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Gun Seized from Elementary School Student

rimrock azSedona AZ (April 3, 2015) – On April 1, 2015, at approximately 2:00 in the afternoon, a 9-year-old student at Beaver Creek Elementary School, Rimrock, Arizona, was arrested for disorderly conduct, displaying a deadly weapon, disrupting and interfering with an education institution and threatening others. Prior to the arrival of the Yavapai County Sheriff’s deputies, an unloaded .22 handgun was recovered and safely secured by school staff.

During lunch, a student informed a teacher that a classmate brought a gun to school that morning with at least four other students privy to a showing. The suspect threatened this particular student with harm if any teachers were told about the gun. The student bravely informed the teacher anyway. School administrators were notified, isolated the student, and recovered the handgun from his backpack which was in a classroom. The gun was not loaded and no rounds were found.

The gun is owned by the suspect’s grandmother, and she later told YCSO it was kept in a cabinet drawer in her home. The suspect claimed he found it under a bed in the house. The nine year old told deputies he brought the gun to school to show some classmates who did not believe he had one. The suspect lives at his grandmother’s house with his mother, and recently enrolled in the school.

The nine year old was booked at the Prescott Juvenile Detention Center, Prescott, Arizona. No charges are expected involving the boy’s grandmother.

The deputy handling this case works exclusively in schools throughout the Verde Valley, and is assigned to the Law Enforcement Education Deputy (LEED) program. The deputy will provide incident follow-up within the school, and continue to provide special programs for students including gun safety. LEED deputies are currently sharing gun safety tips in many area schools as part of the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program.

The Eddie Eagle program instructs students that when a gun is found, they should “STOP! DON’T TOUCH. LEAVE THE AREA. TELL AN ADULT.” This is exactly what a concerned fellow student did in this case. The YCSO commends the brave and intelligent actions of that student and the quick resolve by school officials to secure the gun and nine year old suspect.

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and views!

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  1. Where was this mother? This grandma isn’t at fault. Parents should be raising their own children.

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