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Presidential Pardons of Peas and Carrots

Sedona AZ (November 21, 2018) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:


Following tradition, President Donald Trump pardons two turkeys named Peas and Carrots in a humorous Thanksgiving Day White House ceremony.

Generally speaking the comparison of Peas and Carrots is a futile effort; however, in this case, the likeness was close enough to cause some close scrutiny.

President Trump sounded as though he may have been joking when he said he had informed Peas and Carrots (two tom turkeys seeking Presidential Pardons on Thanksgiving Day) that even though both of them had been fully pardoned, they should expect the Democrats to subpoena them and/or Robert Mueller to investigate their ties to Putin; and that Peas and Carrots cadre of corrupt co-conspirators may well be able to increase Mueller’s job security and bilk the taxpayers for another couple million dollars – after all, ‘Turkey Interpreters” are few and far between, very expensive and hard to verify, so an increase in staff is easily understandable.

Who knows how long it can take to coerce a turkey into gobbling out adverse commentary about someone who literally saved that turkey’s life? Anything to promote the non-existent Russian Collusion mindset.

There are other subjects of curious interest today: One concerns Ivanka Trump and her using a “private computer” to communicate “Government Business” and comparing what Ivanka Trump had done to the activities of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. First question? Was Ivanka initially or ever issued a “Government Computer” to use for her official work? Second question? Was Ivanka Trump transmitting “Classified” information? Third question? Was Ivanka Trump trying to erase and/or cover-up her activities? It looks to me like there is very little similarity in the two supposed illegitimate cases.

Another matter is the supposed Saudi killing of its journalist Jamal Khashoggi on foreign soil within its consulate: First question? Where or what is the EVIDENCE that Khashoggi is actually dead? Khashoggi was a longtime friend and confidante of Osama bin Laden, who openly promoted the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Some American politicians helped in this promotion and, in the case of Egypt after they had accepted the Brotherhood and soon learned to regret it, they finally overthrew that oppressive mess and our politicians tried to get them – some say tried to force Egypt – to reinstall that disaster. Some of the Egyptians wanted to kill one or more of our politicians because of their interference.

Whatever all the details bring about, murder is unacceptable. If one is tried and found Guilty of Treason and executed that could probably be accepted. However, killing a United States citizen would still be problematic, but the fact remains the current evidence can all be counterfeit; maybe even orchestrated for the one purpose of driving a major wedge between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

Dale Gohr
Clarkdale, Arizona USA

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  1. Sam torre says:

    Your an idiot Dave.

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