are all part of our stakeholders group for the Sedona Transit Plan Project, and will be talking with our consultants on this project, LSC Transportation Consultants next week, which you’ve already been informed of. We wanted to also make sure you knew about the Open House we’re having for the public on Wednesday from 4 to 6 pm in the Vultee Conference Room here at City Hall. This will be a drop-in listening session — an opportunity for interested community members to talk with project team members about their views on the need for and objectives of public transportation within the greater Sedona area.

    If you could share this Open House information with your networks, that would be great – see the announcement below. We look forward to hearing your input next week in your in-person or phone meetings, and thank you for being involved in such an important project.
    You are invited to provide input to the Greater Sedona-Oak Creek Canyon Transit Plan
    The City of Sedona would like to invite the public to a drop-in open house on Wednesday, September 12, from 4-6 PM at the City of Sedona City Hall, Vultee Conference Room.

    This study is examining the need for and feasibility of transit service in the Sedona-Oak Creek Canyon area. It will result in an implementation plan for a public transit service to connect Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon and the Village of Oak Creek. The Study area includes the City of Sedona, and the 179/89A corridor from the Red Rock Ranger Station to the overlook at the north end of Oak Creek Canyon. While the primary focus of the service is visitors, the needs of local residents are also considered.

    Drop in anytime during the open house to speak directly with the consulting team members about your views on the need for and objectives of public transit service in this area.

    Residents are also encouraged to take a brief e-survey to provide input to the transit plan. The survey can be accessed by clicking here.

    These are the first of several opportunities for public input to the project. There is also an an e-survey of businesses and a more formal public workshop once some preliminary recommendations have been developed.

    Lauren Browne
    Citizen Engagement Coordinator
    City of Sedona
    O: 928-203-5068
    C: 928-821-6958

    Sedona City Hall is open for business Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and closed on Fridays. The Wastewater system maintenance remain on a Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule. Police and maintenance services are not impacted.

  10. Stay away says:

    Many of us have left the wacko city of Sedona to outlining areas. We don’t need your BS in the Village, red Rock Crossing. STAY OUT.
    You screw up enough.


    So no bridge, just busses?

    This study is examining the need for and feasibility of transit service in the Sedona-Oak Creek Canyon area. It will result in an implementation plan for a public transit service to connect Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon and the Village of Oak Creek. The Study area includes the City of Sedona, and the 179/89A corridor from the Red Rock Ranger Station to the overlook at the north end of Oak Creek Canyon. While the primary focus of the service is visitors, the needs of local residents are also considered.

    What we need is for you to worry about what happens within the boundaries of your city, Stay out of the canyon and out of Big Park. Stop coloring out of the lines. You have enough problems.

  12. Helena VOCA says:

    @Steve Segner stay out of our area. In fact it amazes me how by your own words Sedona City Hall allows you to control that incorporated area, including the city’s purse strings, when you yourself live in Oak Creek Canyon.

    Hopefully the State Attorney General will bust the buzzards including all of the individuals who have received benefits from the questionable city/chamber business agreement (contract) since when? 2013? (or before?)

    You may get away with controlling incorporated Sedona but that doesn’t give you license to dictate to us outside the disgrace you’ve turned it into.

    Get lost Segner.

  13. Carl says:

    Why didn’t we receive Lauren Browne email? Why weren’t copies of her email sent to HOAs, posted in stores and hotel/motel/B&B lobbies? Why weren’t copies stacked on the local grocers checkouts to hand out? Why weren’t they at the Library? Why weren’t they??

    Village looked ONE bus to take workers from Hilton up to Sedona then to Cottonwood and there wasn’t ANY interest by workers to take the bus and the idea was dropped. Hilton even thought about buying a big van but nobody wanted to be on it.

    Any form of public transport is unpopular in Sedona and Arizona. Even Phoenix can’t get people or students to ride. Government handouts usually lead to taxpayers dealing with their bankruptcies and repairs and maintenance stupidity. Go away and keep your half baked public transportation ideas. They won’t and don’t work.

    I challenge the entire Sedona City Council and staff government workers to forego using their cars after reporting to work one month. Leave your cars parked and use the Sedona trolley and busses. See how you like the heat and inconvenience of waiting.
    HEAT and INCONVENIENCE. How’s your day going to be then?

    VOC doesn’t need you. We’ve got it better because we don’t have your traffic problems. We don’t want to accept your traffic problems. You can fix your traffic problem by not advertising, greedy business community. Time for the Republicans to stand up and take back control of Sedona from the Democrats that have run her serenity and beauty into the ground these past two councils.

  14. Joe Torre says:

    (Deleted by editor)
    Funny stuff

  15. Lonnie says:

    No bridge and no Sedona council in Village and if Randy Garrison doesn’t become vocal about his opposition to Village growth by proxie of those developers then I’m not going to vote for him.

  16. Arla says:

    My favorite store owner gets very upset & hates T Wrecks North (Tlaquepaque north), that’s a local name for it here. Personally I don’t want a bridge to where I live because I like the Village like it is and the trip is not a problem for any I talk to even in traffic. We hate the people coming up for a day, they’re not our type of people and litter and can’t flush toilets or wash hands or keep trails clean and a lot are rude and steal. Haven’t seen stealing until the past two years become a problem even with same amount of sales! Ask the police about the kind of people they’re seeing drive in here now from down in the valley!

  17. Nancy says:

    we feel your pain

  18. haters says:

    You “close the gate” folks are outnumbered by at least 2:1. Surrender.

  19. Herb says:

    had a good laugh

    read Sedona community page that thought red rock snooze article about AG was new news

    give me a free subscription editor because I showed them it had been discussed here for months and you’ve got 6 new readers

    keep up good work

  20. Unwanted opinions says:

    from a complete ……e,

    We don’t have a school or medical means to sustain a city

    all about the alternate route that Segner knows nothing about.

  21. Jill K says:

    Do people honestly read this idiot’s words or care about his opinions??? You feed a dead horse! His views are spoon fed by city politicians and he isn’t smart enough to have depth or wisdom. Forget about him.

  22. Sadona Red Rock Fake News says:

    Seriously, would anyone care about the opinion of of the soyboy employee of a newspaper run by someone who inherited the paper from his daddy who inherited it from his daddy? Talk about not qualified to manage a Taco Bell. Idiocracy.

  23. Gretchen says:


    Yes that how I feel about 3/4 of the comments here on sedona eye from the regular posters here..

    Hate mongers for the sake of hating government… Gee that sounds a lot like the “tea party” motto

  24. Mike H says:

    Mark Twain was absolutely right when he said, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.”

    The condescending lies printed by the local newspaper are evidence of the ultimate evolution of that fact.

  25. @ Jill K says:

    Nailed it!

  26. @mike h says:

    Oh ok Mike

    (Deleted by editor)


    If four people did NOT want the red rock crossing, would Garrison have extended the red carpet to them the way he is to these four.

    Our wastewater district:
    The administrative company that was founded by Chip Davis’ wife pay themselves $350,000 a year for admin using quickbooks, paypal and making people drive to Prescott for any requested paperwork.
    They have not started charging everyone yet but it is in place if you check your tax bill.

    They also threatened to walk out if salary was not doubled at the red rock enhancement district where we pay upwards to 80,000 per year to maintain a one mile strip of land.
    Its a HUGE Special Improvement boondoggle here.
    What do you think will happen if we pay for a road that Sedona needs?

  28. @No More Taxing says:

    To be clear, your last line in your posting is an opinion NOT A FACT.

    Sedona has no need for that crossing at all. We have the schools and the hospital that you need to come to. I live in Mystic Hills if there’s traffic it’s still faster for me to drive through the traffic through the Y then it is to turn left and take the proposed route. Maybe if the VOC was part of our city you would be making more headway with things. Lets see what you all have to say when that 3 story hotel is completed and they break ground with the second.

  29. OCT 11/ SAVE THE DATE says:

    PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND. Let your voices be heard. Please forward to your neighbor.

    Board of Supervisors District 3

    THURSDAY, October 11th, 2018
    690 Bell Rock Boulevard

    Flu Shot Clinic by Yavapai County Community Health Services

    David Williams & Jeremy Dye – Development Services Update
    Dwight Develyn – Code Red
    April Rhodes – Spectrum Health Care
    Paul Jungen – Flood Control District Update
    Supervisor Randy Garrison – General Update

    You may want to ask David Williams how a three story 50ft hotel went up in the middle of the Village with NO CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT until after it was approved.

    You may want to ask Supervisor Garrison why there is no oversight by the County concerning SPECIAL IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT in Big Park.

    You may want to ask Supervisor Garrison why Sedona is not presently talking about alternate routes in their city limits while BIG PARK is being asked to consider and PAY for a connection that will desecrate our neighborhoods for the benefit of SEDONA. A bridge using Verde Valley School road will also tie up up Bell Rock Blvd as a shortcut. It is our opinion that Home values will likely plummet as you lose your small town character.

    Please plan to attend.

  30. Bob, VOC says:

    This news is infuriating me about the roads in Big Park and VOC. Where are you speaking up VOC and Big Park voters? Speak up now or kiss your peaceful village goodbye. You all let the hotel go up with deafening silence and a few of you in there Village pocket money for design and construction fees. Hope you suck dirt on those dollars betrayers.

    County officials better be prepared for the quiet ones of us to lose his and their next election if he and they stab us in the back. Garrison wants to belly up to the Sedona City council Democrats who bad mouth all the county republicans then let the Sedona Democrats fundraise for him.

  31. @bob VOC says:

    Bob your nuts and have way to much time on your hands

  32. NOT ALL BOB says:

    There are a few of us that keep in tune with what is going on and we are shunned and bullied for it. We have to beg for information. We do accomplish things that would not happen otherwise but no recognition, just gratitude to get the job done.

    Call the county and ask for a copy of all the public records on that Marriott/Westin hotel and then reach out again.
    Your neighbor in the VOC. Pass the word around to attend this Oct 11 meeting.

  33. John W VOC says:

    City of Sedona has NO respect for VOC – they don’t get it we are NOT part of their incorporated BS. Chip Davis knew and he took care of us out here. Give them an inch and they’ll take miles. Just look at the shameful mess they made at Tlaquepaque – approving the new addition across the highway without regard to the foot traffic. Yesterday (Columbus Day Observed) traffic was backed up for miles entering Sedona and also a ways up W89A all because of pedestrians crossing. And any crazy thought about some sort of elevated crossing over the State Route 179 is absurd. How high would it have to be for semis to clear such an obstruction. “They” forget – Sedona is accessed by TWO State Highways and God forbid the city ever revisits the idea of taking over ownership. Their lack of foresight in approving both the Tlaquepaque addition as well as the Schnebly Community Focus Area was stupid and without foresight.

    Stay out of our area, Sedona City Council. We want NO part of your mismanaged government and liberal ideas.

  34. Tom says:

    What about the our right to live in our established residential neighborhoods? An extension of Hwy 179 right through our residential neighborhoods is not fair or just. This is not some inconvenience for a few in order for many to have a road. Hundreds of homes and neighborhoods line Verde Valley School road. We have the right to keep our neighborhoods residential. Your desire for a road does not outweigh our right to keep our neighborhood residential. Build that road and the commercial activity will not be far behind. Traffic backups will be on Verde Valley School road AND Hwy 179. A road through our neighborhoods is NOT the answer to the traffic problems. Attend the meeting on October 11 and speak up. Support will be claimed by whatever side is the loudest.

  35. NIMBY ACTIVIST says:

    None of these four pickle ball players are in the direct line of traffic or devalued homes.
    Two from Las Piedras, one from Sedona Golf Resort and one in VOCA tucked safely away.
    Are these the same people that want pickle ball to be free?
    The old rule was live here ten years before you open your mouth. Not so in this case.
    Get a job, maybe do some community work before you act as a spokesperson for the City, County and ADOT.
    Do you really think we are stupid?
    What a farce.

  36. Ben in Flagstaff AZ says:

    Kirkpatrick & OHalleran are in favor of roads thru VOC & Sedona & Flagstaff neighborhoods. Don’t want roads then don’t vote for them. They’re heavily tied in with AZ & Sedona Dems and rule city halls. Believe it & not what they say publicly. Don’t want unchecked development then don’t vote for any AZ Democrats. They’ve supported past development all the way and don’t care about citizens. Look at the mess they’ve made in Flagstaff, look at the mess they’ve made in Sedona. Village of Oak Creek is next destruction alley. #walkaway

  37. Gary says:

    I’ve lived in Sedona for 35 years and every few years or so some developer or tourist from California gets the ingenious idea of rebuilding the old ford across Red Rock Crossing and making a new bridge. When they seriously tried that in 1999, letters of protest were received from around the world. The Sierra Club petitioned the US Forest Service. Taxpayers for Common Sense labeled it one of the 22 most wasteful projects is America. Yavapai County hired LIma & Associates to study the impact and they recommended against building the bridge. Yavapai County ruled NO. A Superior Ct. judge in Maricopa Cty agreed. It was again appealed, this time to the 3-judge appellate court and again it was a resounding NO. We don’t need Verde Valley School Road turned into a freeway. We don’t need more hotels or greedy developers. Just leave Red Rock Crossing alone.

  38. Warren says:

    Well in the new Trump era anything goes.. If a new bridge needs to be built …..then it will be built.. To hell with wildlife or any environmental occurrences ..

    As long as it boosts economy and provides a faster and alternate route.

  39. Warren Woodward says:

    There’s more than one Warren in the world. Just in case anyone was wondering, the one posting above is not me.
    Warren Woodward

  40. Tom says:

    No one fought to keep the 3-story hotel out of the VOC. Not the county and not Big Park Council. Big Park Council sold out the VOC again. People showed up at the council meeting to protest the excessive signage plan for the outlet mall. Reasonable concerns fell on deaf ears. The excessive signage plan was passed by the council. The only hope is that the county will demand revisions and fight for the residents instead of protecting big business. October 18, 9am, 10 South 6th street. Cottonwood. Go tell the county to limit the signage. If not, be prepared for the eyesore to be covered with signs that will light up and intrude even more than the buildings.

  41. @Tom says:

    Wow Tom, sort of makes living in the city sounds a bit more attractive.

  42. Joy says:

    VOC needs to stand against corporations monopolizing our community, we don’t need them to be #1. Let them go to the city of Sedona and keep ruining it & then the people will come to the VOC where it’s always been better.

  43. @Joy says:

    Ok Joy, so have you started a group or are you just yapping online?

  44. HJVotes says:

    Where do Kadar Schroeder Demaray stand on the Red Rock loop bridge? Development in VOC? If they get on SFD board they’ll be involved with growth for it. Want to know what rocks they will protect?

  45. Dave, VOC says:

    asking that ticket to weigh in on @Gary comment above
    heard they were chummy with Randy Garrison a Big Park developers dream politician

    somebody name names of Big Park council

  46. Garrison is a busy boy says:

    Is this guy out of his mind? He knows NOTHING about this area. We don’t need cluster manufactured homes. What a loser.

    Cheap hotels.
    Alternate Routes through environmental lands.
    Cluster tin homes that the working class can not afford.1000.00 per month lot fee that always goes up.
    This article made him look foolish.

  47. Georgia says:

    The inmates clearly aren’t even running the asylum anymore. Sedona doesn’t want the county housing project and yet they still whine about lack of affordable housing. Then they continue to rezone and promote higher density within city limits.

    Ya think there’s a problem with these idiots making decisions?

    Thank God for Coconino County. Any sap who comes up with the suggestion of incorporating US into Yavapai County or worse like forming yet another county should be considered candidates for occupying an insane asylum to be constructed next to the sewer plant out there. Best idea yet????

  48. Yavapai County looking for $$$$ says:

    Is the county looking to renew old permits with the USFS?
    The YC new regime reeks of Prescott unfettered Development mentality. Pew…….

  49. Supervisor Clueless says:

    In 2014 a lot of road work was done on Red Rock loop. It is good to go, just needs a bridge.


    Here is one plan from the County:

    Possible Bridge Near Red Rock Crossing: The USFS approved a plan by Yavapai County to build a bridge about 500 yards downstream from Red Rock Crossing, but after five years with no movement on construction, the USFS expired the unused permit. The county could reapply and build a bridge, connecting Rainbow Lane on the left bank with Keller Lane on the right bank or with the defunct Bella Terra development. Why did Bella Terra become defunct? Anybody remember?

    They already had the permit? They let it lapse and now the big developer lover Garrison is ready to build.
    So why 35 Million? Because they say so.
    Modular homes(adding another 1200 cars and people to Sedona!!!!!) and hotels and bridges and lots of lights. Whew!!!!! We can call the village, Prescott Junior. All of our money goes to Prescott so why not?

    Do not re elect this man. He has no clue.

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