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New York Visitor Says Preserve Sedona Dark Skies

Letter to the Sedona Eye editor:

I have been vacationing in Sedona since 1994. I never tire of its natural beauty. I have seen many changes in Sedona over the past 17 years. But my love for it still continues.
I am pleased to see that the City of Sedona continues to preserve its beauty. But during my most recent visit, a few weeks ago, I was puzzled when I heard about the proposed lighting for West 89A. Frankly, I was a little confused about what all the fuss was about. I didn’t think the stretch of West 89A was all that DARK. All of the lights from the shopping centers and other businesses seemed to provide lots of light.

I am 61 and do sometimes have trouble seeing at night due to glare from street lighting. I did not have a problem seeing at night on West 89A.

I hope you aren’t forced to over light West 89A. Sedona’s dark skies are very special to me.
Wouldn’t it be unfortunate if the glow over the city reduces everyone’s ability to see the stars and the Milky Way from their hotels and private residences? Aren’t Sedona’s starry nights part of the natural beauty preservation plan? I hope so.

Dreaming of being a full time resident some day.

Josephine Pignataro
Shirley, New York 11967-1906

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