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Obamacare Tax Carnival Ride

Sedona AZ (January 30, 2017) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:


The Merry-Go-Round Ride of Nonsense and Balderdash.

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA soon called “Obamacare”) into law. The United States Supreme Court had determined the passage of the bill as part of the “Commerce Clause” would not be legal, however Chief Justice John Roberts suggested it could be legal as a Tax. The Law was passed and Chief Justice John Roberts went on vacation [a point of curiosity, not really insinuation]. Since this menagerie is only legal as a TAX, why hasn’t it been called a “TAX”?

The fuss over repealing that ridiculous Law appears to be grossly overblown in my opinion. The figures do not add up in my thinking – mostly because with approximately 320 million people in the United States, and with over 6 years since its passage, and with the highest enrollment number I’ve heard (and it appears to be stretched or contrived) being about 20 million, which I believe, works out to about 6.3% of the total population.

I do not know the age demographic, which makes a difference, but I look at it as 6% in 6 years is about 1% per year and, at that rate, it would take 300 years to get everyone enrolled and only a very few (if any) of those enrolled are content with their policy.

The fight goes on – as though it is a national crisis over this roughly 6% of the population; if that makes sense to you, you’re on a different logic plateau than I am. I’m guessing there are some who are well satisfied with their “Obamacare, Health Insurance Scheme Plan TAX” but, out of that 20 million “Is Happy With It, Their Emotional Display?”

Unfunded Mandates, Preferential Treatment, Overlapping Government Coverage (Red Tape Confusion), and Unexplainable Gaps in Coverage all plague this overblown and unexplainable Leviathan (as in Gigantic Nightmare). Of course, Nancy Pelosi explained it before it passed when she said, “WE HAVE TO PASS IT IN ORDER TO FIND OUT WHAT IS IN IT!Years later, we still do not know all that is in it, and that attitude appeared to be “The Standard” for legislation when the “Liberal DemocRats or DemoDingbats” held the majority in Congress and the Executive Branch.

Thank God, we have moved a little beyond that. But we still have some die-hard “New World Order RepublicRats” who cause some serious internal strife; they appear to honor “The Muslim Brotherhood” more than they do the Constitution which they swore an OATH to Protect and Defend. RepublicRats often act more like Liberal DemocRats than like Republicans.

Between the Socialistic Obamacare and the ‘Unrealistic Financial and Ideological Catering’ to the Islamic dominated Nations in the Middle East, Barack Hussein Obama has managed to direct billions of dollars to the Islam/Muslim Entities, part of it “Directly” and a vast amount through “Manipulation” mostly in the avenues of Immigration, Disaster Relief, and Energy. In my opinion Barack Obama has been allowed to essentially steal huge amounts of dollars and give it to Islamic Terrorists; this should not be, but the Media would attack anyone who questioned anything about Obama, because the questioner was automatically branded “racist.”

Unless this ‘Obamacare Madness’ is REPEALED [meaning ABOLISHED, WIPED-OUT] the “Thing” will turn like a Merry-Go-Round Ride, always moving and going nowhere. The fallacy of Socialism plays out endlessly, the worst part is that Socialism can and will work on a very small base, but when expanded it would work for Robots and when it incorporates Human Personalities of Imperfection all bets are off.

The Socialist Dream of Universal Healthcare is not new, it always fails under its own weight and is always lauded as a “Grandiose Plan” by those who BENEFIT FROM IT.

“Government Administered Universal Healthcare” is a SCAM. An Assisted or Partly Guaranteed Private Insurance could possibly be workable and fair, but the Government role needs to be very small and highly restricted. WE NEED TO SCRAP THE OBAMACARE CAROUSEL AND LEAVE THE MERRY-GO-ROUND RIDES TO CARNIVALS.

Dale Gohr
Clarkdale, Arizona, USA

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  1. JVG, Chico Valley says:

    What about change don’t people get????? America keeps dysfunctional cooking on the books b/c liberal policies don’t work .& other ones too. Libertarian ideas work.

  2. Dr. Dan, Spring Valley NY says:

    Let President Trump do his job then beeatch and moan. Take your boomeritis chill pills.

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