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For the Love of Cities with Eddie Maddock

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock provides citizens with a recap of the November 25 Sedona City Council meeting

Sedona AZ (November 28, 2014) – Here is a recap of the Sedona City Council meeting held on Tuesday, November 25, 2014:

In addition to a personal version of Sedona’s Vision Statement by outgoing Mayor Rob Adams, which amounted to a lambasting of all who dared to entertain a thought process differing from the elected decision makers, the following agenda item was acted upon by the newly seated Mayor and Council Members:

AB 1881:

Discussion/possible action on a request for a contingency transfer from the General Fund Operating Reserve for two items: 1) $3,500 for the cost of a facilitator for a one-day team-building session on January 23, 2015; and, 2) up to $10,000 for a two-day community engagement workshop, featuring Peter Kageyama, author of “For The Love of Cities.”

Both agenda items were approved. However, Council member John Martinez voted to oppose the first item but tossed his hat in with fellow council members to pass the second item unanimously.

Thus, a “facilitator” will serve to instruct the newly elected City Council members and Mayor how to amicably get along. The $10,000 was approved as available funding for the workshop. Other contributors mentioned included – but was not limited to – $5,000 from the Sedona Regional Chamber of Commerce as recipients from over $1.3 million of city tax revenue, a nice gesture. Others have offered to assist – donation of rooms for workshop participants by Sedona Rouge, and it’s hopeful that more contributors will be forthcoming.

As the Sedona Performing Arts facility (Sedona Red Rock High School Auditorium) will be available to accommodate one of the workshops, it might be well to note that City Manager Tim Ernster made a point to clarify the two-day workshop will be featured as a “Regional Event” which seems only fair considering the high school is part of the Sedona-Oak Creek Unified School District and, same as the Fire District, not a direct operation of Sedona City government.

Oh for the love of cities.

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For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. Russ says:

    AG Davis isn’t that stupid. Save your political donation money and campaign for a winning candidate.

  2. The Marriott is going up by the high school. The airport expansion has already been approved. The fence on Sunset has been removed for a road maybe?
    If you are going to talk on this side of the mountain(You know, where you are getting your water since you have no concept of conserving?) you need to brush up on the facts and your manners.
    You may have stolen Cornville and the bubbling springs in the shady redistricting when it was three County supervisors but we will see how that pans out.
    Best if you keep your opinions on that side and keep building them buildings.

  3. It was one of Steve Segner’s cheerleaders by the name of Harvey Weinstein that brought up the Marriott at the Sedona airport.

    “On that airport thing, I heard that the huge expansion on the airport will allow a 200 room Marriott along the mesa edge someplace near the Sky Ranch. Has anyone else heard that?” Sedona Eye 12/08

  4. @Really Jane

    NO, I’m talking another Marriott!

    I’m having lunch outside of The Field 2 weeks ago and over heard 2 well dressed guys pitching some older women something. I only heard bits of them talking and clearly heard ” Marriott” and “the airport”. It didn’t click in my head until I saw a post further up on SE mention about the airport expanding.

  5. Sharlett says:

    @steve Segner: Are You kidding me! you wrote: “As for all our free rooms we do not get a tax break, and with out all the free rooms we give out there would be no Sedona Film Festival,”

    Ya just might want to check with a few major donors/lenders who donate and have donated real money and also ya just might want to check with the Film Fest Dir who has acknowledged All the donors/lenders at a City Council Meeting…. and has Never once said the hotels gifted rooms did not make or break the Film Fest.

    Then you acknowledge that you did have weddings at your up the canyon Home/business when you say you Stopped all weddings in September “Even” at the hotel.

    Again Steve you spin and work off of guerilla BS tactics when nothing else works for you.

    You lie and Spin about your up the canyon Business as well as everything else….right down to “I will also buy the wedding cake (you can not get a decent wedding cake in Sedona”). How is that a spin or lie? Easy as there are great and highly recognized bakers of beautiful wedding cakes right here in Sedona.

    Segner? you are about the worst of the worst of self motivated BS artist who somehow believes you rock the world.

    Lastly, YOU DO get a tax break by donating rooms as you use it as a write off on your tax’s as a Donation. Give me a break – as that is accounting 101.

  6. Sharlett…

    You called Steve ” worst of the worst BS artist”

    You might wanna try looking in the mirror..

    Oh yes… We’re a list of those monetary contributions you said you so generously made over the years?
    More lies more BS

  7. DYNO-MITE PR says:

    Steve Segner, President of Sedona Lodging Council, co-recipient with Regional Sedona Chamber of Commerce of $1.3 million bed tax rebate for the purpose of “Destination Marketing” says:

    (1) ” We stopped all weddings even at hotel in September.”

    (2) ” (you can not get a decent wedding cake in Sedona).


  8. Rumors can really be harmful.
    @Harvey Weinstein you don’t have first hand informatiion.
    Best for everyone to ignore rumors.

  9. @Sedona Rumors

    I agree that rumors can be harmful. I may not have heard the entire conversation, I heard what I heard right out of the persons mouth. I was sitting right next to them and saw diagrams and a Marriott logo on some photos.

  10. Amount Invested: $1.3 million

    Return on Investment: Derogatory inference for Sedona as a place for weddings.* Derogatory report on Sedona businesses.*

    Contradiction to Chamber of Commerce slogan: Shop Sedona; it’s good for business

    Conclusion: $1.3 million wasted on “Just trust us.”

    Do you suppose Rob Adams will be the guest speaker at the Sedona Lodging Council’s grand event this evening? Maybe the rendition of his version of Sedona’s Vision Statement at last council meeting was just a rehearsal. Wonder if B. Litrell will be there to hold his hand? Another dedicated supporter of the catchy phrase “Just trust us.”

    *See references to Steve Segner’s smooth talk made in previous comments.

  11. Sharlett says:

    @Harvey Weinstein; I simply have to stop laughing in order to write this response to what you call Fact: So I surmise you were a Fly on a wall and not actually a participant in the discussions of a Marriott when you said ” I may not have heard the entire conversation”. YOU were eavesdropping? That indicates, yet again, you have no clue of what your are talking about! Your professed legitimacy just got blown! Poof! You are a non entity!

    In watching tonight’s Council Meeting – Question; Does anyone miss old mayor Rob Adams? I’m thinking NOT!

    Mayor Sandy is polite, doesn’t chew gum while running a council meeting, allows the public to applaud their approval (and I will assume disapproval) and she allows Council Members speak their thoughts and doesn’t say “we already discussed this in the pre meeting ” in order to shut down discussion ; she has a soft, yet leadership voice and respectful voice and attitude and actually smiles a genuine smile as she deals with our teeny tiny town.

    Mayor Sandy seems to want to have full and very factually information presented…unlike our buddy’s Rob and Steve Segner who just works off of his anger and personal bully agendas and lies and miss-statements and never actually answering a real question with a real answer regarding his status on all levels.

    My take is that Mayor Sandy will grab Steve Segner by the butt and cause him to become real and tutor him on the concept of Truth. Novel concept and I sure hope I’m right.

    Maybe the Honeymoon isn’t over yet with this new council – but I LOVE the change!

    Mayor Sandy doesn’t throw her anger out like Rob did. She exhibits a true respect for all of us. Sure hope I don’t have to change my mind down the road.

    P.S. @ West Sedona Resident; POOF! YOU ARE NOT A PLAYER IN ANYTHING.

  12. @Sharlett

    MY COVER WAS BLOWN???????? I NEVER said I was part of the conversation.

    From the start I admitted that I overheard a conversation from the people sitting right next to me. Eavesdropping and overhearing are two completely different things. I’m guessing this is what Sedona Residents means when he says that you like to twist what people say.

  13. Oh Wait…

    The great Sharlett has spoken… But no one is listening..
    Funny how we had to hear you rant about the new mayor for months, what a terrible person she was.. Now your like her.. Hmmm..

    Btw Sharrlet still waiting to hear some of those generous contributions you’ve made to Sedona society.. I guess that was BS like everything else about you..
    Poof…. You and your rantings mean nothing to nobody except your overblown ego…

  14. @Sharlett

    You may never EVER read me saying this again, I agree with you about the new mayor. That being said, if you followed her during the campaign and knew her reputation (Yah wine fest) from years ago, WHY WOULD YOU THINK OTHERWISE! She’s a very nice approachable person.

    Unfortunately, if she say’s anything nice to someone that you don’t like (perhaps Segner) you’ll slam her. But we all know that you are very closed minded.

    I also must agree with W Sed Resident, where’s that info about all of those generous contributions that you spoke about? See Sharlett, talk is cheap and Segner puts his money where his mouth is to better our city.

  15. For those who have requested the text of the valid City of Sedona Vision Statement, City Clerk Susan Irvine has been kind enough to provide it as follows:

    City of Sedona

    Vision Statement

     To be a city that is constantly vigilant over the preservation

    of its natural beauty, scenic vistas, pristine environment

    and cultural heritage.

     To be a city that retains its small-town character and

    creates its manmade improvements in strict harmony with


     To be a city that is animated by the arts, and lives with a

    spirit of volunteerism to help achieve our common goals.

     To be a city that offers equal opportunities for all and

    fosters a sense of community.

     To be a city that welcomes and accommodates all of its

    visitors and future residents with a spirit of fellowship.

     To be a city that retains and enhances a strong and vital

    economy which preserves existing lifestyles without

    exploiting the natural beauty.

     To be a city that lives up to the challenges of proper

    stewardship of one of the earth’s great treasures.

  16. Norma says:

    Unless you are 100% of a conversation then it is hard to report. Even if you heard the conversation things can be misinterpreted . Just because someone said it, doesn’t make it true. Remember the game we played as children train? One person whispered to another, then the second person whispered what they heard to the next person and so on. At the end of the circle the last person says out loud what they heard. It was never the same as the original statement. It changed so much, so very funny.

    Easy to throw stones. Actions speak louder than words. Our new CC is doing wonderful. The lodging council chair Steve has slammed city staff, weddings, and businesses through their post on this site. Actions. Okay why would Steve do this? The 1.3 million dollars they received should be the area of focus. They promised a return. Are these attacks a method to divert everyone away from the only issue at hand? I would like to know how those tax dollars have been spent. I would like to see how the city of Sedona got a return since bed tax is down.

    Our city manager is under the direction of City Council. City Staff are directed that way. I see them as an exceptional group of professionals – managers trying to do the best job possible. They get blamed and criticized for things not in their control or their doing. Just like others on this website.
    Okay go ahead and slam me.

  17. Joshua says:

    Shame on Weinstein and W.Sedona Resident. Sharlett attempts to enter the here and now and say something nice about the new mayor and council and all they can do is continue to slam her and be negative? They’re the ones who will continue to support the fraud Steve Segner. Time will tell if this present council continues to tolerate and finance his slandering remarks about Sedona and Sedona businesses while at the same time benefits from $1.3 million for “alleged” destination marketing. Yep time will tell.

  18. sharlett says:

    @Harvey Weinstein; @West Sedona resident etc.

    I am un-phased, and quite bored and fatigued, by your bully, and constant, tactics directed at me and your requests for me to respond to what the donations my family and I have made and to whom. That is, quite factually, private information and does not change anything you keep trying to drum up. Nor does it change Steve Segner’s concept of his big disclosure of his business donation that somehow makes him God Like and a savior of the Sedona Film Fest.

    What changes the scenario is when one, so called leader and businessman (Steve Segner), states – for all of us to read – that without Complementary Rooms to the Film Fest = there would be NO Film Fest. He, Steve Segner, is speaking from “dim sung” or as I prefer to call it “dumb cocka”. Many of us donate and do not need to be asking for or receiving accolades as we do it from the goodness of our hearts and not tax returns!

    What does change things is that I, and others, have changed my/our mind/s of Mayor Sandy and how she seemingly is trying to become a new breath of air into the old Rob routine. And now you are complaining about that too? Holy God! What does it take you to become a real citizen vs a constant naysayer? Have you ever contemplated coming to a middle ground?

    Harvey – since you can seemingly agree with me about Mayor Sandy – why in hell do you not take that as a means of all of us moving forward? …….unless you just want to fight? And Please stop your tirade of trying to put words in my mouth. I know how to speak and will continue to do so. YOU think you will stop free speech?

    Lets get down to the real issue: Segner believes he has God like properties and actually is so nuts that he believes that because a few hotels donate some rooms to the Film Fest that THOSE donations cause the film fest to become Real!…that’s about as nuts as Segner saying ya cant get a good cake in our town nor can anyone survive without a raise in the bed taxes and his just “Trust ME” routine!

    Yep, I’m more than willing to see a new Mayor who seems to be respectful and polite and does let folks clap or what ever they want to do at a meeting – vs the old gum chewing and sarcastic mayor who ran rough over and above all of staff and us. I give my support to a new Mayor who seems to be Real vs what Rob always did…

    ………..and you want to complain about that? WoW.

    I do retain the right, as a registered voter and property owner in Sedona, to express my opinions – by my constitutional liberty – when ever I have a disagreement with the governing body. You have a problem with that? Move to Russia!

  19. Jess Lookin says:

    There is a tell, as poker players use the term. Or a clue as to who the “West Sedona Resident”, “Tom Whatever” and other alias. They have two periods at the end of many of their sentences. They are the same person, most probably either a City or Chamber employee.

    They are all the same person spreading dissent and disinformation.

  20. jack says:

    You are probably right @ Jess Lookin. I hope it is not a city employee as I have always felt they were doing the job instructed by council. I feel bad for them as they have 7 untrained bosses routinely changing and directing them. The only ones trained are the city staff. Mr Ernster indicated in an article a few months back, council being more involved than other cities he worked for. If by chance it is a city employee then I can only guess those in control are manipulating them. They may be reacting as they need the job. I have a friend that work there. They quit as they felt they were under attack 24-7.

  21. Who Cares says:

    @Jess Lookin…..

    You remember what they say about ASSuming something, right?

  22. Ok conspiracy theorists!!!

    If you think a city employee has time or even cares about what you mental midgets aka Vocal MINORITY thinks abouts or complains about, you think way to much about yourself or your opinions……

  23. Ben says:

    About the fools who continue to write vulgar and disrespectful comments to those who disagree with their own opinions, I must agree with “Who Cares.” Really, the point has more clearly come across since not one of the persistent whiners has posted a single comment on the recent council meeting report: “Smooth Sailing.” Hello? Anyone home?

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