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Please Stop the Madness Asks Sedona City Voter

Sedona AZ (February 20, 2016) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Publisher, Sedona Eye, kindly consider publishing the Letter to the Editor, submitted solely as a resident of incorporated Sedona and not as a column contributor to Sedona Eye.

Thanks much,
Eddie S. Maddock
Sedona City Resident & Registered Voter

From: Eddie Maddock
Date: 2/20/2016 1:01:22 PM
To: John Martinez; Jon Thompson; mdinunzio@sedonaaz.gov; SJablow@sedonaaz.gov
Cc: JClifton@sedonaaz.gov


Sedona AZ

Sedona AZ

It’s been almost a year since the city entered into the contract to pay Red Earth Theatre for their use of the city owned Sedona Teen Center.

Since Justin Clifton, based on projected economic recovery, delivered a comprehensive explanation of the need to incorporate true costs into the budget for infrastructure (such as roads) during the council meeting on January 7th, how can this type of funding for special interest groups take priority over the true necessities of the city which benefit residents, tourists, and the community in general? Outside use of city owned facilities should be used as a source of bringing in revenue and not the other way around.

speak out arizonaAlthough I speak only as an individual, the morale of those who live here continues to sink. Just last week I struck up a conversation with an unknown person at the VOC Kiwanis Park as we were both walking our dogs. It turned out her name was a familiar one, another long time resident of incorporated Sedona.

Associating her identity with her husband, a former officer of an uptown bank and active supporter of the Humane Society, the topic drifted to changes in Sedona. Her words reflected the feeling of many – paraphrased that since Sedona incorporated, increasingly city councils are only interested in tourists and special interests and do nothing for the residents. That’s a true story and is told time and time again these days.

Residents are in an uproar over the city’s ultimate intent to contract with a garbage hauler, denying us freedom of choice and belying free enterprise. With 80% already recycling because that’s what they choose to do, slapping us with enforcement and treating us like children adds insult to injury. Singling out garbage trucks as the major cause for our roads to disintegrate is ridiculous. There is absolutely no proof of such an allegation. At least you acknowledge the disrepair of our city streets but isn’t the real reason for that lack of funding for appropriate maintenance? (Back to City Manager’s reference for need to incorporate true costs for these basic amenities into the budget.)

Clearly we are slighted and disrespected, and so why do the seven (presently six) of you think we could possibly return support and respect to elected representatives who opt to treat us so shabbily and apply their own preferences over those of the will of the people who are responsible for electing them?

It’s very sad. Are the days of honoring the oaths you pledged to keep when each of you took office gone forever? Are you solidly of the mind-set that we are all so senile we can no longer think for ourselves or are incapable of grasping the insults you bestow upon us by ignoring our input in favor of what you think is best for the community?

That, gentlemen, is way overstepping the very reason you were elected, which was, I will repeat, to honor the will of the people and cease and desist on wasting money, especially if the purpose is an attempt to “educate” us or more specifically brainwash us to your way of thinking.

Please, stop the madness.

Thank you for your time.



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  1. West sedona resident says:

    @esm They were elected by A Majority Of the people…

    Apparently only 8-10 Tea party people in town feel as you do, so stop you negativity and bellyaching..

    You faiult finding has become a very very dark habit got you..

    And the beat goes on and on …..at least in ESM’s dark dark world

    Btw….90 percent of the people I talk to love Sedona and the way things are going…. Like I said…negativity in you just Breeds contempt..

    Maybe the city government ain’t your problem…perhaps it’s your dark dark mind

  2. @West Sedona Resident says:

    You r a liar.JW a councilor shouldn’t be filled with hate. U r a very dark and ugly person.

  3. In the Know says:

    @West sedona resident: It’s because you only talk to those people on the take from city coffers, many of them from outside city limits and don’t even vote Sedona elections. I’m surprised the percentage was only 90% – should have been 100% that “LOVE” Sedona. I know because I’m one of them + $$$$$$$$ = love those entitlements.
    (Love living in 86336 outside city limits):-)

  4. Donna Joy Varney says:

    Thank you Ms. Maddock for speaking up using fair and ethical information.

    You are sunshine to me, a wealth of information knowing Sedona incorporation history along with having clear transparent documentation to back up your letters and articles.

    I have never seen a city discriminate against it own with no checks or balances like this one. Rather than Health Welfare and Safety ,SCC has become extremely “political” with pet projects for CC special interest groups being their priority. Those working the system are benefiting with public funding.

    The trash collection is another way to tax the residents without their approval. The rates can go as high as the City Council wants, no one can guarantee rates, services or anything else. Once they take it over the door is wide open. IMO. Jobs will be lost in the private sector.

    Please sign the petition here: By using your legal name and address you give your signature credibility. http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/sedona-citizens-civil?source=c.em&r_by=14213130

  5. PS from In the Know says:

    Forgot to mention I was called to take the phone survey about garbage pick-up. What an opportunity to express raving support for city to gouge you “city slickers” so there will be a new source of funding for even more giveaways. Best part of all the city scam won’t apply to my neck-of-the-words.

    Have fun, suckers!

  6. Joan Shannon says:

    Those who say they are “happy” with the way Sedona is being run are ignorant of the wasteful spending that could support the sewer plant and stop our escalating costs. They don’t attend or watch via videos the Council meetings and hear what is said. They don’t know the influence certain groups have like the Chamber of Commerce which should never be given a million dollars a year. .Big resorts spend tens of millions advertising to bring in tourists and there is no proof that a million a year to the Chamber is attracting them. Sedona receives billions of dollars in free advertising on tv and radio shows, magazines, newspapers, word of mouth, movies. Then there is the influence of groups who want our tax money to provide them with the Red Earth Theatre (former Teen Center) at a cost of $37,000 per year so they can read poetry, listen to a guitar player, sell art and hold other little attended events. Since when was it the duty of the City Council to spend this money to “provide” a small minority of Sedonans with entertainment instead of putting it towards the sewer plant to save residents ever rising sewer rates and repairs on storm drainage. This City is very badly run. . Now they want to “force” everyone to pay rates to a trash hauling company of their choice…no opt outs, Our elderly who are struggling due to no income on their savings, rising costs of food, escalating sewer rates, try to save by sharing a garbage bin if they are alone, live next door to each other and don’t produce enough trash to fill one bin, are facing having to be “forced” to each pay the rate. This question has been raised at two City public meetings and asked if “bin sharing” would still be allowed. The answer at both meetings was not in the affirmative. Assistant City Manager Karen Daines replied “Well the City would have to ” guarantee” the trash hauling company 5000 homes”. Residents who do not need home service because they take their trash to the bin at their business will be “forced” to pay for residential service. The telephone survey was useless. It did not mention these “forced” payments nor that the City would “manage” it all and do the billing on which they could make a profit and raise their administrative costs at any time they choose.
    So WHY does the City Council want to do this? They say to save “wear and tear on our streets” but, this has been proven not to be the case. Because the trucks use diesel fuel and therefore cause emissions? Not the case, they use a new technology which prevents that. Also, EVERY delivery truck that comes into Sedona bringing us liquor, food, hardware goods, construction materials, pet food, restaurant food and supplies, even UPS, all use diesel fuel, I did the research. No mention of all the emissions from millions of cars a year coming into town. City says they want curbside recycling when nearly 90% already do some form of recycling. They want to boost Sedona Recycling which many Sedonans already use. That would cost a lot of money!!! What is possibly next once they force this upon us? Mandatory recycling with RFID chips in the bins checking up on us to see that we are being obedient servants and fining us if we dare not obey? It is happening in other cities including one in Arizona How about “kitchen waste” which has been mentioned by Councilman Martinez? That is “forced” composting as they brought into Seattle and residents are not happy. Do you want to be “forced” into composting all your kitchen food waste? How will many elderly and/or disabled manage that on a weekly basis. I refuse to bend to their obsessed wishes if that came to pass and would not be capable of it anyway. How about residents in condos, townhomes and apartments would they be given a waiver? Is that “forced” compliance in our near future if the City Council gets its way on mandatory payments to their company of choice and for service some may not use. Then there is the question of “bulk items” that could be picked up included in our rates. I asked one Councilor what would be identified as a “bulk item”. I was actually told “perhaps an old refrigerator??? I . Do we want another layer of government in our lives. Isn’t there currently a revolt going on in the country against too much government control and now coming to our small town if we do not rebel against it. Give the government an inch and they take a mile.

  7. Jess Lookin says:

    There’s no money in the budget for the streets in your neighbor hood …


    There’s money for the Chamber of Commerce, millions over the last few years.
    There’s money for the Seodna Film Festival, millions over the past years.
    There’s money for the Red Earth Theatre.

    There is so much more waste in a city budget that is deliberately hard to read.

    City employees work 4 days a week, and get 4 weeks paid leave/vacation their first year of employment. Of course they need paid the same wages as a big city, as Sedona is a terrible, expensive place to live. Oh wait, city employees don’t need to live in Sedona.

    The Sedona Fire district hired a Chief at a six figure salary. His wife lived in Sedona a year and then REFUSED to live in Sedona. The Chief now commutes from the Phoenix area. That’s OK, a lot of firemen don’t live in Sedona either.

    Sorry, no money for your streets. The city council wants you to pay more for your trash service. Of course, tourists come first according to the city council.

  8. Eric S. - SLC, UT says:

    West Sedona Resident sounds like a jilted lover that still has the hots for Eddie Maddock. (Is that by chance Eddie S.S. Maddock from SLC?) Wondered what happened to you.

    Eric S. – a voice from the past

  9. West sedona resident says:

    FYI about
    Jess lookin

    Of course she is angry…..she use to work for government but she got fired .. All that stuff she mentioned was fine when she was on the payroll… Sour

  10. West Sedona resident says:

    How do I claim to know about a fired government employee? Because I work for the same government. All terminations are confidential. Just Sayin.,

  11. Jess Lookin says:

    @West sedona resident You’re wrong again dear, I have never worked for the government.

  12. Thank You! says:

    Thank you for disclosing the facts @Eddie.

    And a special “thank you” to the government employee @West sedona resident.You just proved Eddie correct in the scam your pulling. We pay so that you can gift your buddies. That’s how you keep people on the take, by gifting and paying for their special interests. They have NOTHING to do with the city……..As long as you get yours………. Very sick.

  13. Eddie Maddock says:

    This is to acknowledge appreciation to those brave enough to speak up – one way or another.

    Donna Joy Varney – thank you for the kind words but it bothers me that by defending my position(s) may result in repercussions to yourself, husband, and business. Remaining silent would be the easy way out and you are very brave to boldly come forth with your thoughts, ideas and concerns.

    Joan Shannon – someone asked me a couple of weeks ago if I knew you and the answer was no. And although we’ve still never met in person, after reading your well thought-out “rant” I feel I know you very well. You obviously have done your homework, and the passion with which you express facts as well as common sense are far more valuable than the money this city is spending on funding the Red Earth Theatre as well as the consultant firm to assess the city garbage-hauling takeover. That, of course, is my opinion.

    And as for you Eric S. – hmmm – yes, my last names have through the years engaged the initials S., S., and presently M. but for the life of me I can’t put a face with your name but will continue thinking about it. However, I cannot imagine having ever known anyone in good or bad situations that would be so hateful as the person identified as “West sedona resident.” Surely that ill person must lose sleep in fear that I will post something that he/she will miss. In fact, the post under the above letter was made before I was even aware the letter had gone public! No grass growing under those West Sedona feet – no siree!

    Enjoy the moment – all of you. None of us knows what tomorrow holds.

    Eddie Maddock

  14. Alarmed says:

    Thanks to the City Manager’s Office, two more years worth of City paid rent and utilities for the Red Earth Threatre is on tomorrow night’s Council Meeting agenda.

    Expenditures approved by the new City Finance Director: $39,200 for next fiscal year and $38,000 for the year after. If any, Red Earth Theatre income over $15,745 during the first fiscal year and over $17,120 during the second (an 11% increase) would be remitted back to the City.

    Red Earth Theatre is supposed to use the City facility as a performing arts venue, but demand is insufficient and non-performing arts events go on there. Wonder what happened to fixing Sedona’s terrible streets and making a huge dent in our backlog of big-city $$$$ sized drainage problems?

    City Hall is run by a bunch of lunatics.

  15. A.J. says:

    Code of ethics for all government jobs, keep your mouth shut. Get as much money as you can for as long as you can. Spend as much as you can. It’s only pennies on the dollars. We deserve a great paycheck to put up with all of you in the public. We stick together.
    When I leave this job I get another gov job paying me more. Gov jobs include anyone getting paid in any way by state, fed, city, county. Includes teachers, fire department

  16. @Joan Shannon says:

    Thank you, Joan Shannon (whomever you are) for having the courage to so boldly express how many of us feel (with the except, of course, of the alleged 90% reaping benefits to which West Sedona resident made reference). Any bets that they do NOT represent the majority of legitimate Sedona registered voters?

  17. @Alarmed says:

    @Alarmed, what? The city manager “delivered a comprehensive explanation of the need to incorporate true costs into the budget for infrastructure (such as roads) during the council meeting on January 7th” and now “Expenditures approved by the new City Finance Director: $39,200 for next fiscal year and $38,000 for the year after?” Does the left hand even know what the right hand is doing?

    Silly question. Of course. Those dealing the cards are the magnificent six – who obviously go to whichever staff member(s) necessary and tell them something like: “OK, here’s the deal. This is what we want – increase funds here, there, everywhere (such as for Red Earth Theatre, Chamber of Commerce, Main Street, Marathon, Film Festival, blah, blah blah – everything but “infrastructure”) with the caveat “Make it happened!”

    What other explanation could there be?

  18. Gloria Richards says:

    I never knew this web page existed until an artist friend told me about Ms Shannons negative writings.

    How sad for you Joan if you think that only a small few in the town are artists. In fact there are thousands of us who range from young to old. It was said last night at the council meeting that this city is animated by the arts and by providing us this little venue, they are putting their money where their mouths are.

    Joan, do you go to the library to read books??? If you do then you should know that the city pays money to fund the library. Are you against that? I don’t know if you have children and if you do, do they use the community pool? Who do you think pays for that pool? We are a community of many different types of people shouldn’t the city provide a bit of enjoyment for all of them?

    After reading your posting above it seems that you have so much negative energy against everything except what you like or want, that can’t be a very good feeling in a town as giving as Sedona. Sad just very sad.


  19. @Gloria Richards says:

    It not their money.

    The cIty of Sedona should focus on the job of infrastructure. It NOT about friends & specials interests.

    We ALL love the arts. Just sayin what the fu– does a city have to do with PAYING ARTISTS? Those that SUPPORT it can contribute.

  20. Jerry, Sedona City Limits says:

    @Gloria Richards. With all due respect to you, artists, and Joan Shannon, how fair is it that this city council is set to approved $38,000 for the next THREE years (upgraded from two) for another special interest group while Sedona city based businesses continue to struggle, some even forced to close doors because they cannot afford the exorbitant monthly sewer fees? Even residential sewer fees have become a financial burden for many retirees who moved here in good faith hoping for a decent quality of life although under financial constraints due to fixed incomes. But of course this city council looks upon retirees as nothing more than burrs in their behinds. Isn’t that peculiar because aren’t most of them if not all also retired? (or they should be – especially from city council)

    Conveniently this council sees fit to do the same as the last – tie up “service” contracts for future years so that newly elected members are inhibited from making important decisions once they take office.

    Struggling businesses offering nightlife experiences such as their own form of performing arts are now faced with competition from a city financed venue? How fair is that? Sure, the speakers at the meeting were passionate with good intentions and deserving of recognition, but at the expense of public funding it becomes questionable when it flies in the face of the tax base itself – Relics, Soundbites, Vino DiSedona, and others. There was another venue on Coffee Pot Rd, Studio Live I believe it was called, a musician’s collaboration of a sort that was also forced out of business because of high sewer rates. How must those good people now feel when this city so blatantly and once again shows favoritism by selective funding for their own pet projects?

    To attack others, Ms. Richards, for expressing frustration and even fear of being priced out of Sedona is unfortunate. As an artist your lack of compassion for those who are being financially abused does not portray a very pretty picture.

    Lust for greed and power continues to consume the alleged economic engine driving Sedona which makes the current pursuit for “economic development” amount to nothing more than a slap in the face to existing struggling businesses that remain abused by this uncaring system.

  21. @Gloria Richards says:

    Ya right, u never knew about the site…….. blah blah. You are one of the takers. Stealing and using taxes for personal gain.

    When did it become a city job to pay for every Tom, Dick and Harry artistic venues?

    The city it hurting places like sound bites, relics & the wine place. The restaurants & hotels have entertainment. Da da da……You are padding your pockets. Dumbest council ever. Taking business from those that PAY. Retarded.

  22. West Sedona resident says:

    @Gloria Richards

    I agree Gloria, just wait until you see the city of Sedona Football Stadium, Baseball Stadium and NASCAR track. After all “We are a community of many different types of people shouldn’t the city provide a bit of enjoyment for all of them?”

    I bet Gloria, like me you do not pay any Sedona City taxes.

    Don’t you just love how Sedona Recycles places recycling bins all over the Verde Valley?

    I love those Sedona taxpayers.

  23. Eddie Maddock says:

    Thanks, Jerry, Sedona, for bringing up the failed Studio Live. Having had the pleasure of attending the organizational meeting of that endeavor and subsequently several performances, including Sedona’s own Chris Spheeris, the news of their forced closing due to monthly sewer rates they could not afford remains disturbing. As it turns out wasn’t their big mistake not going to the city in the first place instead of pursuing the honorable route by attempting to succeed by competing with the city council’s chosen few?

    The same as Bodacious Burger and the original Hideaway Restaurant and possibly other legitimate Sedona businesses, forced to lock their doors in deference to City of Sedona funding competitive non-profits, seems to have become the current trend. And on the other hand isn’t spending thousands of dollars and even advertising for a professional to guide this city on the principals of “economic development” counter productive to financially supporting non-profits? Go figure.

    It became blurry during the council meeting whether the deal for the new contract will be for two or three years. Is it possible the “three years” mentioned was inclusive of the first year of the contract? At any rate, $38,000 plus another $14,000 or so brings the city to forking out a tidy sum of around $50,000 – exceeding the annual income of at least some Sedona residents struggling to live within their own budgets as they see precious public revenue continued to be frittered away on non-essentials. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all manage our budgets that way? Avoid trivialities like house payments, insurance, taxes, utility bills, etc. and pack it up, take a cruise, or luxuriate in other pipe dreams that will never become reality?

    That’s the operative word here: REALITY.

  24. West Sedona Resident says:

    Some Nimrod above hacked my account…oh well

    But your right Gloria

    These nimrods complainers here don’t use the pool parks library or whatever…They can’t get off their computor writing hate letters or stop watching Fox News..

  25. Real Sedona Business says:

    Thank you Jerry & Eddie Maddock for bring up these issues. I am appalled that the City continues to hurt it’s own businesses. They didn’t ask whether the taxes we collect and pay that they are using hurts our businesses. They do. You all been here long enough to see the businesses come and go. For the city to pay for a venue that directly hurts my business is horrible. Why doesn’t the city pay to develop my business? The city should not be in the business of completing nor should they be paying for anyone’s business.

    Those that love this idea should donate money to the group. The building should be rented out at a great rate to anyone willing to pay rent. The food bank wanted to rent it along with a few others. It not fair to pay a special group with taxes we collect. They are playing with our money.

    I won’t dare say anything as that would hurt my business even more.
    Sadly Sedona is not business friendly.

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