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Eye on Sedona with Harry Danilevics

Harry Danilevics

Harry Danilevics

Sedona AZ (July 12, 2016) –  “Who is Harry Danilevics?”

Hello Sedona Eye Readership Community,

I’m Harry Danilevics; the Millennial who initially ran for Sedona City Council and I will now be the first voice of the Millennial generation currently living in and around Sedona, Arizona, for The Sedona Eye.

Initially, I will be covering Election Central 2016 for the City of Sedona. It will be here that residents and constituents of the City of Sedona can come to learn in an unbiased and nonpartisan way about and from the candidates vying to be a leader in your community. Digital and Social Media will be utilized in new and revolutionary ways to ensure the largest number of citizens have access to this information that will directly affect them.

In the future I will be covering topics such as: Local, State, National and International Geopolitics, Emerging and Dominate Technologies, Transhumanism, Anti-Aging Remedies, Philosophy, Space Exploration, Business, Economic Development, Inventions, and Millennial Perspectives.

Being a born and raised Arizona native, I value and appreciate what Sedona has to offer to all of us living here, and there will still be people actively living here in 50 years time. It is for those individuals whom I have chosen to write and speak for.

It’s my pleasure to write, inspire, and share with this conscious community!

All the Best,


If you’d like to personally know who I am a bit more, I pulled this from my LinkedIn profile page:

“Harry Danilevics, born in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1992, was raised in a regimented manner consisting of high expectation physical endurance activity and penetratingly academic preparations, attending the Jesuit run Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix, Arizona for high school. He was AZ State Champion in the 300m hurdles and chose to turn down his recruitment opportunity by Senator Jon Kyl to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy, instead accepting a more expansive interdisciplinary education at Columbia University in the City of New York where he majored in Philosophy and trained to be an Investment Banker. Upon returning to Phoenix he immersed himself in the Silicon Desert’s startup business and political ecosystems, consulting and acquiring high level skills across multiple sectors including emerging and dominant technologies, local and international geo-political governance, human catalyzation for professionals, team development, and community organization. Harry is now functioning and applying his expertise out of Sedona to assist individuals, organizations, and corporations to strategically succeed in their various missions and operations while developing his artificial intelligence enhanced communication platform. He is currently editing a book called “The Interdependence Agreement” and writing his own titled, The Formula for Breaking Through.”

Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!

Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. clarissa says:

    Remember the book “Where is Waldo”? I’d change it to WHO is Waldo AND where is he coming from and why – as I think of HARRY. In reading Harry’s LinkedIn profile page, I’m in apoplectic shock trying to understand all his grandiose adjectives.

    My main question to Harry is: What have you actually accomplished that gives us comfort that your are impartial on your reporting?

    One of my concerns about your viability is your reference to an attempt to run for Sedona City Council – where you couldn’t meet the residency requirements – WHAT???

    Harry – did you not read the well stated requirements prior to trying to run?

    And is it true that you never registered to Vote in Sedona?

    So, Harry – please explain again just why I and the rest of us should believe you are our go to guy for non-political reporting?

    Our town does not need someone reporting to us all the information from City and City Council and, supposed, truths who runs for council who never read the requirements to do so.

  2. Nick T. says:

    Never mind, Harry, about comments from people that seem to resent you. People complain because Sedona’s population is on the older side, but as others have mentioned, when someone younger steps up to the plate, gripe, gripe, gripe. Your review of the council forum was detailed, fair, and offered a clear portrayal of the events of the meeting. Especially for those of us too busy to watch the video. Keep up the good work and ignore the rants of those that are probably too old to do much else.

  3. West sedona resident says:

    @nick T

    Right on Nick……you sure said a mouthful when you explained that mostly ALL SE posters just complain…..that’s it….just complain

  4. Come On Nick T says:

    Nick – not one person appeared to resent Harry we just want some questions answered. I’m not going to list them here but you can scroll up to see them.

    I embrace the younger individuals as much as I do elders as long as they don’t talk in double talk. If we had a “millennial” who talked straight and got to the point I would vote for that person for any office.

  5. Nick T. says:

    Wow – some of you would complain if your were hung with a new rope.
    Give this young man a chance. It won’t cost you one penny.
    Picky, picky, picky. Definitely too much time on your hands.

  6. @ Nick T. + any other defenders of BS says:

    @ Nick T. + any other defenders of BS

    It’s not about complaining for the sake of complaining, “young” vs “old,” having too much time, or anything of the sort. It’s about calling out total BS when it’s spewed. Harry Danilevics’ excerpt from his Linkedin page is total and complete BS. It’s that simple.

  7. west sedona resident says:


    Harry Danilevics is a member of the AZ LIBERTY GRP(AKA Tea Party)..
    check out his facebook page.

    He must be kinda sleek, he never mentioned that. Probably because he knows that self serving group is a MINORITY in town and could never get enough votes if his Tea Party status was known. Pretty slick there Harry..

  8. @West sedona resident says:

    Another lie @west sedona resident ……Harry about page is open for anyone to see:

    Commissioner at City of Sedona Government
    November 2015 to present

    Go pick on someone using a fake name like you.

  9. Alarmed says:

    Dear Harry,

    Thanks much for reporting on the 2016 Elections. I know you won’t be covering a Fire Board Election because the Sedona Fire District has devised a self-serving way to fill Governing Board vacancies in-house.

    The last Fire Board election was over four years ago. In May of 2012 as I recall. Now days whenever a vacancy occurs or a term expires, the Fire Board fills it by appointment. And I’m not finding notices of Governing Board openings in the newspaper, either.

    BTW, the Fire District has a Shared Services Committee that’s “looking at opportunities.” Ideas are being discussed with Cooper Canyon and Verde Valley Fire Districts according to the SFD’s July 20, 2016 Minutes. Chief Kazian, who lives in Phoenix, stated “this will not necessarily save money, and may be more…” What? SFD taxes are already the highest of any jurisdiction listed on county Property Tax Notices.

    It’s too late to rectify this injustice, and it won’t be easy. But shouldn’t fire Board Members be elected by the voters? Perhaps you might consider running one day? Candidates must be registered voters and residents of one of the following: West Sedona, Uptown Sedona, Village of Oak Creek, Oak Creek Canyon and the the Red Rock Loop Road area.

  10. @Alarmed says:

    Good points and thank you. This also bring to mind the issue of the School Board. Are they not also up for election? It seems forever since we’ve had them on a ballot and could that be because they, too, have been replaced by appointment when vacancies are filled?

    Of course bonds for financing these two districts must be approved by the voters so no sense complaining about the $70+ million that went into the Performing Arts Center. Also this might be a good time to remind people (including the city council and staff) that the school and fire districts are NOT a function of the Sedona incorporated government. But, of course, they do not think they have limits to their jurisdiction as displayed by their ignorance in funding a regional chamber of commerce.

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