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Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

heart logoSedona AZ (September 29, 2014) – All those things, all those ideals, which we are desirous of creating and obtaining in this lifetime are possible for ourselves, as well as for all who are willing to state with clarity to the Universe that which is our deepest desire. The problem arises when we are consciously unclear about the directives of our heart regarding the end result that we wish for ourselves, for it is the energy emanating from the heart which is read and acted upon by the Universal source of all that is. That which is thought through by the mind and expressed in words can be, and often is, at odds with what is registered unseen within the center of one’s being.

Our emotions seated within the heart chakra serve as the fuel that sets us on our pathway. But this pathway was written before birth and originates from our Soul’s purpose for being here at this time, not from what we have constructed in our mind to justify our current existence. Often we are living out of alignment with a purpose we have forgotten exists, and then we strive to obtain that which it is not our destiny to experience in this lifetime. This creates a major energy flow imbalance that can only lead to confusion, and it becomes impossible for the Universe to move anything forward into our realm of manifestation.

It is the Universe’s responsibility to respond to the language of the heart, for it is from this level that we walk our blueprint upon the earth. It behooves us to look into this center of our Self when we question why those actions that we wish to experience do not materialize. It is from within that center that we will find our answers.

Know that the search can be difficult because, over time, man has designed a most efficient and complex blocking mechanism to the viewing of our true heart’s desire. If we were aware of the language of this chakra point (heart) at all moments in time, we would, in our unprepared state, find its language difficult, indeed, sometimes impossible to accept. Most of the time we read the messages from this center through our own personal filter encased within our immediate agenda and stay unaware of the truth being spoken there. We verbalize a distortion of our own inner Truth and wonder why nothing happens as we expected.

California blogger Sylvia Hicks, former RN and CHH, on

California blogger Sylvia Hicks, former RN and CHH, on the Heart of the Matter

We prefer to control our life processes with our mental apparatus and have done with it, for to acknowledge and to experience the mysteries within the heart causes us pain. It is through the process of removing, one by one, the veils we have erected around this informational center that we begin to know who we truly are, what we desire most and begin to finally understand how to obtain all that we would like to manifest.

Much is to be gained on multiple levels through stripping away our preconceived ideas of worth, intent, purpose and life direction that we have convinced ourselves is valid and real, often because some voice of authority has told us it is so. Like peeling away the layers of an onion, we must remove all false layers of ego identification until we stand naked within the truth of our spiritual energy. Then we can grasp it with both hands and eagerly recreate ourselves into the Creator’s image on earth.

We will find, once we have integrated the significance of this adventure that all forms of manna from Heaven will commence to fall into our space as a natural result of our Right Action for Self. Once again, we will be challenged as to the definition we place on “manna” because what the Universe sees as being what would serve us most is not what we sometimes think it should be. Once more we have to get ourselves out of the way and allow the flow of abundance to come into our life in a manner that is acceptable to our divine essence. In that, there is always movement forward on the pathway we elected to traverse in this lifetime.

As we accept that all that has our name on it is being given to us by the Universe, and as we cease striving and placing a stranglehold upon the energy, demanding that it bring us what we want in the time we desire and learn instead to relax our energy and become more balanced and in harmony with ourselves, the energy of abundance will stream into our life and expand outwards to affect all others in our environment. We will find the burdens of this life falling away as we begin to experience life from a higher realm of consciousness, and those things which previously had such a tight grip on our energy shall be released. We will find ourselves more and more embraced by inner peace where our own challenges, the adversities of those around us and within the world will be perceived and handled from a more significant level of awareness of purpose.

We will find ourselves remaining balanced, pure and able to heal and create from a higher power source than ever experienced before. As this positive energy strengthens and is inherently transmitted outwards to others, we will find that not only have our goals and objectives dramatically changed, but the struggle to obtain them has ceased as well.

We need to step away from fear. We fear scarcity, and we have to believe that we live in a Universe of abundance. As long as fear reigns within our system, we will be blocked from manifesting. Remember fear is an emotion, and emotions run the engine in spite of what the ego mind would say otherwise.

Ask for divine guidance, be brave and look deeply within, face the fear and call it by its proper name. Remove and replace old scripts from the past which inhibit you from reaching your goals. Dig deeper and deeper still. You will eventually locate and hear a small voice struggling to become louder each day that, when encouraged to speak up, will take you to all that you wish to have materialize – if it serves your Higher Purpose to do so.

This exclusive SedonaEye.com article written by Sylvia Hicks, San Diego, California.

For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!

For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!

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