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Our American Heritage

american heritage academy AHA logoSedona AZ (June 21, 2015) – American Heritage Academy continues to build tomorrow’s role models and leaders.

When Folksville USA and America the Beautiful & BagReadyJobs made contact with the former school principal, Mrs. Colleen Kerr, and current teacher, Miss Janice Lay, of American Heritage Academy in Camp Verde, Arizona, they were eager to take on the task of improving the quality of their community by removing the litter from Finne Flat Road.

Folksville USA provided AHA with the “tools of the trade” consisting of orange Uline litter bags, Unger’s Nifty Nabbers (litter grabbers), orange safety vests and orange Garbo Grabbers (The Quicker Litter Picker). gary chamberlain american heritage 2 gary chamberlain american heritage 3 gary chamberlain american heritage 5

Every three months, the students from American Heritage Academy in Camp Verde journey to Finne Flat Road and pick up all the trash and unwanted items littering the road. On May 14, 2015, they were once again on the job supporting a better and more beautiful community.

These American Heritage students and teachers are more than trash collectors! For anyone who has visited their school’s daily opening ceremony, it is quite apparent that the teachers and students respect each other. The teachers and school principal address each other as Mr. or Mrs. or Miss, and the students also address the teachers and principal by proper title. I have attended two opening ceremonies and it is like stepping back in time (wonderful) ….. when there was order and respect in the schools.

The American Heritage Academy teachers are creating tomorrow’s role models, leaders and followers today.

By cleaning Camp Verde’s Finne Flat Road, these students are learning to lead from the front and by example, with the hope that others will follow. For their efforts, Camp Verde Burger King store manager, Manney Valenzuela, and Camp Verde McDonald’s store manager, Jonathan Nguyen, donated rewards coupons to all students who participated in the May clean up.

If you have time to visit American Heritage Academy or participate in one of the school’s litter events, contact Principal Mr. Darrell White at (928) 567-0462 and experience a breath of fresh air in the world we live. I have participated in two of their litter events. They can use your help.

American Heritage Academy is located at 132 General Crook Trail, Camp Verde, Arizona 86322. The AHA litter event photographs submitted with this letter are those that I took with AHA permission and all rights are reserved as such.

Gary Chamberlain
America the Beautiful & BagReadyJobs
Empowering our nation’s youth

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  1. thumbs up to all

  2. Thanks to all of you or in this case both of you (Alvie Morales and Vanessa-Clarkdale) for your comments,

    American Heritage Academy is one of many groups that pick up other peoples messes but until there is education and comments on this topic we will never reverse the habits of those that intentionally, accidentally or carelessly litter our communities and highways.

    My hope would be that many more people comment and thank the groups that pick up litter and by doing so, your voice and comments confirm that these efforts are appreciated and serve as a form of education.

    It would be nice for the readers of these article to share their stories about how they discuss the impact of littering within their families and for educators to share how they teach our students about the cost of littering and vandalism in the schools.

    Where are the comments from our community Mayors on this topic, where is their “thank you” to all of the Adopt-A-Highway and Adopt-A-Road groups?

    It would be nice to see more article and comments in our local newspapers on this topic. I know that most “Letters to the Editor” are published.

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