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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

thanksgiving graceTraditionally, SedonaEye.com’s Star Pet Columnist Harley McGuire has written a Thanksgiving message for our readers. This year, with Harley’s crossing of the Rainbow Bridge, we will recall happy memories and, with this photo sent by Harley’s brother, Poco Diablo McGuire, share a holiday chuckle.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and especially to Harley McGuire’s mom and brother.

And to Harley and Poco’s Four Paws Up Pals “May the treats be with you!

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  1. Poco D. McGuire says:

    Mom’s says to say thank you, Sedona Eye, fer this nice tribute to our dear Harley McGuire. Ya see, it’s hard fer me to understand cuz one day he’s here, next day vanished cept I keeps lookin in that crate he loved so much and somthin’ tells me he ain’t far away.

    Anyways, swaller up saying “Happy Thanksgiving” fer another year cuz


    Poco D. McGuire

    (& ya can’t call me “Pee Tail” no more cuz I’ve learned to go outside)

  2. Linus, Mojo & Nikki says:

    Glad to hear ya’ lost your nickname, Pee Tail, what took ya so long.?. Oh, we had a few accidents ourselves when we got our new forever home, but it didn’t take us long for Mom to be trained. Some learn soon and others….not so soon. We’re sure Harley had a turkey leg up in those clouds. We hear God takes care of his children. Have a wonderful time from now until Christmas when we’re sure we’ll be in contact again.

  3. Just Chip says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Poco. I understand mom is going to see you after the New Year.

    Have great holidays – Hugs and Hisses – Just Chip!!!!

  4. Poco D. McGuire says:

    Well, Chip – guess what? If your mom comes to visit maybe or maybe not I’ll nip at her heels. Ya see, when people’s came here on Thankyou Day I carried on fiercely, barking and running amok. And guess what? They ignored me and the only way I got tention was to creep up on the couch and worm my way onto their laps for petting. Ya no, I thunk I was tricked.

    Even worse was I let Mom put on my sombrero and posed for pictures. Then (OMG) I even let her put me in my new jammies with the trap door that says “Waiting for Santa” – and – yep – more pics!

    Mah dignity is snuffed. Oh, but, indeed I did try nipping at their heels as they were leaving and guess what? No reaction. Mortified. Any suggestions?

    Poco D. McGuire (Senor, that is)

  5. Buster says:

    Jammies with a trap door saying waiting for Santa? OMG – either too cute or too mortifying for words. Which is it, Senor? Will your photo shoot be forthcoming? Can’t stop howling with laughter.

    Buddy Buster

  6. A Secret Admirer says:

    Hi Senor Poco D.

    Today you are 4 years old. That’s right. November 27, 2016.


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE BUDDY -(and many more)

  7. Boo & Napoleon says:

    Hay dar buddy Poco D. Belated Yappy Birthday.
    Sorry for da delay. We been york up that our mommy and daddy came home with dur scent all over them. Nappi took up some jealous peeing. Been yapping at him to get over it.
    Yappy yappy birthday Poco D. !!!!
    Yur pals,
    Boo & Napoleon

  8. Boo & Napoleon says:

    PS Missing yur bro also buddy. Hang in der.

  9. Toby says:

    High Paws Up Pal !

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